Friday, January 17, 2014

A Spot of Tea For Ya?

The English have it right, I love me an afternoon tea. Really, what I love is to have something sweet with some tea after work while I peruse the 'net! I made a flourless chocolate cake the other day (from Martha Stewart, the most recent issue) and this is the last piece. I use this little press for my loose tea but decided to throw in the tea bag so I didn't have to dig it out of my mug. Lazy, huh? Just didn't feel like having the bag squishing between my fingers. 

This is what the cake looked like after the appropriate cooling time. 

It was really hard waiting for it to cool. I like to taste things asap to see if it's good. This got my approval, R.'s approval, my two neighbor's approval and my friend Lois's approval. I'll make it again, it's a good cake to bring to a dinner. Melted chocolate, whipped and folded egg whites....mmmmm. MS recipes don't always come out being liked by anyone, so I was happy to see this was a success. 

...and hey, I'm half English (with some Scottish and Irish I think, too, judging by the redheads in the family) on my Mom's side, so an afternoon tea isn't completely far fetched...right? Now if I could just perfect an English accent. 


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