Monday, July 23, 2012

Vintage Thrifting

At Goodwill over the weekend. Cool. But no room in my house for it.


  1. You know I think you and your sense of color and design are the greatest.... but I think that couch is nasty and I bet is smells too. :) Of course, this is from the woman who lives in earth tones with solid colored furniture only, all dark brown leather at that. My decorating philosophy: if you have all things the color of dirt, then no one will know how much you are living like a pig.

    1. I wasn't buying it so I didn't do a smell test. I'm weird about buying upholstered furniture, anyway, but it did look clean. A lot of times they look dirty and over used.

      and yes, brown hides dirt, but I also figure, those who can't see the dirt don't clean the dirt as often as when you can see it. ;)
      Fortunately, I do know that you are pretty fanatic about that even though you lead us to believe otherwise.


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