Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello... Snow?

I do not mind your presence, but you mock me. In an attempt to keep up with your fluffy rain of white, I was diligent in my task of shoveling the driveway. But noooooo, you and the wind were in cahoots and not only made it look like I did nothing (my back does not thank you for that) but you also trapped my front door with a foot of snow piled up. Oh, how you test my good nature.

Good morning!!

This is the front of my driveway, up to where you see a tease of Burning Bush fingers popping out of the snow. See that vehicle parked across the street? It's on the side of the road, going in the opposite direction of what would be normal. I bet they slid as they rounded the corner from the street perpendicular to mine, and just behind it. Apparently they did not heed the Governor's request to stay off the road. I'm not sure when it could have happened, I went to bed at 12am and I don't believe it was there. I hope the person driving is not still in it. But where would they have gone?

I have no idea how I will shovel this madness. I was looking forward to a 'snow day' where I tinkered inside, cleaning and crafting. Mother Nature had other plans. 

Off I go to the white chilly yonder. 


  1. OMG. please post again later so that I know that you are ok!

  2. hope you're clear by now, if not call me and I'll come over with shovel and a flask...


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