Sunday, February 28, 2010

Check these out!

I've been looking for lamps and as I was perusing Craigslist this morning, I found these wonderful specimens for an amazing price.

(check out the afghan as table cover)

I will be picking them up shortly...hopefully they will go where I am thinking, otherwise, there will be 2 more items added to ebay!


I found Ariel Gordon's blog via another I was reading and read about her search for milk glass. Well, you know My Favorite Little Thrift Store (I'll call it MFLTS) has some great finds for not a lot of money, so I asked if she was still on the search and told her I would keep an eye out so maybe she could save some money. She's looking for the Hobnail pattern, which, when I found this out, I realized the search for cheap cheap might be a little harder -- but hey, I love a challenge.

The POINT actually is that I went to The Salvation Army to do a quick perusal for her. I didn't find the Hobnail pattern amongst the Milk Glass pieces so I wandered around seeking other kinds of vintage goodness.

Why? because I can't help myself...I know, I know, I'm trying to get rid of things, now you understand why I have so much to get rid of. I have found that I really love buying neat things and now that I'm selling them to people that love them...I have realized...

OK, say it...

go on,

I dare you!


Whew. It's out. Yes, it gives me a thrill....and this is what I found.


Although I do have some Pyrex that I really like the patterns of, I don't collect it per se, but I keep in my mind other available patterns and keep an eye out for ones that aren't often found...

This divided casserole is actually GLASBAKE. I can't find the pattern anywhere I've looked so far. I thought it was Pyrex, bought it thinking it so, researched thinking it so...finally turned it over to find out that NO, it's not, it's Glasbake. duhhhhh.
Of course, it doesn't have a cover, so the cover I was thinking might fit at MFLTS won't work because that is definitely Pyrex and the shape of the handles are different. Yes, once I find out more, you will find it on ebay or etsy. Or if you need it now, convo me. 

Off to get my lamps!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Look Out My Window with Me

As I sit at my desk, if I tilt my head up, I see this through a window...

It is peaceful -- snow laying there, looking pretty. There's not a lot of accumulation. I can hear the sounds of snow melting, traveling down the gutter pipe. This means I probably won't have to shovel because it will fade away due to the wetness of the driveway from rain and wet snow yesterday. I like the pretty, I don't care for the shoveling as much. 

As I look to my left, I see this cuteness that has to keep me in his sight. 

Gonzo meets with his potential new family this morning...cross your fingers, although, I don't know how they couldn't fall in love, he's really a good boy and has this cute silliness about him. 

The first night here he cried, howled, scratched at the bed and paced roamed my little Ranch. I imagine he felt alone, lonely, he wanted to sleep with me, he was probably used to sleeping with his Master. Last night though, he was an angel. I put him in the crate, he whimpered a little and then was silent, all night. Oh, I was so happy. Not that it probably would have mattered, I probably would have slept through it...I was dead tired due to the night before of only 4 1/2 hours of bed time. The sleep time within that was minimal due to his neediness, and my dogs needing to go out about 4 different times. It's been 3 1/2 years since I haven't allowed them to sleep with me....payback's a bitch...3 1/2 years of broken sleep each night because they need to go out to pee. They never have to go out at the same time, and my 15 1/2 yo sometimes goes out 4 to 5 times in one night. No wonder my brain doesn't function properly! (When they sleep with me, it's through the night and then I have to get them out of bed in the morning.) 

Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend and telling her about Gonzo's howling. I reenacted the sound,  (I can't help myself for some reason when it comes to dog sounds)
and as I did, guess who started singing with me? OMG, it was soooooooo cute! So bleeping cute, I couldn't stop myself. We couldn't help but giggle and be effected by the soulfulness of the sound. If I had an idea of how to get a video (I think this super duper functioning Mac that I have no idea what I can do with except type could possibly do it) I would have done it for a YouTube moment. But, alas, I can only share through words.

Just sitting here for the last half hour, the tree in the picture has changed already, the snow is melting off....

