Saturday, April 30, 2011

Don't I Still Thrift?

Yup, Yup I do, but I've been very lax in showing my finds. A lot of it has been fabric -- well, because I'm a fabric whore -- but that's for another post.

Here are some recent finds, all slated for ebay (interested in something? shoot me an email and we'll work out the details.)

In the line-up
C. Jere, Artist's Cafe Wall Sculpture -- Vintage Sheet NIP
Travel Bar Case -- Pyrex Spring Blossom Casserole w.
Lid & Warmer Cradle/Server
Floraline Vase -- Pink Melmac Type Mugs
Religious Plate, Canada -- Pyrex Casserole w. Server-Warmer
Cocktail Pitcher -- Pillow Top
Chip & Dip -- Vintage Tid-Bit Tray

I've been researching C. Jere lately and POP, there's one right in front me all of a sudden. Funny how that happens. The Chip and Dip Bowl is not completely uncommon to find but finding one with it's brass bracket is. I had to pick up the Pyrex Casserole, it's in excellent condition and finding one with it's warmer is a triumph in itself. I have to look up the pattern as I'm not sure of it. The travel bar case has all of it's pieces, well, minus the alcohol, woo hooo. I had some luck with the Spring Blossom Casserole, too, as it has it's cover. I'm not sure if the tidbit tray came like that, or if it was put together by someone. I know there is a guy that makes the now, but the handle looks old enough that it was done awhile back, if it's not original. A little research on my part is needed. Whenever I come across this pattern I'm always drawn to it. If only I could find a whole set. It would break my self-imposed rule of white dinner plates, but what the hell. The way things come and go around here, they probably wouldn't be long lasting anyway because I'd find something new and exciting. Best to stay with the white, clear and black and white dinnerware thing I've got going on. 

'Tis the season for tag sales and I'm going to try and hold back. Still have so much here already that I need to move along. Will be having one of my annual tag sales soon to off-load (and make room for more?)

Wake Up America -- Killing the Albatross -- and what else?

The following may be difficult to look at. It is not only an image of a decaying Albatross, but more so a picture of the ramifications of how we live. These images are beautifully done. They make me sad, and act as a reminder to live more carefully in what I consume and throw away.

Chris Jordan -- Photographic Arts

from his website:

"On Midway Atoll, a remote cluster of islands more than 2000 miles from the nearest continent, the detritus of our mass consumption surfaces in an astonishing place; inside the stomachs of thousands of dead baby albatrosses. The nesting chicks are fed lethal quantities of plastic by their parents, who mistke the floating trash for food as they forage over the vast polluted Pacific Ocean.

For me, kneeling over the carcasses is like looking into a macabre mirror. These birds reflect back an appallingly emblematic result of the collective trance of our consumerism and runaway industrial growth. Like the albatross, we first-world humans find ourselves lacking the ability to discern anymore what is nourishing from what is toxic to our lives and our spirits. Choked to death on our waste, the mythical albatross calls upon us to recognize that our greatest challenge lies not out there, but in here."

-- cj
Seattle, February 2011

Go here for more photographic images of trash and what he has to say about it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carrie Underwood

I don't mind some country music once in awhile, I've been a fan of Carrie Underwood since she won on American Idol (one season I seemed to have watched) She has a beautiful voice. She happens to sing Country music. I do not own any of her music, but I turn up the radio when she is singing certain songs.

I'm not a religious person, I believe in a higher power, but not necessarily an organized religion type God, but this version of the song doesn't have one thinking about the differences.

I read that Carrie crossed all boundaries and that she was compared to Elvis's rendition in that the person thought no one could ever compare to 'The King', but that he thought she's right up there with him.

In case you haven't seen it, heard about, watched it on TV or Youtube... here is Carrie singing "How Great Thou Art" A well deserved standing ovation was given by her peers.

I find it funny that Wynona Judd is panned often...when Carrie first started out and was on her first CMA show after her Idol win, it was written that Wynona made the statement that Carrie was "very vanilla." Think she's eating her words? Carrie has only had continued success since her Idol win. A young girl that has made her dream very real.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I Have a Tip for You...

Now that the warmer weather is here, I love me some ice coffee. A couple days ago I was enjoying some and I try to hold off on putting any ice in it as I did not want to water it down. I got half way through and it was time to cool it off a little more...I went for the ice and found dark cubes waiting for me...I forgot about them and was oh so happy that I had made some coffee cubes.

I put them in my glass, swirled them around and took a big sip....and spit it out fast! MY TIP FOR YOU: When you make flavored ice cubes, remember what they are. Beef bouillon really ruins what was a delicious glass of ice coffee. Ugh.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Butch Anthony -- Junk Collection At It's Best

I was not expecting the beauty and craftsmanship of his home. This is what I need, a house outside my house to keep all my 'junk' meant for something more.

