Friday, October 29, 2010

Let's Celebrate!

My camera has returned! yeyyyyy.....well, truth be told, it's not MY camera, it's a replacement camera. And, for all those who couldn't believe that it was being fixed for zero wasn't. I knew it couldn't possibly be, no one fixes things for nothing when you drop it. I received an email from Canon letting me know that they received my camera for repair and that it would be $80 + $10 s/h + $5 tax. Ouch.

Within the email there is a blurb about Customer Loyalty Benefits, so before handing over my credit card number, I gave them a buzz...."what's this about?" I ask. The man on the other end of the phone tells me that if you don't want to pay for the repair, that you can upgrade (or downgrade) the camera for cheaper than if you were to buy them at a store. Essentially, they are referred to as refurbished, but what they are are the overstock of stores such as Best Buy. To 'upgrade' mine for the same camera would be $105. We talked a little more and I found out that my camera doesn't get repaired..they replace...with a 'refurbished' one. So, for $80 instead of $105 I was still getting a new camera.

I opened the box and found not only a camera but also all the things that typically come with it. An SD card, USB connection, video connection and 2 batteries, plus the CD about the camera. The strap is different, thicker, darker. I like the color but the strap opening is too big -- too much chance of slipping off my skinny wrist when falling, because, yes, I will always have the wristlet on from now on. Looks like the handy dandy sewing machine is going to make it shorter, too. I wish I had taken the other one off the original camera, I liked that it was thinner. Oh well, I'm just happy I have a camera again!

I have to say, whenever I've needed assistance about the camera or my Canon printer, the customer service rep or technical assistant was always pleasant and helpful. Good product and customer service? gets my vote!

Dog Portraits

I was roaming around the www. and found these:

Gary Gross is a New York photographer that does beautiful dog portraits. check him out.

These photos are from the Senior Gallery of photos...beautiful, sweet, touching.

I'd love for him to take one of my Weezie.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lucy is Home -- Her New Home

Lucy has done well with her first evening and full day in her new home.

The little shit actually seemed to show no remorse when she got to her new place. She didn't run to her crate, she relaxed with Tom on the sofa watching TV, she had walks shoulder to shoulder with Lady and she chawed on a bone. Yes, the little shit. Isn't she supposed to miss me?

That's the thing with dogs, they acclimate, move on, do what they need to do.

I'm happy that she is OK. She's eating....always a good sign with transition. She's enjoying her walks. She always loved her walks at camp and being outside in general.

I do miss her, but this is good. She has been a fighter and a survivor from the beginning and she will continue to thrive and blossom.

If you'd like to keep abreast of her progress, her new mom has made a blog for Her and Lady. I have, of course, become a follower, and you can, too. Here's the beginning of her new story.

How friggin' cute is she? just love that girl.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Lucy Girl is Gone

She left just a bit ago. She didn't want to go, or that's how I perceived her body language. Her new owners will take very good care of her, I know, but her little face looked at me like "what are you doing putting me in this crate in this car?" as she was shaking like a leaf. I felt horrible. I couldn't talk and had to walk away and bawl my eyes out. Not really the last image I wanted of her, either. But, I will see her in a month at her next eye appointment...and she will wonder who I am. That's how it is with dogs that you transition, plus, with her being partially shut down anyway and being uncomfortable at the vet...I won't be getting any special how-d'ya-do's.

It's funny. Whenever a dog leaves here, even if it's the quietest dog you've ever met and was absolutely no trouble, when they leave, the house feels different....quieter....the house is quieter.

It won't last long, I'm dog sitting Bella for the weekend, she's a good girl. Next week I get Emma who needs some serious potty training at 4 years old. Yey for me. (yup, that was sarcasm)

Time to get busy to take my mind off things....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Broke My Camera

Yup! Can you believe it? I was taking pictures yesterday of things for my etsy shop and dropped the camera, lens extended -- and yes, of course, it's the lens that hit the floor. I was not happy. Just when you think you're getting ahead, the myriad of thoughts of buying another camera (this time out of my pocket, R. bought the current one) or paying out the butt for repair...swirl around in your head.

