Friday, August 2, 2013


About tick borne diseases?

Yesterday while at the vet with Little Bug I learned a few things about tick borne diseases. They can be in the dogs body for two months, but more likely a few days before manifesting itself. Most of the time, it's in the body and if the dog has a really healthy immune system, it will go away over a course of a few months and one would never know it was there.

My vet told me that she's had dogs come in for Lyme testing and it came back negative. Two weeks later the dog comes back and they test because of the systems and it's positive. It probably had the disease at the initial testing, but it was not seen. BUT, during that time an increased amount of activity, like ball throwing, had occurred. Because tick borne diseases are in the joints, the increased running and jumping will, for lack of better words, "open itself up to show itself."

When she said that, a bell went off in my head. Little Bug LOVES to retrieve a tennis ball. Monday night R. had thrown it for her to chase... A LOT. He actually made the comment Tuesday after seeing her left leg lifted that "maybe she pulled something because of how much ball we played last night." Add to it that she came to camp with us this past weekend and traipses around in the wooded areas.

I'm not saying that's what triggered the Lyme and Anaplasmosis to show themselves...but it could have is a bit coincidental that she started showing signs early afternoon on Tuesday.

I also learned that the first couple of days of it showing itself, the hocks are swollen and fever rises, which when it starts to come down, the dogs are a little more mobile because it's not quite as painful.

Little Bug was hungry during these couple of days (a true Schnauzer through and through) and was pooping and peeing, which to me are good signs, as I was worried it was something kidney related. She wasn't interested in drinking, though. It was important to keep her hydrated, and although I didn't feed her all day Thursday in case the vet wanted to do a blood panel (which she did--liver and kidney are in excellent condition) The vet mentioned tuna juice as a trick to get her to drink, I thought about the tuna juice trick since I had some in the fridge but I hadn't actively put it to use. I did try apple juice, which normally she would lap up, but she didn't want it.

When we got home I fed her (her dry food is always soaked in liquid until very soft) and gave her tuna juice flavored water. She was happy to have both, and wanted more.

She is on Doxycycline for 4 weeks, and is restricted to low activity so that her joints can heal. I was also reminded of the importance of B vitamins to add to my dogs' diets, like Nutritional Yeast, to keep a healthy system that will knock out tick illnesses. And, to apply a preventative. I'm opposed to chemicals like Frontline and Advantix, but will start to use Eucalyptus oil mixed with water, as I have in the past. There are also herbal remedies that you can pick up pre-made to use in place of the chemical laden ones.

Buggy will miss her ball. We will have to hide it. It's the first thing she brings to R. when he gets home from work. We'll find some fun for her in other ways. 

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  1. Poor baby! Thanks for all that good info, I had no idea.....


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