Thursday, July 25, 2013

Coffee and Eggs...A New Way

You know how I've talked about loving coffee and finding the right tools to brew with and the flavors, frothiness, etc? Well, I get emails from Mark's Daily Apple, a Paleo/Primal/Hunter/Gatherer based diet and exercise life blog. A recent post was on how to make, with eggs....very similar to the way the guy from Bulletproof Coffee makes his.

I made MDA's Primal Egg Coffee. I was hesitant about putting in a 1/4 tsp. of salt. I've accidentally put salt in coffee before and it's just not good. But, I like to stay pretty true to a recipe first time around and he convinced me it would be a good thing. Well, it's not as bad as my previous experience, but I would leave it out next time, or put in just a pinch. When I take a sip, the froth holds the saltyness and I'm not crazy about it even though it's not super salty. I also added a tsp. of coconut oil and a couple shakes of cinnamon. I put the eggs in my VitaMix and whirred them on the lowest setting and started drizzling my coffee from the Bialetti into it and added the sugar/salt. I put the cover on and blended it at higher power until it got frothy. It's very much like a Latte, and it's filling. I couldn't finish it. It's been about 45 minutes now and I'm starting to feel hunger again. I'll go have the rest now.

If you try this, let me know how you like it.

PS: often times people are concerned about consuming raw eggs -- I've been doing it for years in my smoothies and haven't had a problem but I like to use local, or store bought organic, eggs.

In the comments section of MDA's Coffee post, a woman mentioned how her grandma used to make something similar to this but instead of coffee she whirred the eggs and put powdered cocoa and some sugar in it. I must try that next. Chocolate? Hit me up baby!!

It's cooler today and I'm getting Central Air on Monday -- go figure.

Have a great day and enjoy the more agreeable temperatures if it's been insanely hot where you live.

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