What's a girl to do? head to the computer, find Canon's phone number, call Canon and after answering most of the animated questions, hang up and fill out the form on the Canon website. Which, I'm glad I did because this is what I found out...I don't have to ship it half way across the country, just to VA, the fake phone gal had me sending it to IL. AND! it's under warranty so it's free free free -- I just have to find my receipt, I have my receipt, I always save my receipts...where the #$% is my receipt?

I answered the question on how it was broken and was surprised to find it was covered. I DROPPED IT. they don't cover for stuff like that....or do they really? Of course, once they get it and they possibly find something more wrong with it than the lens ring and shutters completely coming apart, I'll get an email asking me to send them a gazillion dollars to fix it. Or, I'll be pleasantly surprised and they will just send me an email saying they are returning it to me fixed (or sending me a refurbished one, or new one, or old one -- no guarantees on getting your original back) within the 7-10 day turn around time. Hey, as long as it's not all scratched and looking used and abused, I'll be fine.

Can you believe I did this?

Crap -- I wanted to take more pictures of Lucy before she left.

She's leaving me tomorrow.

She will have a good life.

I will worry about her for awhile.

I will see her in a month for her last eye appt. with me. 

I said I would dog sit if she ever needed someone (even though we live 2.5 hours from each other)

I will be fine.

I also wanted to take pictures of the treadle sewing machine I was taught how to clean yesterday so I can get it onto ebay.

UGH! I gotta borrow me a camera!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anyone Want These?

Drinking Straw Boxes:

I really like the designs but don't want to keep them. Maybe a collage artist or someone that collects this type of stuff can use them....I'm giving them away.

Leave a comment and I'll draw a name on the 26th.

Make sure there's a way that I can get in touch if you're the winner.

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Pink Gloves

My friend Lenore bought me a pair of deep pink dish gloves....since I need to take my mind off Lucy things tonight (she has spent most of the day in the crate -- is she feeling it, too?) I decided I should take some pics of said gloves to show Lenore how girly girl they are and how much I like them...and they just happen to match my jammies I have on.

I get excited over rubber gloves -- gosh I'm easy or just plain crazy!

I also discovered the self-timer of my camera...uh, oh. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feeling Sad? Go Thrifting!

Writing yesterday's post gave me a low hum in my body. Add to it events from the day before that are not Lucy related, but were very disappointing, I was on slow motion.

So, what's a girl to do? Go thrifting. I had some stuff to drop off at MFLTS (my favorite little thrift store) so I looked around and, of course, found a couple things.

About a year ago I spotted a white soup tureen for $3.50 at MFLTS and didn't buy it. Went back for it and it was gone. I regretted it and have kept an eye out for another to come along....and it did. Look at this beauty. It's stamped on the underside "CALIF  H16  USA" cost? $4.50 and I love it's shape.

At the same store I found this gem, a vintage plastic crystal tissue box cover. It has a bottom that slides out and holes in it so that it can be wall mounted. Cool.

Then Goodwill called my name. It's been awhile since I've gone there as I prefer smaller, charitable types of thrift stores, but I can often find some vintage fabrics....and that I did!

These vintage sheets and pillowcases which are in excellent hardly faded condition.

Some vintage fabric

and these fun vintage plates that the surface looks like they've not been used, not cut with a knife, anyway.

Most will end up in my etsy shop, but the soup tureen and a bit of the fabric is mine to keep. It was a pretty good day of getting some treasures, when I should have been grocery shopping and moving some stuff out of my living room to be ready for a dinner guest.

Speaking of moving things -- I found this piece (it's really lightweight and not a quality piece by any means but I like it's look) on the side of the road a few months ago.

I had to move it out of the living room because I had placed it where my wood goes for the winter months of heating with the wood stove. I temporarily placed it in the kitchen/dining area thinking I'd probably get rid of it...I kinda liked it there, but my house is small and I'm trying not to have too much furniture in it. Then my guests mentioned it on their own that they liked it there, so there it stays, for now, until I get a whim and it has to be gone. I wondered what I would put in it, not wanting to have a cluttered look, maybe my milk glass vase collection? then it hit me...I'll make it into a bar type of thing. I have vintage bar glasses that are in my hutch in the Living Room (which I think I'll be moving out of there, too -- yeah, it doesn't stay the same too much around here) I can put the glasses in this case, because I think they are nice and I like having them on display. So we'll see how it comes together. In the meantime, I like the piece with the dog art and I have a starburst clock above it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy

I've put off writing this week because of stupid emotions for this little girl...

