Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Craft Day

What a week so far. I've been wanting to tell you about my craft day on Saturday at my house.

It was planned over a month ago. Initially it was to make ornament wreaths much like GeorgiaPeachez, but after realizing that I would never find that many vintage ornaments in became, 'make a wreath of your choice,' day. Then, as I talked to the 12 friends invited, it became 'make whatever you want but it has to be Christmas, dammit' day.

Slowly, these women had better things to do and they dropped off the list like flies caught on sticky tape.

Damn them.

But my stress level lowered with each one gone. Hmmmmm.

This day was created because my good friend Lois wanted to make an ornament wreath. "Perfect!" I said, "we've been wanting to have craft day so let's make a plan." I sent out emails and updated emails and another updated email. Guess what? Lois couldn't make it....and not only that, she made an Autumn ornament wreath in the meantime and the thrill was gone for her. Then she had the audacity to say....I almost can't repeat it....she said, and I quote, "I think this type of wreath might be too kitschy for me." WHAAAAAAATTTT? How dare she?! Blasphemy!

and Damn Her!

I was on my own and at this point, I didn't even want to make a stupid wreath anymore. (Lois? you know I still love you.)

My BIG Christmas Craft day became small Christmas craft day and you know what? we had a lot of fun. We were silly, laughed a lot and helped each other with ideas. And, wreaths were made after all. My friend of 20 years, Toni, came and brought her sister with her, who's up from Florida for a few weeks and loves to be crafty. I think Toni stayed committed because she already bought some materials and didn't want them to go to waste. ;-)

She made this very sweet wreath....

 and her sister Shirley made this one for her music loving sister-in-law....

and me? well, I decided to make a Christmas ornament tree. I wrestled with a cardboard box to make a cone shape. (you know what the rule is when cutting with a razor blade or any such type of cutting instrument to cut away from you, right? well, I ignored it, and sliced the side of my waist as I pulled the razor down toward me to cut the cardboard -- DODO head -- it was not serious enough to require stitches, that really would have sucked and messed up craft day.) Then I circled the form with tinsel garland (found at the thrift store) and...well...that's as far as I got.

I couldn't commit to the ornaments I have on hand (which are also from the thrift store -- I totally cleaned them out the other day.) The ornaments are just plain Jane in jewel colors, very 1980's, NOT my color choice at all, so the decorating part of the tree is on hold...but I have a plan. The question is, will it get done by Christmas?


  1. I tried to make it, honest to goodness, I did. Three girls, three directions and a trip to Worcester....and the wreath that was too kitschy was the Christmas light bulb one. What must a girl do to clear her name around here? lol xoxo

    1. Yeah yeah yeah...blah blah blah...and I stand corrected on the type of bulb wreath you meant. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, that would have been fun! I would have had a handmade tiara on hand for you to wear as the 'Queen of Christmas Wreaths'! Then we would have bowed to you and served you tea and crumpets.


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