Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thrifting and Vintage

A few weeks back while shopping for Christmas presents for others, I found this for me. I have some vintage tins and my ceiling light cover that are of Asian influence and I'm keeping my eye out for other things I might find (Pam, if you ever are getting rid of that stunning needlepoint, it has my name written all over it - wink wink)

I'm particular about my mugs, but I also like them to match in shape and size. I've stepped out of the box with this one, as it was the only one and way different than the 6 that I have, it's a 'New Trends Japan' which I think is from the very early 70's. The handle/weight ratio is not quite right, but I don't often use the handle anyway. I like handleless mugs a lot, but vintage ones are hard to come by. So now this is my tea and or fake-cappuccino mug, which is what I am enjoying right now.

And then....ask and you shall receive...

I've been considering basting spray for some projects I'm working on and future projects. The only cans of it I've seen around here (not that I go to regular stores much) are small cans with big prices so I've not researched it further. I did just order some fusible web as I LOVE THAT STUFF and needed more. Well, I did a quicky stop at the thrift store around the corner and look what I found -- 505 basting/temporary adhesive spray. Most of the information on the can is in other languages but I just had a feeling it was what I've been dreaming about. Even if it wasn't, I use regular glue spray for my stencils and other artsy work so the money wouldn't be wasted either way. I just looked it up and it goes for about $14 a can. These cans are full. I paid $1 each....ONE DOLLAR EACH (I know, I keep yelling!) I'm so excited. How lucky was this find?

I've been keeping my eye out for planters or planter looking vases and found this as well on today's foray. It's not vintage but it has a vintage flavor and I like whiteish ceramic. Now my variegated spidey babies, that a friend rooted for me, have a place to go.

But what I saw right off when I walked in the thrift store's doors were these beauties.


  1. which stunning needlepoint, you know i have like 17...?

    1. I thought you'd get my telepathic vibe....the petit point in your dining room. Red, vanilla, black -- an Emporer maybe? Very nicely stitched, framed. That one. Although I could make many other choices of many things in your house, that one has stayed with me the most...oh, except for Astro. hee hee.

  2. "The handle/weight ratio is not quite right"...?

    You are crazy. In a good way.

    And you are right.

    My issue also is: Coffee/inCup ratio -- the vintage mugs usually are soooo skimpy. Funny, I found a Made in Japan one with the right C/iC ratio just recently -- same Goodwill I took you to -- and I love it. 50 cents, cuz it was chippy. Like us.

    1. Yes, the coffe cups of then do not hold what we are used to drinking now. My mug was 50 cents, too!! I'm so glad you found one you like, I look for you but whenever I pick one up I think...mmmm, may not be quite right. It's all so personal! I thought an old chunky draft beer mug would do you well. Lots of coffee fitting.

      We ARE chippy! Hoorayyyyy!

    2. oh, didn't see the question mark....if you hold the handle, the weight of the mug bowl falls, which it would then spill, so you need a finger propped somewhere or the other hand to keep it upright.

  3. Thrifting, really, LOL, you are incorrigible. I love my Starbucks mug that you bought for me! It holds a bucket full of coffee and has a sippy lid so I don't dribble down my shirt.

    505 spray, I couldn't run my sewing room without it! Instead of all the aggravating pinning of the layers for a lap quilt, I put the backing up on my design wall, spray it with 505, plaster the batting to it and rub it out with my hands, spray that with 505 and then add the quilt top and flatten it all out. It works so much better than pins on a small quilt.

    1. Dang! I knew I couldn't get this post by you! LOL

      I'm so glad you're still loving your mug. I'm very upset that I broke my FaLaLaLa SBX mug. I did get a new one for Christmas this year, different style, doesn't hold as much but I like the feel in my hand.

      I was very excited to find the 505. I've read a lot about basting a quilt (even large ones) and thought about how great of an idea that was. A time saver. Glad you have experience with this product and like it. Can't wait to try it myself.


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