Friday, October 18, 2013

Can You Say AMAZING!!??

Holy crap this guy is good.

I did a general search for paper mache artists and Dan's link was at the top of the linky dink page. Look at this jaw dropping work.

PAPER People. PAPER....OK, and some cloth.

I'm so amazed I'm speechless. I've been busy working, shifting things 'round the house, having a huge ass tag sale...I needed some really good eye candy...and I got it.

OK, now I have to go continue reading more of his blog.



  1. I agree, AMAZING!
    I used to do paper mache.
    I once made this huge mermaid. Not the Little Miss Mermaid kind but more like one that had been deep in the water for a long time. And I didn't know what to do with her. One day I knocked her over and broke off her nose. At the time I had a booth out at the Antique/Collectibles Mall and stuck her in there and made a good chunk of $.
    Hmmm. Maybe I should.....

    1. Yeah Cindi, I paper mache, too, simple things, nothing like this. Maybe it's time to make a 'ManMaid' LOL

  2. Wow Denise. I'm so very flattered!! Thank you so much for sharing my work. You made my night. And...I'm very happy to hear that you could find me easily with a search. I really enjoyed looking through your blog. Take care.

    1. You're very welcome Dan. Actually, I continued looking and all the other links were mundane and 'teaching', glad you were at the top of the pile.


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