Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snowed In

Snowy update: it was my neighbor's Jeep across the street. Ray was called out for plowing at 8pm, why he came back at 12:30 I do not know...but he got stuck. Only about two hours ago did he unearth it, snow blowed a path to his house (the street has not been plowed, yet.)

As I was shoveling at 8:30 a.m. my neighbor across the street was snow blowing his driveway and sidewalk. I secretly hoped he would come across to my side and help me out. There was 3 feet of snow on the road, he would have had to make a path to get to me. Fortunately, the snow was fluffy but after an hour and a half and getting only 1/3 of the driveway and the walkway done -- I quit. R. will come back tomorrow and bring his snowblower. He was out as soon as it started and just got to go home at 8pm tonight. He couldn't come here, the road still has 3 feet of snow on it. It's 9:38 p.m.

When I was shoveling earlier the plow came down the street perpendicular to mine and plowed a huge pile of snow into my neighbor's yard. 3 times. He had to, there was no place else for it to go. He spun his back tire, tried to back up, pulled forward, backed up, spun tires, pulled forward, backed up and finally was free to K-turn and head back up the street from which he came. Leaving my area of the street and beyond, unplowed. About 20 minutes later a firetruck came down the aforementioned street and had to K-turn to head back up because there wasn't a way for him to continue on his path past my house. 

I think I hear the plows out there, but they aren't coming near my house. R.'s town, which connects to mine, is all clear. He can't believe I still have 3' of snow on the road. We're never one of the first street's to get taken care of but....what if there was an emergency at one of my neighbor's houses? they wouldn't be able to get out and no one would make it in. Thankfully, there hasn't been one. 

I heard on the news that an 80 year old woman was snow blowing her sidewalk at 11pm last night. A car came along (that wasn't supposed to be on the road because there's a traffic ban) and ran her over. She died. What are the odds of something like that happening? First of all, 80 years old and snow blowing during a blizzard? She crazy? The Universe works in mysterious ways. 

What a day of doing much of nothing except reading, internet surfing and going through magazines to make a pile to give to my neighbor...when I can actually walk across the street! LOL

Nighty night. 

ps: Cindi -- thank you for your concern. I'm alive and well and the dogs wish I had shoveled them a longer path, they're not quite sure what to do with themselves out there. :)


  1. I'm so sore this morning from shoveling I can barely move and I still have more to do today. Stay warm!

  2. OMG.......
    Thank you SO MUCH for posting.
    I really do worry and it's a relief to know you are safe, even if you are stuck inside.
    I might complain about where I live but to be honest I should just shut up and stay put. I'm on a main road and it is always one of the first ones plowed.
    That poor woman. I wonder why she was out there. She must of had some sort of mission in her head. Maybe she had somewhere that she thought she had to go. So tragic.
    Stay safe.


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