Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oh, Hey! I Wanna Tell Ya

Remember that whole Twitter thing? Well, I couldn't get into it as far as tweeting goes but I joined as a know, to keep an eye on things.

BUT! I did join Instagram. Something I said out loud at one time, that I would never do. Well, I did. I really did. Not only that, I'm having fun with it. It's what I thought I wanted with Twitter and didn't get. I have it under my blog name, and the badge thingy is in the sidebar if you want to check it out. There will be some repeat photos from here, but also stuff that just comes to me, or I see in a thrift store, etc. That quirky stuff that's in my head I can now release to the world. Hmmmm, I think that's a good thing, the world may not. LOL


  1. cute doggie photos.
    some day I will have a phone that lets me do the Instagram thing.

    1. Cindi, you can download (I forget what it's called) to your computer and it will allow you to upload photos on Instagram. Search 'How to load photos to Instagram on computer' or something like that.


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