Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flea Market Sunday

Sunday morning we went to the flea market, no camp this weekend so I was able to go shopping. I found some goodies. Of course.

This poster (and a bunch of other things) were free. I thought the poster was pretty cool and I also found a planter, plus R's daughter found something she liked...a nice younger couple was giving a bunch of stuff and selling some stuff, too. Even though it was free, we gave them some money anyway. Everyone needs a few extra bucks.

I like this swimming rabbit...

At other vendors I found a MIB Salton 'Cosmopolitan' Casserole and hot plate. A MIB Ace Stapler and a very cool floor standing fan that is square in shape. This thing blows some good wind! It's pretty cool, just needs some cleaning up.

It was a beautiful sunny day, too! 

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