Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Finding Shade

Well, summer hit full swing. Two days into it and by mid-morning it was HOT. While I sat out on the patio having coffee with a friend, this little nugget found some nearby garden shade and cool dirt to lay in.

Is it me, or is she just so darn adorable you want to squish her?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Mystery Thrift Off Results

The 'Mystery Thrift Off' was a lot of fun with a little anxiety thrown in. But, now it's over and the results are in...

Congratulations!! Naomi & Sage, Brittany, and Janet. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Little Bug and The Mystery Thrift-off Day 3

Buggy's been going to work with me... here she is faking patience, waiting for us to leave. The reality was she was getting anxious. She was bored and hungry.


Four more contestants today!! It's good, it's allllllllll good! Some creative people out there!!

Go see the final four now!

Voting happens Thursday... eeeeeeeeeee

3 winners announced Friday.

So. Very. Exciting. (I think I've said that about a thousand times during this event.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Mystery Thrift Off Day 2

Well, today is the day that Lindsey from BetterAfter posted the second set of 4 contestants' pieces. Mine was one of them, which means I can show you what I made.

Remember, I started out with these...

...after a little cardboard cutting and some paint, I ended with these...

The olive boats, turned upside down, became the bases for the cat and dog. If you've been around here for awhile, I know you understand that the dog had to be a Schnauzer.

Go check out the other 3 designs. You might just be amazed -- I was! Again!

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. There is some fierce competition.

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Mystery Thrift Off

Hiya! I'm back.

Long winter, busy life, blah blah blah. I didn't even write about my last two foster dogs. You know something's up when I don't do that...and I will soon, but first I want to tell you about this contest I was recently involved in.

Lindsey over at BetterAfter put together a Thrift-Off. She gathered some things from Goodwill and sent them out to 12 readers and the task was to redesign the items. I was fortunate enough to be in the line up and I had a lot of fun with it.

I was very excited and curious when I received the package...

This is what I found inside -- 2 olive boats (I was told by an IG viewer that they are Crate and Barrel, no less):

Here are some in-process photos:

Today she revealed the first four creations. Check them out here. Lindsey goes into more detail of the hows and whys of her idea to do this. Then check back throughout the week as she reveals four more final pieces each day, then has voting on Thursday.

It's been a few weeks since this started and I was excited from the get-go. The anticipation is killing me. ;)

Monday, December 1, 2014

He Didn't Want To Go

Andy had visitors on Saturday. They took him home, but, initially he didn't like the idea.

Here he is a few days before, totally relaxed and feeling at home.

A very nice couple, Melissa and Rob, fell in love with him when they saw him on Petfinder. They wanted to adopt him but it depended on whether or not their female Schnorkie, Abby, would tolerate him, as she is a bit particular about the dogs she likes to hang with. She is a cuuuuuuteeeee, and she pretty much knows it.

Look at that face. I just wanted to eat her up but she wanted nothing to do with me.

Andy was friendly toward them, and enjoyed the attention now and again. Little princess girl didn't really give two bits about him. We hung out for awhile and they tested her by giving Andy love and HER TOY! and she didn't care. So, everything's looking good, right? Well, she was barking at all the sounds outside and Andy's face and body language showed signs of stress, possibly from this little barker, but also, because Bug was barking and whining and he couldn't get to her. (Little Bug got locked up in my office because her manners were not stellar when Abby came inside.) I was a bit worried, I wasn't sure if this would be the right fit for Andy. I could tell that over the past couple of weeks Andy thought he was home.

After visiting for a couple hours, the dogs were finally able to go out to the backyard. The gate was open because R. was working out there, so I couldn't let them out at their arrival. Normally, that would be the first thing I would do is let them go figure things out in the yard.

Once the dogs were outside Andy did some fast running around and tried to engage Abby in play. Whew. I think we all breathed a sign of relief. I actually said out loud, "well, I think we all feel better now," and Melissa agreed. So, she was very aware and concerned, too. After we all agreed this would be ok, Andy got a new collar put on him. He went over to his spot on the sofa and in a very relaxed lounging position, laid there. We continued talking, signed paperwork, etc. and the leash was put on Andy by Rob. Andy was not budging. He was not going anywhere. He stayed right there in that lounge position. After a couple more light tugs and me saying, "OK, let's go" he got up, but he was not thrilled with the idea. After outside, halfway down the walk, he turned around and was pulling on the leash back toward the front door. You ever want your heart to break? foster a dog and have him do that. First time ever has a dog physically tried to come back to the house. I usually go out with the new owners and say goodbye, but it was better this time around that I didn't so that Andy was not distracted by me.

He did jump in the car on his own accord once they got him to it. That made me feel better.

I knew he would be fine. When he first came here it was difficult for him to adjust to the change and I knew it might be again.

Yesterday Melissa sent me an email and some photos, here's one of them...

In short, she said, ".....he's doing fine, he's eating well, he's getting along with Abby and the second night she even let him sleep on the bed with them." That is particularly funny to me because when I was interviewing Melissa, she specifically wondered how he would do NOT sleeping on the bed with them, because that was Abby's domain. Now, she's talking about getting a bigger bed so they all fit more comfortably.

Andy was a VERY good boy while here. He had this sweetness about him, a happiness that I loved, and he was easy going. I loved being greeted each morning when he saw that I had gotten out bed. He chatted with happiness about it. What's better than that, right?

I know he is in an excellent home. Melissa and Rob live for their dogs. This is the type of couple you would want as your owner if you were a dog, but, I miss him.