Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Had a Visitor

...and his name is Rex.

I didn't know his name was Rex when he showed up in my front yard. Little Bug was barking while looking out the window so I took a peek, and there was this handsome boy. I opened the door and invited him in. He was happy to come in for a visit. I put him out in the backyard and called the Police for Animal Control. He seemed pretty non-plussed about being at a stranger's house. 

A policman came and took him away, but not before asking if I would want him if they couldn't find his home. His tags were barely readable because it was obvious he enjoyed chomping on them. We could make out a town (which is 20 miles away from me) and a tag number. I definitely did not want him to be put down, so I said I would take him and find him a home. I told him I am involved in dog rescue and that actually, I have a friend's Aunt that is looking for a dog like Rex. I'm assuming they moved at some point to my town, but I do not know as no information was left with the card. 

So I how did I find out his name you ask? 

I went out to run some errands and came home to this beautiful bouquet and card on my doorstep. The card thanked me for taking care of Rex, then the Mom that penned the card, thanked me another three times. It was signed by her and her two daughters. Two dozen roses with a few that look like to be tropicals mixed in. This was intentional effort, time taken out to show appreciation. This dog is truly loved. I did what a person should do. That's all. I'm sure Rex was happy to see his family, I'm happy that they were reunited. My heart was deeply touched by their love for their dog, and the gift of a sweet thank you. 

Friday, October 10, 2014


I figured I'd come back on the scene by giving you a laugh....

this is what happens when you don't hang onto the cover of the blender when you're taking it off. It even reached behind the juicer into the back corner. Ugh. But, I can say in the spirit of the season, the color works. Unfortunately, this mix includes canned salmon (P.U.) and carrots, which makes extra work getting up the fibrous bits. I think inventing a mini wet/dry vac for the kitchen is in order. 

If you're wondering what the heck I could be making into puree with salmon and carrots that would taste good....wonder no more. It's not for the humans that live here, it's for this cute little canine. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cutie Girl Lila

Look at this face!

photo courtesy PawVille Pups Rescue

My friend Angela's daughter, Anna, just adopted her from PawVille Pups Rescue in CA, where she lives. I've also seen a video and she seems to be a happy, sweet, easy going girl. I would eat her up on a regular basis. I think I'll stare at her photo all night. I want some puppy snuggles. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Black Bears at Camp

The bears are hungry. 

One broke into the garbage shed two nights ago and made the hole -- pparently needing a little leverage as he left his left paw print behind. The next morning my neighbor woke up to find his outside refrigerator cockeyed and unplugged with a paw print on the side and a one point indent from its nail. Yesterday late afternoon the camp staff cleaned out the garbage shed but last night someone threw trash in there and the bears came back for some easy pickings. Although, some eggs were left behind. 

Other friends at a site further from us were sitting out on their deck and from around the corner of the camper a bear came into their site. Fortunately it doesn't take too much too scare them off. 

This morning, my neighbor across the street heard a noise and looked out the window as a bear made it's way across her site. 

When walking at night I mostly don't walk alone or if I absolutely have to, I have a bright flashlight. Nothing like the idea of not seeing a big black thing and walking right into it. Yup, could just be my very active imagination. I always ask R. to walk the dogs. It's dark up here in these woods. 

This keeps a buzz going on in the campground and some interesting stories being told. 

Welcome to camp! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nick the Miniature Schnauzer and His ESP

Mr. Nick was with me for a few days while his mom was off having fun in NH with family. Sue texted me yesterday at 3:30 pm saying she'd be here between 4 and 5:00. As dog owners, one will often hear a story of "my (insert dog/cat name here) knew she/he was going to the (insert place here, i.e., the vet.) and as animal owners, we are always baffled. 

Well, Nick's ESP was right on yesterday. Shortly after Sue texted me, Nick laid in this position at the door. The only thing that would take him away from it was dinner, because he loves to eat. He then went back to this position until Sue arrived around 5pm. He would not budge from this spot. It was the darndest thing. 

When momma entered the house, he then stood pointing his nose at the door as we chatted. What a pip. 

Little Bug finally figured he was an OK kinda guy yesterday -- she ran up to him, barked, then ran fast in a big circle, trying to get him to play. He just looked at her nonplussed as she did this about 5 times before giving up on him and coming to the back door. 

I'm thinking I might need to get her a playmate. I keep reminding myself that if it's meant to be, one will come knocking on my know...figuritively. :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Beautiful Weekend -- Laconia, NH Bike Week

We met up with friends on Friday in Massachusetts that we know through the campground, to take the yearly trip to Laconia at the end of Bike Week. This is my second year going and fortunately, as last year, the weather couldn't have been better. Of course, I'm layered with shirt, sweatshirt, scarf and leather as others are in t-shirts, and lightweight jackets. We got into Concord, NH, where we were to bunk down for 2 nights, early enough in the afternoon that we had time to travel further East and visit Angela at her lake house. We were greeted not only by smiling humans, but also, by happy barking dogs...or was that them being protective? LOL

Angela's Misty only had eyes for her and wouldn't even give me a glance...

