Friday, January 25, 2013

What I'm Reading

Over a year ago I began a grain free way of eating. I was tired of feeling bloated and had some type of dermatitis that would show up on my scalp, face and neck. I was really tired of that and wondered if it all might have something to do with wheat and gluten. Instead of cutting just those two things out of my diet, I cut out all grains. I couldn't give up pasta seems to be the first comment when talking to someone about this change. I was not a big pasta or rice eater anyway so I didn't really miss that. I did at first miss cakes and some breads but after about a week, I didn't crave them because my body got used to not having them and I was eating better foods instead, which made my body, and my blood sugar, happy. 

The other day I was reading about "The Whole30." I was curious about the program and the book so I took it out of the library. As you've seen here and there I continue to explore healthy and grain free foods. 

A lot of people take on this plan to lose weight or because they have digestive issues, or an autoimmune disease. I continue on this plan because I feel better and want to have however many years I have left to my life, to be disease and pain free. 

I'm refusing right now to give up my cup of coffee, which is funny, because I had cut it out for years just because I didn't feel like having it. I do put cream and sugar in it, so maybe it's my sweet fix. It also represents a relaxed state, or time enjoyed with another, as I don't usually drink it until I have time to sit and enjoy it. Finding a quality sugar alternative to put in my coffe that pleases my palette is my goal, but I have not been completely satisfied with some that I've tried. 

So, if you're curious if this would work for you, try it for 30 days and see how you feel. You may never go back, or if you do, you may be more aware of how particular foods make you feel and then decide if it's worth eating one that makes you feel not so great. 


  1. sigh............
    what is there left to eat anymore?
    I'm hungry.
    and I don't want anymore microwaved box meals.
    well, some are good.
    But then I want more than one at a setting.
    I'm so TIRED of THINKING about it.
    I just wish I could live on cereal, berries, cheese, bread, chocolate and liquor.
    oh wait, I was and that didn't work so well for me.

  2. I have a few suggestions for your coffee fix. I am on a primal diet and I love it, but (like you) I wanted some ooomph in my morning coffee. I do one of these two things:

    1) I use a tsp of coconut sugar in my coffee and coconut creamer (flavors are regular, vanilla and hazelnut.) You can find the coconut sugar at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's. Good stuff!

    2) Add a tsp of butter (YES!) and a tsp or two of coconut oil. You'll have to stir it constantly because the oils float to the top but man oh man, is this some substantial stuff. It tastes creamy and rich and very much like a latte.


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