Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From Skillful Small Needlework Art to Large Pieces Made From Trash

I'm taking a few minutes to peruse some blogs I follow. I'm always in awe of the skill and design of Susan Elliott from Plays With Needles. Her pieces are small and very detailed. Her skill is on a very high level...she must be a very patient woman.

I found my way to Margherita Marchioni's website (I love the butterflies made from eyeglasses) via Unconsumption,  She plays with garbage. I have my own collection of "garbage" that piles up with plans to make things...but most ideas never come to fruition and I run out of I throw it in the garbage can or recycle bin, and eventually start another pile 'cuz I can't help myself. I have plans man. Well, she has plans, too, and she carries them out. Some of her pieces are very interesting and gives me reason to stockpile.

You should check them both out.  

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