Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ralph Lauren Promotes Adoption of Shelter Dogs

Have you seen the new ad for Ralph Lauren 'The Dog Walk'? It came to my attention because of a FREEKIBBLE question the other day. I like the music, and, of course, the dogs. Granted, it's really an ad for RL handbags and shoes, but it also includes leashes and dog apparel. "From October 15 to November 15, 10% of the purchase price of select accessories and dog apparel featured in the film will be donated to the ASPCA." I'm particularly fond of 'Lady' the little black and white girl on the park bench and then there she is again at a distance in a dog that part, she gives a little bark we cannot hear, but look how her mouth makes that cute little hole. Yes, it's pretty obvious that I'm partial because she looks a bit like my Buggy Boo, although it looks like she might have a some Shih Tzu in her. Also, you HAVE to watch the 'behind the scenes' clip. You are going to want to eat that first little face up!! and the Doxies -- OMG!


  1. That video is so cool, and some of those handbags are lust worthy. Those sweet dogs make me melt, especially those doxie puppies.

  2. The dog the first woman with the red bag and shoes is carrying is a Brussels Griffon and that's him again in the bike basket. Those little guys are very rarely in shelters and they are VERY expensive. I know because I know a breeder of these dogs :( and while she was babysitting a pure Papillon male, he "hooked up" with her Brussels. I was told that she immediately bred her again with a pure Brussels (didn't know that you could do that) but apparently she had two puppies. One was a Brussels Griffon and the other was a "mutt" that she didn't want. A little girl....who is my Ruby. The most adorable dog ever.
    OK, I'm off track here but I wish they would have shown a few more PERFECT mutts, and kept away form so many "pure breeds". Although, sadly there are many many pure breeds in shelters.
    Sigh anyway, I was VERY Happy to see a Pit in the commercial.
    That was nice. :)

    1. There was an article attached to the Freekibble site and each dog was a shelter dog and each also have gotten a new home already.

      But I do understand what you are saying, and yeah, I don't know how often you'd find a Brussels. A client of mine 'rescued' one but I think she came from a co-worker or something. She is ADORABLE!

      I love Ruby. Nice 'accident' :)


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