Here's hoping you don't have to shovel either. 

ps: here's the look of a girl that is having gastrointestinal issues and wants me to help her out...

all she knows how to do is pace and whine...all I can do is be at the ready when she needs to exit the back door. 

**She just went toward Gonzo in his bed. 

Gonzo started to give fair warning, "you are coming too near, back off now."

.......this morning's play by play has been brought to you byyyy.........

....a crazy woman that enjoys the antics of the dogs in her keep.

Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Say Hello to Gonzo

He's a mix and I'm pretty sure it's a Yorkshire Terrier that got mixed up with Schnauzer, that makes him a Schnorkie. Hmmmm, a new designer breed?

Gonzo is not so thrilled about the picture taking...

After about 20 shots of his head in 'ignoring me' positions, he finally cooperated, realizing that the little box I was holding that made noise, wasn't going to get him.

To see his cute little face with his body that looks big due to his unruly hair...just makes him the downright cutest thing. His tail is constantly wagging, I walked with him off leash from the car to the front door with no wandering problems...he's a good boy...oh, except for the need to mark his territory in my house.

He's been with me for about an hour and is already attached. He is laying right at my feet. His breath is atrocious, I can smell it from here, he has maybe 7 teeth and at only 8 years old, it just goes to show how he was not really well taken care of.

He came from a man that had 5 dogs, this man has been asked to surrender them for about 3 years now by the ACO of a town not too far from me. Finally, he walked in one day with Gonzo, Gizmo and Fritz. Now to find them good homes. I think Gizmo is part Shitzu and Fritz is a Papillon. I wanted to take Fritz, too, and just might go back and get him. I'm currently looking for a Papillon rescue that can take him in. He's a cutey with a silliness about him. He is a senior with skin and hair loss issues. This is often remedied with a no grain food. He lists to one side so he may have an ear infection. I wish I had brought my camera because if you like little would fall for him and want to make him your own.

The other day we got an application in from an 82 year old woman that lost her Schnauzer 3 weeks ago and is beside herself without a little friend. We spoke to her Niece on the phone and said that it looked like we would be getting an adult male in, and they were very interested in him. Gonzo will be perfect for her. Although he came from a family of dogs, he loves attention and to be held. Apparently, this woman is all about her dog and Gonzo will surely love that. I spoke with her niece and asked what her accent was and she told me "Italian," I laughed, Gonzo knows Italian! She said her Aunt married into the Italian family so maybe she'd have to keep Gonzo for herself because she speaks fluent Italian. Also, her last dog was a Schnauzer so I asked if it mattered that it's a mix...she said the size mattered more so that her Aunt could easily pick him up...he weighs in at about 10 pounds maybe. It's so funny how things all line up in the Universe for a perfect fit.

They will be coming on Saturday to meet him, you know....just in case. Yeah, I know -- I know they'll fall in love. Every day the Aunt is asking her niece if they've heard anything about the dog, yet. She'll be very excited to find out they will meet him on Saturday. Bad breath and all, I think he'll be going to his new home in Rhode Island.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've been organizing and computerizing and trying to figure things out -- like photo mosaics. Yeah, photo mosaics. Everyone has them on their blogs. Easy Peazy, right? Not for me...until recently. The many hours I spent googling and figuring only to find out that the sites didn't work. Within 20 minutes, I got to the right spot on Flickr that led me the way to Flickr Toys that led me to BigHugeLabs. and voila! a mosaic has been made.

(find these in my etsy shop -- denisesvintage)

If you've been around for a couple of weeks you know I'm selling some stuff. The format I was using wasn't really working for me, it just added time to the process. 

Well, now I can say that I've joined the ranks of thousands of Etsy sellers. I've been wanting to, just didn't make the time to pull it together...and it has taken time. Now with a few trials and tribulations, I've listed some stuff and was actually found the second day, with 4 sales. I was shocked and happy. I think that's one of the fears of Etsy, not being found, not getting rid of your stuff. So, I've linked to Ebay and Etsy (found on sidebar.) I tried an Ebay widget but it's HUGE and I didn't really like it. Now to put on an Etsy widget, which I know is much more size appropriate. Let's see how long it will take me to figure that one out!

