Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chocolate Alert!

Do you like chocolate pudding? Would you rather have a healthier version of it? Then you must go right on over to 'How Sweet It Is' and get the recipe. Yes, it's made with avocados. Yes, you'll like it anyway. No, you can't taste the avocados. Don't be scared. You. Must. Try. Now.

It is very delicious. I just made it tonight. I've made a version before with avocados but the added ingredients gave it a weird taste for me, but my neighbors loved it, I think they'll like this one more. After I put the warm melted chocolate into the other ingredients and mixed it up, I tasted it and it brought me back to my mom's homemade chocolate pudding she used to make when we were kids.

I suggest eating it at room temperature, when refrigerated it firms up so it less pudding like. I zapped it for a few seconds just enough to soften it without heating it, stirred it to mix, added a dollop of real whipped cream (because I have quarts of heavy cream here that has to be used -- don't ask) and had a yummy dessert. I even waited until AFTER I ate dinner to gobble it down. THAT took some restraint. 

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