I really like his cow bone chandeliers.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playing with the Webcam

I've owned this computer for over 2 years and I used the webcam once. This morning, with Hanz and Bug snuggled up against me, Bug's Head on top of Hanz's, I wanted to catch the image. By the time I figured out how to use it (which really only took a few minutes) the characters repositioned themselves. 

Hanz has that look on his face -- what the? what the?...
 Bug, of course, has to scope things out....
 ...figures everything's cool and settles back in. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vintage Pillow Disection

There's a vintage pillow on my sofa that is often in my pictures of the dogs...

I need to clean it because of said was sewn together, no zipper, so I undid the stitching and took the cover off. 
Notice there is only one tassel, a certain nine month old puppy decided to make confetti out of one of them so I'm in the process of removing the remaining three since the chewed one is not salvageable. 

I knew it was a handmade item and wasn't sure what was making up the pillow form. When I uncovered the form I found seersucker fabric pieced together and sewn up. I should have photographed the opposite side, the creator used the pocket side of the shirt. 

This is what I found inside. 
The blue and bright red material looks like it could have been material for footed pj's. I love that there is one lone knee sock. The rolled knee-hi could be frightening if you're squeamish, and I think I'll find a project for the colorful floral bedspread piece. There's also a few pieces of flannel from a nightgown "Heavenly (something) of Salzberg." Yes, it will all get placed back inside. 

I have a stuffed baby bear of The Three Bears that my mom crocheted for me when I was about 7 (about 40 years ago) and I can see through the crochet that the stuffing is made up of cut up clothing or towels. I want to take a bit of it apart to see what's in there. I'm wondering if I'd recognize the material.

The funny thing is I have 2 large bags full of scrap material and cut up clothing that is no longer wearable. Instead of throwing it away, I'll be using it for stuffing -- recycling at it's fullest. It will become the innards of planned dog beds. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

PBS: The Civil War

Have you watched this documentary? We've watched quite a bit and it's interesting history not just about the war, but all that surrounded it.

It reminded me of a poem my Dad wrote a very long time ago, I don't know when, I don't know why, I just know it's one of quite a few I had copied from piled pages of his. I have a few journals stored in a hutch in my office, this poem is in one of the journals that hold just poems. I pulled the book and I read the poem to R. the other night. A few years ago my brother requested a copy of it. I received an email from him tonight asking if I still had it because he lost his copy. Interesting how all that happens. I wonder if he watched the program. Maybe my dad's around and making his presence known. Who knows how these things work.

Here's the poem:

My head in hand, I sit lonesome tonight
Thinking of the day I joined the fight
Night and day I shot the Yank
My uniform is gray, a private in rank.
I'm chained to a jail cell you see
A Major was shot because of me.
I saw the Yankee that fired the shot
I could have killed him, as easy as not.
I saw him raise his rifle high
I aimed carefully and began to cry
I couldn't shoot that Yank in blue
He fired a shot, his shot was true.
the Major fell right by my side,
I fired a shot and then I cried.
Forgive me, I didn't wan to, Mother
I shot the Yank, I killed my brother.

    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    Little Bug, Beaner, Bug Bug, Love Bug, Little B...

    Yup, those are the names she is called and she answers to most of them. 
    She's a funny girl. Easy going. A snuggler for about a minute, unless she's really tired out. She doesn't stop going. If she's resting and sees movement, she's got to find out what it's about. She continues to want to play with Weezie, who just yells at her in return, but Bug keeps at it. When she lays down to rest, she plops on her side. Up one second, plopped down the next. A few minutes of rest and she's ready to go. 

    She was surrendered to us because she is too active. I believe an older couple had her. This is what happens... they're cute on the internet (she came from MI,) or in a store, or on tv, but they are puppies, they are active, and they need attention. To their credit they did teach her to sit and down and rollover. The rollover was an easy teach. She does it most of the way, all you have to do is encourage the full turn, which is a great way to take advantage of and encourage tricks. She gets a treat? she's willing to do it again. Thing is, like other Schnauzers I've known, like my Hanzie, she thinks that if she does all the tricks one after another and in succession over and over again, it will get her her food faster. Doesn't happen. We're working on concentration, focus and patience. Patience for the trainer is needed because their little brains are spinning and have difficulty focussing. But, she's learning that if she sits and waits, then she gets her food. She's a smart an education sort of way, not in street smarts. Reminds me of another girl I know, Tink (now Olive) she was like that, too. This characteristic makes them very have to watch out for the smart ones...they train you! 