My items on eBay have been selling, too, and if any of you are a purchaser on either site....THANKS! It takes time and they've changed some things since I did it last but things are going well. I love packing something up and moving it along knowing someone else is going to enjoy it (or resell it somewhere.) I had my time with it and I'm happy that an item will bring joy to someone else.

Here's what's on my eBay now:

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I blinked and the week was gone...

or I should say 12 days. Seriously, I feel like I was sleeping and just woke up. I've had tunnel vision painting a dresser, going through all the stuff I'm getting rid of, posting and packaging ebay items... I hadn't sold on ebay in quite some time and I forgot how long everything took. Plus, I have accumulated much more than I thought. It will be a busy rest of winter. Now I'm looking around at things I want to keep and I'm asking myself, "do I really need to have that?" I might even be successful at getting down to the bare minimum. Well, what would be considered the bare minimum for me, which means, it's not really a bare minimum. Hey, I can't help it that I'm a visual person.

I repainted a vintage dresser to serve as a buffet in my kitchen. It was in the LR area being used as a stereo holder...key holder, book holder, 'this goes in the basement' get the picture, a messy catch-all. A couple years ago I put this color on as a base coat with thoughts of more decorative things to come. I was going to do a faux zebra wood wood grain but lost site of it, I got caught up in so much more. So, for the new incarnation, I kept this base...

Then I put a wash of an orangey salmon color on it:

The blonde blob in the picture is just my Weezie girl thinking she found a nugget of something tasty.

A wash of rosey pinkish reddish (like how I describe color? ;-) ) was applied on top of that:

Now I'm in search of knobs that will fit the style and be somewhat feminine at the same time. I found something at Ocean State Job Lot that's very simple, has a modern feel and is shiny. I'd prefer to find something used or vintage but at $6 total and the piece is finished...I might have to go for it. 

Later today I hope to get a moment to give an update on Lucy...she's making progress, little by little.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Afghan Mania

The other day I was helping a friend clean out the apartment of a 90 year old man that is going to be living with his son now. We came in at the tail end of the clean up and I don't even want to know about all the useable stuff that had been thrown in the dumpster by his family. I saw some things going by me and I cringed, but I knew I couldn't save it all and I didn't want to overstep my bounds. But, honestly, the main cleaner upper was this guy's grandson and he had his instructions. Plus, I don't think he was overly sensitive to bookcases, dishes, etc. that were still useable.

I spied this afghan hanging from a nail and commented that if it was going to be thrown away, that I'd like to have it if I could. The guy said that he was keeping it...I was happy to hear it. Later on, when he found out that I do rescue and was giving me lots of stuff that animal rescues could use like blankets and such, he told me I could take the afghan if I wanted it for the dogs. He was just going to use it for his dog's bedding. Now, I know people do this pretty regularly so I wasn't too surprised, but I told him that I wanted it for me...not for the dogs! but for me to repair and use.

I really like it's stripeyness. You can see in the picture below that a panel must have broken free at some point. The panels are awkwardly stitched together, too. I'm thinking that maybe it was a beginners knitting project using leftover yarn, practicing using two colors at a time.

Now I will tell you, I am not a knitter...I tried it a few years back and made the typical beginners washcloth. It sucked, I sucked at it. I grew up crocheting, knitting was awkward for me. But, I will try it again and my panel will fit right into the beginner-ness of this afghan. It has a great weight to it and R. has already claimed it as going to the camper. He is sensitive to things handmade. I hope he realizes that I will be the afghan hog and that if it's wrapped around someone other than me, I will be a big pouty baby. Yup, even at this age, I can be a brat. Hey! can't let go of everything from childhood.

