Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Television

I don't generally watch a lot of TV, but sometimes, I'm forced to sit because my brain can't handle much more than that. Today is one of those days. I woke up at 3am with what felt to be a migraine. It was still there when I got up at 6:30, along with nausea. At 7:30 I was back in bed, but not before taking two Ibuprofen, which is something I do not regularly pop, but being such a wimp with pain, I did it. Grabbing Buggy, to bed we went. I didn't think I'd sleep, but apparently I did until 9. I rolled over, Buggy was comfy and my head still hurt. 10:15, still hurts. Turnover. 11:00 I finally convince myself to get up and put wood in the stove...and to make a very strong cup of coffee for the caffeine. If that didn't do it for me, I didn't know what would. I feel immobile when my head hurts like that. I don't know how people with daily pain survive. Pain like that hits my emotions and I cry at anything touching, sweet or kind, especially if it involves animals.

Which brings me to my Saturday TV while drinking coffee...

I watched a show on Jonathan Field, a horse trainer, 'Liberty Train' four horses. They did great in the ring and it was fun to see bits of the horses personalities.

I learned about Alexander Farto, creates murals by carving into the cement of buildings. Most of which are portraits, but of course, this is my fave...

Flipping channels, I then watched an interview with Annette Schroter about her paper cutting work. She is a painting professional and professor, but fell in love with cutting paper. She does beautiful work but would prefer you to see the message...

and watched young adults shake in their boots as they climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. 

Built in 1924 many crazy people climbed the bridge illegally, until it opened for legal climbing in 1998. (it's set up with a tether system so you don't fall off). If you have a bucket list, you might want to put this on it.

Well, my migraine's gone, the coffee worked, (I've been told that if caffeine works, it's a migraine, if it doesn't it's just a headache) now I'm hungry and have some work to do. 

Have a great day! It's cold but sunny in this neck of the woods.



  1. you are freaking me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I saw that carving in the building thing too.
    as I lay on the sofa covered in little dogs
    my head throbbing and my chest and throat sore from coughing.
    I'm buzzed on cold medicine or maybe it's the fumes from Vicks Vapor Rub
    but here's the REAL scary part.
    I was laying there thinking, - How do people handle being in pain all the time? How do they do it?
    I've had some toast and tea and some coffee....
    and I don't feel better. :(
    I think I will guzzle some more NyQuil.
    I'm a wimp too.

  2. So glad that somehow you got to find enjoyment in a day of migraine he#@. I am in love with Jonathan Field, by the way, and have watched many of his training shows. His gentle ways are inspiring.

    As for migraines, as we've said before, "Welcome to the female 40's." My surefire kick of a migraine used to be a can or two of Coca Cola (stomach couldn't handle coffee), 3 aspirin or Ibuprofen, and 2 Tylenol. Migraines are bad, bad bad. Now I'm in my late fifties, no more migraines. Aging ain't all bad ya know.

    As for living with horrendous pain, man, I have learned an awful lot about that since a total knee replacement in November, followed by complications and my Multiple Sclerosis joining in the chorus. The thing that saved me are the saints at a pain management clinic. Without them, I would have gone completely insane by now. I'm just partway there, perhaps the healing will be done before I get all the way there.


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