Friday, July 19, 2013


...that a lot of research and studies have been done on the benefits of coconut oil for dementia and especially alzheimer patients?

I've been consuming coconut oil for a quite awhile now and last year a friend told me about a friend that has a father with alzheimer's and she's been stuffing him with A LOT of coconut oil and his alzheimer's has improved. He is able to remember better and make more sense. Granted, he still has the disease but his decline is being slowed and he is finding joy in life again.

Virgin coconut oil handmade in small batches, Gold Label by Tropical Traditions, has the most antioxidants than other coconut oils that I've seen for sale. It also has a coconut flavor, which refined does not. Good to know when you're making those grain free brownies and it calls for coconut oil, I do not care for the taste that comes from the oil, for me it messes up the chocolate-ness.

R's mom's brain has been changing over the last year and we weren't sure what it was. She wasn't reading anymore, she would get frustrated with words, she was anxious a lot, not sleeping, not being with friends as much, etc. We thought she just got freaked out by the big storms two Falls ago because she was without power for 8 days, and it stayed with her. They may have been a trigger. She even knew she was different and was very frustrated with it. Finally, after hearing from so many people that she should could have had a mini stroke (TSI) we finally got a CT scan for her. Yup, that's exactly what she had! Now she is on a memory med, blood pressure medication 'cuz it had skyrocketed (she's always had very low bp) and an aspirin a day. In case you don't know already, the blood pressure medication was not only to bring the bp down, but also to keep it a lower rate because a high blood pressure can cause strokes to happen.

And as of yesterday, she started taking coconut oil. She doesn't mix it with anything, just fills her spoon and swallows it down. No problems. Thank goodness. One thing I can say is that she's pretty cooperative when it comes to stuff that R. tells her she has to do.

Whether you're looking into coconut oil for yourself (because it's healthy) or a loved one, find the one that best suits your needs and pocketbook. I order from Tropical Traditions in gallons and I take advantage of their sales because this girl is not made of money and it can get costly. The cost per ounce when on sale comes out to be about 39 cents compared to other products that I've found were 49 cents and higher if you purchased by the 15/16 oz. jar. What's nice is there is a 2+ year shelf life so no worrying about spoilage. I also use it as a skin moisturizer. It's natural, absorbs fairly quickly and leaves you feeling soft.

I've heard people worry about the fat content. We need fat for our brains, joints, eat quality fat and get rid of all the other crap and no one has to worry. That's like when someone I'm talking to about nuts makes a face and says, "but aren't they full of fat?" Really? like that donut you just shoved in your face isn't? and it has nothing good for you in it? "uh, oh yeah."

Sorry, beginning to rant so I must go.

oh, and, am I supposed to say that I have no affiliation to Tropical Traditions and that they haven't paid me to put them in this post? geez, I wish they had. LOL Ha Ha

Have a great day!!!!!!

stay cool if you can, this heat is making us all crazzzzzzzy!


  1. I use coconut oil all the time too. In baking, in my morning oats and as a substitute for butter on vegetables and grains. About six months ago I suggested it to a coworker whose grandmother was experiencing memory problems. She had her grandmother start taking tablespoons of it right from the bottle a couple of times a day and began to see improvements. It works!

    Funny you should mention the taste, the last time I ran out, the only thing I could get in a pinch was refined and I noticed it had no taste. I prefer the taste. Usually I get it at Whole Foods but will have to check out your link.

  2. OK, this post just startled me as I was just NOW thinking that I couldn't "focus".
    It took me a couple of minutes to piece together a comment on another blog.
    Of course I've only been up for about 20 minutes and I've only had a couple of sips of coffee, to say nothing of the fact that I was staggering tired yesterday from working out in 100+ heat.
    So, I will be trying this Coconut oil that you speak of. I wonder what it tastes like in coffee?


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