Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey Peeps!!

Happy Spring. I think it's finally here. And, I'm back, too. Here. I've been having some fun with Instagram. I admit, I said I would never do Instagram. Yes, I judged it. Shame shame. I really am having fun with it. It's quick, it's instant, it's quite fun. You should try it. I'm still not Tweeting, but I do follow a few interesting people. I'm a visual kinda girl, it makes sense that Instagram appeals to me more. You should try it, you might like it, too.

It's been a full past few weeks. After getting back from CA, I scrambled to get painting done by a deadline then I was off to Nantucket to get some painting done by a deadline for my friends Chuck and Carol, then back home and I've been working pretty diligently to get the crap out of my house. Stuff that I've collected and displayed and really really liked. A switch flipped and I want to get rid of A LOT more stuff that I live with daily.

While doing this continued decluttering my mind has been freer to be creative. I've started a bunch of things while in Nantucket, a place where nothing is mine and my mind is free, so I am creative. So, there's now WIP that have to be completed and I seriously have to set time aside here to do that, otherwise it's go go go work work work.

I don't know if I was further influenced by a couple blogs I found (yeah, I was) 'ZeroWasteHome' being one of them. Although I do not produce a lot of garbage headed for the landfill on a weekly basis I will never be Zero Waste. I don't think I want to be. Wait. Don't get me wrong. I do not want to waste. But within their zero waste home, it fits them to have minimalism, also. It's pretty cool, but I will never have my home devoid of color, I will always have collections - just keeping them to the ones I really love - like my bone/skull and heads collections. And I will always have my studio full of stuff for the 'aha' moments. I'm just trying to pare it down, to a more manageable sense of visual chaos.

I've been putting things on ebay. Something I do in windows of time and need to keep it more consistent. I get frustrated and deterred when I've spent hours photographing items and listing them, then to find that I really need to get more information about said item, and I really need to rephotograph it. Without having one spot set up with good lighting (working on that) I'm always looking for a spot determined by the type of day or time of day. I'm also learning to just let go of things that are not selling or that will take a chunk of time to wrap up but sell for only a couple dollars. I'll be donating them to my favorite little thrift store.

It could also be that I'm going to be hitting that 5-0 number. I'm not freaked out about it. It doesn't even seem fathomable that I will be that number. What freaks me out is all the things I want to do and  my time left is less than my time that I've been on this earth so I must get on the ball.

But anyway....enough about that. The real impetus for me to get back in the saddle here, is to show you this photo:

My friend Angela's daughter. A real animal lover and a bit of an animal whisperer, I think, too, with what I know about how animals react to her. This is such a sensitive photograph. It warms me each time I look at it.

The sun is shining and I think it's supposed to be 67 degrees today. Spring has finally sprung.

Have a great day!!!

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  1. What a beautiful woman in that photo! :) I'm a bit biased. And, there is no doubt that Anna is a natural animal whisperer. I think that quality really shines through in this photo of her and her neighbor's cat, Sophie. Like how many cats will exfoliate the face of someone they barely know? Neither of mine would! And you and I know the magic that Anna could pull out of foster dog by lying on the floor for hours with a dab of cream cheese on her finger.


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