Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Did You Know

That there is another place like Pinterest that you can waste your time at? get overly stimulated? has lots of eye candy? can give you a plethora of ideas?

I just found it this morning...Juxtapost. Maybe you know about it already, but for those who don't, be forewarned you will get sucked into the vortex of imagery.

One thing I do not like about it and it's annoying enough for me to limit my time there, when you click on an image and it brings you to the original page, when you go back, you go back to the category but not to where you left off, but almost to the top. So if your at the bottom of the page and still have more you want to look at when you go back there, you have to scroll and find where you left off. To me, that's an annoying time waster, and I don't like that kind of wasted time.

FB does that, too, which will quickly limit my time on there as well. I suppose these can be good things!! LOL


  1. thanks?
    and how about Tumblr? love that.
    (paybacks are hell)
    now you'll never get off the computer.

    1. Ha! yeah, know about Tumblr but I have to sign up for it and I'm trying to not join too many sites so it has deterred me. There was another one, too, maybe it was Tumblr? that just didn't appeal to me visually or my brain and how it works so I got out of that one unscathed. LOL


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