Cassy was such a good girl visiting with everyone and sitting pretty next to Steve, who she only just met minutes before.

There would also be a photo of Bella here, but I couldn't get her attention long enough to snap one. She was very busy and stimulated from having 6 strangers visiting.

It was a dusty road traveled, well, two dusty roads because Google maps took us down a road that did not connect with Angela's. I thought for sure that even though this group is easy going, they would be ribbing me for making them drive down a dirty gravelly road for a couple miles, (never a chosen path when on a motorcycle) only to have to turn around and drive back on it and then drive down Angela's dirty gravelly road.

Once we got there and were able to see the lake view and beautiful setting, they didn't mind. Angela and Dave have a lovely, comfortable, humble home and I was very excited that we had some extra time to go visit and say 'hi', as I do not get to see her often given the travel difference between us at her MA home and the lake house in NH. I think I must plan a trip to visit NH over the summer for a few days and take advantage of the quiet peacefulness, soaking it in and doing what she does -- watching the Egrets and the boats while sitting doing some needlework.

After our visit we headed back to Concord to our hotel for some food and rest.

Saturday morning we headed out to Laconia, specifically, Weirs Beach.

We spent the afternoon walking the main street and checking out the bikes. R is particularly fond of the Rat bikes and I like the ones that have a some interesting work done to them.

R. had double booked events for himself. They say once a Marine always a Marine, I can vouch for that statement and say it's true in many ways. One instance is that he lives his life with 'missions' and one of those missions for the weekend was to run a 5k he had been training for with a group from work. I knew he wouldn't NOT be able to do the run as he had enjoyed the friends he made and trained with so much and the race would be considered the end of the mission. He always finishes what he starts, and this wasn't going to be an exception. After only 5 hours of broken sleep, we got up at 3:50am Sunday morning and hit the road a little after 4:30. We planned to get on the road 20 minutes earlier than we did, but, per the norm, I kept forgetting stuff in the room. When we first woke up, we were both got slap happy because the silliest things were happening. I had hit my head on the towel holder in the bathroom, then R. conked me on the head with hangers that had gotten hooked onto a part of his jacket when he took it off the clothes hanging bar. I was bent over underneath getting my bag ready and as I lifted my head and he lowered the jacket, clank, collision. We both got so giddy and were trying to be so quiet, I thought we were going to lose it. Add to it, the night before Melinda asked if we had everything out of her van (she drove the sag wagon) and "yup, yup, absolutely" were my words. We get down to the bike and I question where my fleece, rain gear and scarf is....Melinda's van! We cracked up again, because she asked us numerous times because she didn't want to be awakened at 4am. The irony was just too funny. There was no way I was waking her, I'll get the gear from her next weekend up at camp. I was not happy about not having my fleece because it kept air out of the spots where it creeps in on you as you ride. Fortunately, I had another scarf with me, but I was planning to double up on scarves, and use one to partially cover my face. I had to suck it up.

The temperature was 43 degrees. Standing still. I don't know how to calculate the temperature when riding at 60/70 mph, but what I can tell you is that it is C.O.L.D. Make that FREEZING cold. In the mountains, with no sun until we were about 45 minutes away from our destination. I thought my fingers were going to fall off, as well as my face and my toes... and I generally have a rule of no riding unless it's 65 degrees outside -- oh, the things you do for love.

Your body gets so tense trying to stay warm, and riding the highway for that length of time is also muscle consuming. Today I feel like I had an intense workout at the gym. Even my abductors are sore from hugging the tank.

We made one stop for gas about an hour and a half into it, warmed up a little in the store, and we were off again. We had an hour and 45 minute ride to go. We weren't going to make it. The race started at 8am and that timeframe put us at 8:15. So, we didn't stop again until we got there, hoping we could make it close at least...we honked butt.

We got to the race with literally three minutes to spare. We made quite the entrance because where we had to park was behind where the race started. So all those who were there on time and early, had to make a path for us to get through. We really got some looks. We parked and R. undressed/dressed in record time, leaving all clothes and leathers on the ground and ran to the starting line, the horn blew for the race to begin and he was off...he was operating on no food, no coffee, very little water, muscles so tensed that getting off the bike was a task, no stretching, and feeling like he had hypothermia. 

He did awesome under the conditions. 24.58 minutes and he won first place for his age in the male group. He didn't expect that at all and was all smiles when they called his name. This is all a big deal because not only was the morning so intense, but also, he hadn't run in years and was surprised during training that he was doing as well as he was.

I was very happy for him, he works so hard at everything he does and most of it is real work, not 'for fun' work.

When all was said and done, I wanted to sit and have a coffee. Off to Starbucks we went. As we sat at an outside table, we relived the weekend and laughed again. We should have gone and taken naps after that...but we didn't. He had stuff to do, and I had to go pick up Buggy, who got completely spoiled by my friend Toni while watching her, and then I went to pick up Nick (a.k.a. The Nickster) from Sue's. Then, back home to unpack and get the house straightened up. No time for napping.

I hope you also had beautiful weather all weekend, and was able to go out and enjoy it.