Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sweety Ginger and A LeRoi Store Display Rack

I had to go to a friend's house to drop Ginger off for a weekend of dog sitting, after she spent a night at my house. Her mom had to go to Florida for a funeral so Terri and I juggled Ginger. She is such a sweet girl. 13 years old. Came up from Kentucky after her elderly owner died. 

Before taking her over there, I had talked to Terri about this and that and she said she was cleaning out her house that she is selling, and that she was filling a dumpster in her driveway. She said it was mostly collected wood pieces and other debris. I jokingly told her to put a tarp over the top of it so that I wasn't tempted to dumpster dive. When I got there a tarp was covering it, but she assured me it was because of the pending rain, not because I might want something out of the dumpster. So I lifted the corner and peeked in, and saw this rack placed atop other debris. Yes. Of course. It was to be mine. 

I didn't find much information on what might have been displayed on a rack like this. What I did find was that it was for packages of children's socks. There was one image I found of a very thin almost paper size package that was children's socks. From what I could tell, it's the only thing LeRoi sold. But, I could be wrong. 

Against this wall I've had a dresser, a small display cabinet there and I have a metal cabinet in the garden with a glass front I was going to put here....most recently I was planning to put a tall, simple cabinet with doors on this wall. Boring, but I need the storage space for Pyrex bowls, casseroles and other kitchen things.  This rack sticks out further than I would want because of the closeness to the corner of the dining table, due to the additional 3" of space behind it, because of the baseboard heat unit (which still needs it's cover.) It's a little wider than I wanted, too, but it's more interesting than a cabinet. I don't really want to have stuff out in the open -- I'm actually trying to rid myself of some visual clutter  -- so I may look for some baskets or containers that things can be placed into. I'm also of thinking of mounting it on the wall so it sits back a little but have to figure out what to do below it so it doesn't look awkward, you know, like a rack with legs is hung on a wall. Then again, does it really matter? 


  1. First, that Ginger is ADORABLE.
    I'm so glad she was a home.
    Second, that rack looks like something I need for my little shop. You know about my shop right?
    The one with the big front windows full of cool Art stuff and the large work tables in the center of the room where fun classes are held and the walls are hung with other artists work on commissioned sale and then there's the old dog and cat wandering around all the quirky furniture...oh wait, it's still all just in my head. OK, yeah! I need that rack to put in my basement with my other "someday" collection of display stuff.

    1. Yeah, I'm starting to get rid of my 'someday' stuff...but it's the "someday I'll make (insert idea here) out of that" This rack may end up in the studio holding vintage fabrics...the hoarding of which is growing fast.


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