Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Teenage Twitter Tweeting Update

you case you've been on the edge your seat waiting for the results of the conversation...

It ended up that L. and I had a few minutes together as I taught her about using eye make-up remover (she usually used soap and water) As she was removing her thickly applied mascara to just reapply again for going out with us, I brought the subject up.

Me: "So, honey, since we have a few minutes alone, what's this about blocking me on Twitter?"
L: "Oh my gosh, when I saw you following me I freaked out and blocked you so I'd have time to remove some photos that I knew would not be 'parent approved.'"
Me: "well, you know, I saw those photos before I created an account."
L: "Really?" "I just knew I had to get them off."
Me: "You know, other people can just find your stuff, too. How would you feel if your dad's friends went on-line and saw them? There's also a lot of creeps out there that when they see a pretty girl half dressed, and another photo showing off money you made, and a post showing anger at mom...well, it's makes for a nice target."
L: "It was for my friends"
Me: "Yes, I know that because I looked at their tweets, too. But, you don't have your settings as private, so the whole world can see."
L: "I didn't think about that."
Me: "I suspected as such. You might want to the next time you go to post something. Maybe ask yourself if it would matter if one of the guys from Dad's club saw what you were sharing, or your mom, or some strange creepy guy. If you get an ugly feeling in your gut, you know your answer."
L: "Yeah"
Me: "Please be more careful, you are worth more and showing the world you have self respect is more important. I love you, so I had to say something."
L: "OK"
Me: "So, I can't believe you've never used eye make-up remover before given how dedicated you are to mascara."
L: "Can I use this on my face, too?"

Hopefully, she will think before acting next time. One can only hope. It turns out that her sister apparently had not said anything to her, she reacted on her own. Silly girls.


  1. Ponds Cold Cream or plain old Baby Oil is cheaper and also does not pull on the skin tissue area which can add to wrinkling. ...but not so good if reapplying because it leaves an oily film, then I recommend cleansing towelettes, (I like Target brand,cheaper and better quality than some more expensive brands)...just a tip from someone who's worn heavy mascara for years.
    oh, glad the "talk" went to well.
    being nice and concerned and loving is always better than ranting and raving.

    1. When she was removing the mascara she was pulling at the corner of her eye, and using a moistened and remover piece of tissue. The pulling of the lid is the more damaging part which I think she does no matter what she uses. I saved that 'save your eyelids' for another day. I use this stuff with no pulling, but I use my fingers to do a good swish and then wipe with a moist cloth. I now mostly use coconut oil with the same technique. Any of the above is better than soap and water.

  2. You are a brave and wise leader in L's life. Do not ever under estimate the important role you play as a "parent" to her. You go places no parent would dare to go. I wish you had been in my girl's life to help raise her!

    1. Thank you Angela, that's quite a compliment. I think being on the outside helps. I might not have been as good in a real mom position, although, I'd like to think that I learned good parenting from my parents. I was this way with my nieces and nephews, too. They just listen differently to an adult that isn't in their lives everyday.


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