I was told yesterday by a man from my favorite thrift store (that I've chatted with and who has told me how much he likes talking with me and how he thinks I am so nice and sweet) that he pictured me as high maintenance. Huh! can you imagine! It was said after a little discussion I think that involved money...I told him, "well, I've been told that before, but not for financial reasons (hey, I thrift all the time and buy VERY LITTLE brand new) and besides that, take care of myself financially...but definitely for emotional reasons! yup, that's me! Watch out, never know what the mood might be!

Happy Wednesday, the expected snow is lightly coming down. I have my shovel ready...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

AAARGGHHHH! can you say distracted?

So! have you ever burned your teapot? I never did...until a few minutes ago. I put some water on for tea and because I am easily distracted, forgot to put the cover on. Guess what happens when you do that? you don't hear the whistle -- because there isn't one to be heard when all the steam is coming out the top!

Teapot bottom:

Teapot bottom on beautiful vintage burner:

Teapot exterior after having explosive burnt hot water spatter it:

I'd say it's a goner. 

I was very involved, and very very frustrated I might add, in trying to figure out how to get an ebay widget that wasn't so darn large. As you see by my sidebar, I didn't succeed. I googled it, I tried a few different sites, only to find out after putting in all types of design choices -- that it doesn't work. Oh, they talk about ebay applications and show you examples, but in the end, they didn't work. Pee'd me right off.

Add to it a whiney blonde, yup, seems to be a regular thing around here, and the internal tension gets high. I finally decided to check out what she might want instead of throttling her. Food. MORE food. Good thing, I guess, because I had started to smell something but I thought it was the wood stove getting pretty hot...NO, it was my teapot about to catch fire!

I'm quite bummed. It was a gift. A gift actually that at first I thought, "hmmmm, I don't think it's me." Then I started to use it and actually liked how it went with my vintage appliances in the kitchen. I guess I will be looking for a new one now. ugh.

Guess I'll go eat another choco-chip cookie...oh, yeah, I very much over-cooked the last dozen of them yesterday, too. Yup, I was trying to do a number of things, and got on the ding dang computer. No, I don't have a timer. Guess I should look for one of them, too. ;-)


This came across an email last night from my Schnauzer Rescue partner in crime...she's also a breeder, although these little furballs are not at her house, she is part owner of the bitch that had these adorable little munchkins!! OMG!! makes you just want to eat them up! I love that little face in the middle.

They are keeping their ears and tails (normally they are cropped and docked) which is becoming a little bit more accepted in dog society. Unfortunately, there are those that will never accept this as a new standard -- they too much like the look of the cropped ears and docked tail...which, honestly, I like too, but not for the sake of their pain -- but once again, it's because of us humans that can't see beyond ourselves that we have to mutilate dogs. 

The Boxer is another dog where it's becoming more favorable to keep their ears (tails are sill docked) which is done in a similar way, I believe, to a circumcision on a human boy. Supposedly it's quick with some pain and then it's over. The ears on both are not only sculpted, with a lot of bleeding, but then trained with bandaging to stand up. Ouch. 

Lucy update:

She's very afraid of humans, stays in her crate all day unless to pee, and recently started being a little more afraid of coming out of her crate for food. I think that if she could see, things would be easier for her. But this emotional stress is not new to Puppy Mill dogs, and though often they can be rehabilitated with a lot of work sometimes, I don't know if Lucy will be able to be and her chances of being adopted is just about non-existent. She doesn't even have any interest in interacting with the other dogs. The only time she did was when she was in heat, and that's totally a breeding instinct that she had no control over. It makes me so sad for her. 

But, once again, some humans think dogs are commodities... One thing that really pisses me off is that someone knowingly continued to breed lines of dogs that are genetically prone to juvenile cataracts. Oh, I'm sure lines of dogs have been bred knowing they had some other genetic disposition. Lucy probably had at least 3 litters, and her parents before her and before goes on. And just think...then someone goes to a pet store, sees a cute little face, falls in love, spends up to $1000 on a puppy only to find out at sometime in it's young years that it can no longer see, or it's sight is limited. Puppy Mills, selling pets at pet stores and backyard breeding should be illegal across the board. People think they are "saving" a dog from a pet center, but the reality is they are perpetuating the cycle. Or someone has a great dog that they think will have great puppies, or better yet, want their children to experience puppy birth and new life (take them to an animal educational center!) ...Oh, and those pedigree papers that come with them? bullshit.

