Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh Fudge!

and I was having such a good day.

I spent the day doing doing doing. Dishes, baked zucchini, laundry, made smoothies, took photos for ebay, started listings on ebay, laundry, had some ice cream, laundry. Feeling good that things were getting done...then decided I should get started on the sign I'm painting for a friend's wedding this coming Saturday. 

Shake Shake Shake -- slip, ugh, oh crap. Just what I wanted to be doing at 9:45pm -- cleaning up paint. Well, no one said a studio floor should stay free of paint drippings, but paint pourings? maybe. Fortunately, I wasn't cranky and could take it in stride. 

23 years of painting and this is the second time it's happened. The first time was about 10 years ago -- a quart of oil based paint -- rusty orange color meets client's driveway. Now THAT was not fun. 

Hope you had a great day!!

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