Friday, May 16, 2014

Vitamix vs. Eggshells

Since my last post I've been thinking about the eggshell in the Vitamix thing. I know that carrots and almonds, two items you'd think wouldn't completely break down, do break down for a smooth drinking experience.

So, my next smoothie, I threw in 3 eggshells from eggs I had just used. I realize 3 may have been really testing the waters as my smoothie quantity usually yields about 4 cups. Well, they didn't break down 100% as to where you didn't know they were in there. If you are the type that leaves it in your mouth and moves it around, maybe bites down a little, you will find a little pearlized type of grainy texture. It's not distracting, it made me curious, it's nothing like an annoying sandy grit between your teeth. This particular smoothie did not have as many fibrous veggies/fruits in it, which I think could make a difference in the amount of texture you'd feel. I think that using one or two eggshells would also make it less noticeable. So, I will have to continue to experiment. But, if you don't want eggshells in your smoothie, there are other things to do with them.

  • add to compost
  • blenderize with veggies or water for your dog, they often don't get enough calcium
  • blenderize with water for plants
  • wash, dry and save for a faux shagreen or hard leather like texture finish on something
  • fill with potting soil, pop in a flower seed and germinate, then plant the whole thing

These are things I can think of off the top of my head, maybe you have some ideas, too. 


  1. I toss them under the bird feeder and they disappear… to where and into whom, I have no idea. I'm probably attracting the skunk that nailed my neighbor's two dogs the other night. I think I'll try your ideas… except for the drinking of them.

    1. Squirrels, chip pies and mice will eat the eggshells for calcium. They like to gnaw on raw bone and antlers for the same reason.

      Another idea I thought of (which I've seen around the web) is to use them as plant starters. You'd probably have to pay attention to how your cracking them so you end up with a big enough 'pot.'


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