Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ice Cream For Breakfast

OK, not really. Well, not the kind you're thinking. It started out as a smoothie wannabe but all the ingredients were frozen so it ended up being ice cream -- minus the chocolate sauce (needed for every bowl I eat, and whipped cream, which is not necessary but a nice add on.)

The ingredients are nothing like the junk in 'real' ice cream. 

bananas, cauliflower, apples, splash of vanilla and a dab of sweetener. 

Badabing! Badaboom! 

if I had thought of it, I would have added a scoop of protein powder or some raw egg. 


  1. You lost me at cauliflower. :)

    1. I bet you're not the only one! LOL
      Gotta add those veggies when you can. You can't taste it with the fruit in it. Unless, of course, you're like R. who can taste it in anything, that's how much he dislikes it.

  2. do you hear that rattling noise?
    It's me, shaking my head.


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