OK, I'm done...happy Tuesday morning...I need to go shower this anger and sadness off...and to feed a very hungry (she must be, she's whining like there's no tomorrow) and demanding 15 1/2 year old cranky but beautiful blonde.

PS: Go back to the top of the post to be refreshed with cuteness and good feelings.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I don't know why I'm amazed each time

each time I find items in the trash that could have been donated. It literally churns my stomach up to know how often people throw perfectly useable things away when they could be appreciated by someone else.

Case in point: Mint in Box Faucet (dated 1988,) brand spankity new Rival Crockpot (the box was a mess) Universal brand coffeemaker in GREAT condition with insert and plug (love it!) Corelle coffee mugs, Tupperware Pie carrier, Tupperware divided dish with cover and handle, small vintage piggy bank.

I went dumpster diving recently...I was told by a friend about some garbage thrown away and he thought maybe I'd find something. These are a few of the CAR FULL of things I rescued. A lot of it I brought straight to the thrift store...linens, organizing bins, ice skates, backpack, and more. These I brought home to clean up to keep and to sell. (The bank, mugs, tupperware divided dish and faucet I'll be selling. If interested, give me a holler.) I know someone personally that would rather throw things out than take the time to bring it somewhere. Once in awhile I'll get a call to do the rescuing but most of the time she just wants it out right then! It's very frustrating for me and drives me nuts!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Items for Sale

Vintage Dreaming (yes while asleep, at night)

Last night I went to a wake for the death of an acquaintance's father, he was in his 80's, and although I had never met him, he was very well known in town. He was mostly known for how nice of a man he was. Lying there in his coffin, although make-up had probably disguised him a bit, I felt he may have looked so similar to himself in life because of a peaceful calm he had about him. I've been to quite a few wakes and what I notice most is the makeup job and how distorted people's faces are. (did you know they often pack the cheeks so that are not caved in?) 

For some reason, he was different. 

Maybe it was because they didn't dress him in the "appropriate" suit and tie (which would really have been so inappropriate for who he was.) He was a farmer, he wore t-shirts that said "crops are green, tractors are RED" and another T-shirt that stated that "real tractors are RED tractors"...apparently he felt very strongly about this. As such, he was dressed in a nicely worn flannel shirt, a well worn brown leather belt that had images stamped in relief and blue jeans. It was great, I imagine, so very him. Maybe this is why the energy coming from his dead body was one of peace. His family hadn't changed him for the sake of his death. 

Which brings me to my dream...

I dreamt that I went to his house as the family members were cleaning it out and tidying it up getting ready for an estate sale. (this really is just a dream because his wife survives him and will continue to live in their home.) I was only allowed to step into a certain area, and they were selling a few things to people familiar but the sale wasn't until a later date. I could see into some of the rooms and noticed all the furniture from the 50's and 60's. Two coffee tables, one atop the other, a sofa, etc. All vintage goodness. I couldn't wait to be able to attend the sale --if for nothing more than to enjoy the eye candy. Then a woman that seemed a little gruff says to me, "give me two dollars and look in that cupboard and take what you want." I hadn't told her I wanted anything, but I couldn't say no to her because of her way. So I gave her two dollars and looked in the cupboard. There were a number of old cookbooks so I rifled through them, thrilled to see the vintage images on the covers. I saw one that was 5 inches thick and it was an old 'Betty Crocker' that I knew were not easily found so I picked that one out. (I don't think BC ever had a recipe book that was 5" thick-- this is the thing about dreams -- it's a DREAM!) I found a few more that I thought would be interesting to own and a used up doll. (Yeah, I don't know where that came from) So I gathered the books, looked back in awe at the vintage perfection, and went on my way. 

