Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Hello There

It feels good to have my MacBook in running order again. I've been without it's use for almost 3 weeks and I was not only having withdrawal, but was getting a little pissy that the computer repair place wasn't even looking at it.

I dropped it off 3 weeks ago, called 4 days later, was told it would be looked at the next day. I didn't hear anything, so I called again, what was the 10th day after it being dropped off and was told it would be looked at the next day, which was a Friday. I heard nothing back. I went there on Monday and asked for my computer back.

When I originally dropped it and told the guy the problem, he suggested that the hard drive may have lived it's life and was dying, that maybe I was over-writing, therefore making the hard drive work too hard which slowed it down so much. It would cost $45 for him to diagnose the problem and then however much more to fix it.

What do I do in these situations where I need to stamp my feet and bitch and complain? I call Angela. She told me to make an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple store. I had initially considered that but because I didn't want to go to where the Apple store is, and wait, and have a gazillion people around me, I had brought it to the PC/Apple repair shop closer to me because someone had recommended them because he was so happy with what they did for him and how quickly. So, I bit the bullet and made the appointment. I went over there two days later, they plugged into the computer with their 'magic machine,' (I call it that because it's all Greek to me and it performed magic, in my opinion) and  Jason described to me what was probably happening. The 'magic machine' did it's debugging and 7 minutes later I was on my way, MacBook in hand, and here I sit happily typing away instead of wanting to throw the computer across the room. Oh, and it cost me nothing.

Moral of this story? Go to the Genius Bar if you're having a problem with your Apple product, you'll get the service you are looking for, and they really are techno geniuses.

Now I think I'll go get me a Mountain Lion upgrade.

Have a great day!!!

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