Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vintage Sheets into Rugs

Last week I sold a set of vintage sheets on ebay to a buyer in California.

Last night she sent me this photo of a rug she made from them...

OK, first off, I have to say -- she obviously is not a procrastinator like myself. I'm amazed that she received the package and whipped up a rug! Just cut the strips and crocheted till she was done. Amazing. I need to go sew something! LOL

She sent me pictures of others she's made. This one out of her daughters sheets and pillowcases.

and this one with her Rat Terrier Ellie -- sweety Ellie...

These are Christmas gifts. How lucky the recipient.

Good job Marilyn and thanks for sharing. 


  1. I've seen this type of rug on Pinerest and "pinned" it with the idea for all my extra fabric. Of course (like you) I haven't started anything.
    These look great but I'm hoping the sheets were stained or tattered...otherwise, I feel sad.

    1. Yeah Cyndi, I feel your pain. LOL. I was going to mention how I'd have difficulty with doing that with them being in good shape. The flat sheet had the hem undone and the fitted sheet's corners were blown out but otherwise clean and bright. I might have been able to cut them up but I would have to make them into something where you could still see the pattern, like a quilt or pillow or tote bag. But, alas, it is my inability to cut things up that inhibits creativity.


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