Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Black Beauty Did Sing

It was quite enjoyable working on LBB. At first, she kept skipping stitches. I couldn't figure out why. Angela had said she was working last time she used her. Thank goodness for smart phones. I couldn't find a burr on any parts, so it had to be the needle. Angela said she had just put a new needle in before closing up the case. Thank goodness for smart phones. A push of a button here and there and voila! Information on the 221 with needle type and threading diagram. The threading was right, but the needle was wrong! It was 1/16" too long. I just happen to have grabbed a pack of needles before heading out the door, just in case the one on the machine broke or was dull. I'm so glad I did, otherwise LBB would have been sitting there all by her lonesome with nothing to do. 

I didn't get as far as I would have liked. I still have about 1/2 of the top to do, plus the rest of the quilt and quilting. I started cutting, changing things as I went along. A not-perfectly-measured pieced baby quilt. Improvisational design. I normally make raw edge applique quilts and now I know why...boredom with piecing. Cut, sew, iron. Cut, sew, iron. Ugh. I prefer a more relaxed approach where it's like cutting out shapes from construction paper. Remember those days? Ahhh, the simplicity of childhood....


  1. that works HARD.
    it would hurt my brain to do something like that. I would probably have an aneurysm.


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