    R's girls fell for her right away. Her 'design' is very attractive and how can you not fall for a dog that as soon as you get in the car it plops it's head into your lap and snuggles in for the 20 minute drive. She knows how to work it! LOL

    R continues to show her affection and guidance and I think I heard him say, "she might end up mine" or something to that effect...whoa! words like that have never come from his lips....he was just probably caught up in the moment. 

    I keep thinking the Universe is trying to tell me something. It keeps bringing to me these good dogs that make me think, "should I?" Ever since Lucy. Don't get me wrong, I've had affection for other dogs before Lucy but I don't really recall the thoughts of keeping any. At least not with this much thought. Maybe a "if no one adopts it, it would be a good dog to have around" but not this "should I shouldn't I?" Lucy and her growth and spirit and loyalty to me must have softened me. I considered keeping her, then came Tink a year later and days later we have this little button. The Universe is trying to wear me down, I swear! LOL

    This is the first time that I've actually thought of the longevity of a dog's life and how old I might be when it dies and if it lives to what could possibly be 16 years. When I've gotten dogs in the past I didn't think of the fact of having them for so many years, I was just in the moment, as many other people are. Once I made the commitment I knew I was committed forever, but who knew that Weezie, that 10 week old little blondie that I found on the sidewalk, would still be here 17 years later? So, I think, wow, if I adopted Bug, she might live until she's 16 and I'll be 63. ...63! ...63. ...63. ...63. Not old by today's standards by any means but hello? 63. what the heck might I be doing when I'm 63? or 54 for that matter. Ahhhh, better to not think of such things and stay in the moment and cross bridges when I come to them. 

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    2 More Schnauzers Go Home

    Pepper and Phoebe are off to be spoiled in their new home. 

    We had them listed separately even though they came in together, they didn't appear especially bonded and their personalities were so far on different ends of the scale. An applicant, Susan, put in for one of them....then for the other. When I called her and told her I had them both with me she asked if she could adopt them both. When I told her they came in together, she said, "well, they can't be split up!" So, a couple days ago she made the 2 hour trip here and whisked them both away. Now they will be able to roam a large backyard and what sounds like a large home, and I'm sure will be spoiled. 2 more lucky dogs. 

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    Words and a Glimpse

    I've been very busy with the rescue dogs' vet appointments that are an hour away, getting a new dog in (I'll give you a glimpse in a minute) working and putting my stuff and a client's stuff on ebay. I just sold some needlework kits and I had to write about it. How sweet are the women that bought these? They paid quickly and left notes of 'thank you.' One actually thanked me for finding the vintage sampler she bought. This makes me smile and warms my heart. It's so simple, and unnecessary, but a reminder in this world of negativity and media doom and gloom, that people can be kind. I also have other things listed and was told by a guy that I had something in one of the groups of things, that I might not know was of value. He just wanted me to know. Nice Nice Nice people.

    By the way...if you like Longaberger baskets and cross-stitch, I will be listing many many many of each over the next few weeks for a client. MANY! a few baskets have already been listed. Also,  Garden Gate magazine, Needlework magazines and embroidery thread plus plus plus.

    Now, onto the new girl...

    First, I have to say -- Tink will always have my heart -- but like lovers that have come and gone, they become a sweet memory, sometimes the longing lasts a short while, sometimes a long while, sometimes a new girl comes over and helps you to put that longing in a pocket.

    Her name is Little Bug. Bug, for short, but you'll also find these words spoken: cutie, peanut, li'l bean, bugger...Tink will always be in my heart, she touched something deep in my soul, but Bug has a fighting chance to win it over, but in a different way. I loved Tink's 12 pounds of long thin body, moldable, pliable, lazy. This little thing is 12 pounds of stocky, muscular Schnauzer. Not lazy. Not going to stand for being laid in your arms on her back. She's more like a wind up toy. She's 9 months old and will grow only a little more...she's like a mini Mini.

    She came in with the name 'Tipsy' which I didn't think suited her and that night R. asked, "where's the little bug?" and I loved it!! So I started calling her Little Bug - and she is a little bug.

    She is such a good girl. Busy, busy, has to know what's going on. Smart. Excellent in the car. Snuggler. 12 pounds of cuteness....and if you don't know it already....I love the petite Schnauzers and teeny dogs in general. One thing that's great about her and I wish I had this quality...things don't bother her. I mean noises and stuff until she gets used to them, yeah, she'll bark. But, being tripped over, pushed around by another dog, tripping over something? nope, she just carries on. She's not a worrier. Obviously R. has taken to her, he doesn't let the fosters sit with him normally, I think he likes to maintain a distance so attachments aren't created. This little bug may have gotten under his skin. ;-)

    Better pictures will come but you needed to see her.