You know you have become obsessed with something when you are dreaming so clearly (and in muted color taboot!) about it. 

Hope your dreams have been as swell!  ;-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wonderful, Unexpected Gifts

I like to frequent my local (literally just around the corner) thrift store that benefits the Seniors in my town. Well, they not only have some good finds, they have wonderful volunteers that I've gotten friendly with. I guess this is bound to happen when you stop by weekly to drop things off for them to sell, or buy things that they have for sale. We strike up conversation, and I learn their stories.

One woman there recently asked me if I sewed, I responded, "yes." She asked me if I would sew a few buttons on her coat for her because one popped off and she couldn't find it so she had to sew four new ones on instead. She has sewn all her life but when she went to thread the needle in preparation for button attachment, she found that the arthritis in her hands have made it too difficult even to thread the needle. I was happy to help her out. This is her favorite warm coat to walk her dog and she was planning to drive to Maine to be with her daughter for the rest of the winter and really wanted that coat to be part of the trip.

Her attitude about not being able to sew any longer is so great! She said, "well, I can't sew anymore" and instead of feeling sorry for herself, she added, "guess there's other things I'm meant to do now." (she's 75) how wonderful is that?

A couple days later I dropped her coat off to her at the thrift store. She was so pleased and pulled me aside. I noticed this box in her hand and as she opened it she was explaining to me that she wanted me to have the contents within. She knows that I take things and use them in new ways and that I sell on ebay. There were 3 pieces and she explained the history of two and then handed me the third piece, which was this beautiful brooch:
I had to show different angles to try to capture the beauty of this piece -- and pictures don't do it justice. I was stunned! It is so gorgeous and I couldn't believe she was giving it to me. She told me who she received it from over 20 years ago and that she loved the piece. I asked her why she would be giving it to me then, and she said it was because she didn't wear it and she thought I could do something with it because she has seen the things I buy and thought I would like it.

UH, HELLLLO! YEAH!! Holy Crap I love it! I told her I was going to put it in a small frame so I could look at it all the time! I've shown it to a few friends that I knew would appreciate this and I think they are secretly coveting it. I looked on the back to see if there was an origin and it is stamped 'Austria', I am wondering if that would mean they are Austrian Crystals. I haven't researched it, yet. 

So, about a week later, another volunteer there that shares my love of dogs says to me, (and she knew nothing about the gifts I already received)  "I have a scratchboard I did when I was younger (she's 81 now) that I'd like to give to you if you want it." She explained that she thought it was a Schnauzer, I said I'd love it no matter the dog's breed. I love vintage dog art. So she brought it in for me and it does indeed look like it could be a Giant Schnauzer. I told her how wonderful it is and that I'd love to be it's new owner.


She said to me, "I don't want to sound morbid but sometimes I meet someone that I think will appreciate something I love and I give it to them, it makes me feel better knowing where it's gone." "Besides," she said, "now Santa can go in his rightful place on the wall."  SHE TOOK IT OFF THE WALL FOR ME, PEOPLE! 

I asked her to sign the back. She was a little apologetic about the old frame and watermark on the matting...I think it adds to the charm. She signed and dated it 1950, she was 19 at the time.

I am touched by such generosity and kindness I receive from these volunteers. Aren't these gifts so wonderful?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Items For Sale


I couldn't take it anymore

The color in my kitchen. It was good but it didn't feel 'right.' I felt it needed some pumping up, something with a little more spark. So I got out the paints, the ladder, and the brush...and went to town. It didn't take too long, just swashes of intensified color overlaying the existing color, creating movement -- that's what was needed, too -- movement.

Decorative finishes are often hard to catch on camera. Enlarge the photo below and you should be able to see the technique. (the chandelier is another project waiting to happen...yeah, there's quite a few of those around here!)

It's funny how something so simple can make you feel better. Now, I might just go ahead and add a decorative touch to the upper cabinets as they have been crying out to me, too.