Here's the story:

On Tuesday I spoke with a woman (Gloria) about the possibility of adopting Lucy. First of all...someone wants to adopt Lucy! that's HUGE! and although I had already made the decision that she could go soon, and also the decision not to keep her, I don't think I was prepared for someone to fall from the sky and ask if they could have her. This is where Divine Intervention comes into play...after speaking with her for awhile and finding out her history in just made sense. Because of Gloria's journey through life, she had all the makings of who Lucy needs. This is a woman that will let Lucy be who she is and let her continue to develop in her own time. She will nurture her, love her and be dedicated to her needs and care...and understands her...who could ask for more?

But I still had a little nagging bug in my head asking if I could really let her go. I reminded myself that my purpose is to care for and love these animals until the proper home is found for each one. It is not my job to keep them. Realistically, although Lucy has lived with me as my own, making this a 3 dog family, I'm really not interested in owning 3 dogs. Plus, I've always said, if I own 3, that will take up a space for a foster dog to be able to come in.

So after speaking with Gloria for awhile we went ahead and set up a time for Thursday for her and her partner, Tom, to come meet Lucy. My intention was to have them 'visit' like they were friends. I wanted Lucy to feel comfortable and not feel like she was 'on the spot' needing to perform or be a certain way.

For two days I thought really hard about this decision. This couple would be driving over 2.5 hours to visit her, not take her home, but visit her. If I changed my mind about keeping her, there's no way I could do that AFTER they came. I talked a lot about it with friends and R. to get it off my chest. I cried a lot about it because of her silly little face and innocence and Lucyisms, like stealing my socks every morning -- all of these things I would miss.

Fortunately, Thursday was a nice enough day to be able to sit outside and just be. If we stayed in the house, I was afraid that Lucy wouldn't come out of her crate. We talked about things -- dog things, people things, blogs (she's a fellow blogger) food, trips, disease...and that we did, for 3 hours. In between, they were both open to and encouraging my annoying little needy nudgey boy Hanzie. He's a jealous little fella that wants all the attention on him...and they gave it to him. They let him sit on their laps, they petted him, and talked to him. In between they'd put their hand out for Lucy if she came near....and she did. That was one thing I wanted to see. Lucy is more herself when she is outside, she's braver, happy, funny. And although she was timid, she wasn't afraid...well, until she heard a noise or a leaf fell on her head. It's all new to her. I wanted this couple to understand that she is a 4 year old that is learning life as if she is a puppy.

One thing Gloria suggested was that Lucy has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.) Hit the nail on the head. Due to her work with VETS and handicapped people, she is familiar with emotional destruction....and Lucy has had emotional destruction. The blindness was one thing, but it was the emotional havoc endured being a puppy mill dog for 3+ years. It's almost amazing even, to see that she is a happy dog, that she is curious, that she does want to be a part of life.

As we sat and talked, Lady was laying in the yard and I saw Tom becoming a little enamoured with her. She's a good girl, quiet, an observer. Tom liked this I could tell. A couple hours after being here, I needed to go inside for a sweater. I was getting chilly, but I also wanted to give them a chance to talk amongst themselves so they could decide if this is the dog they really wanted. I came back out, sat down, and Gloria says...."would we be able to take two dogs?" with a sheepish grin. Yes, they wanted Lady, too. Funny thing is, the night before they came, a picture came to my mind that they would want both dogs. Yup, my psychic side had kicked in and I didn't realize it until they asked. First of all, they liked her, and second (and I love this part) they thought it might be good for Lucy to not only have a canine companion but to also have a dog with her that she is familiar with. Hoorah!

Lucy and Lady did not go home with them on Thursday because Lucy has an upcoming eye vet appt. and I didn't want to release her until I found out what medications she'd still be on and when her next visit would be. I was grateful for this because I've needed time to really be set with it. I needed time to adjust. It's amazing what one little 16 pound creature can do to your heart. I've never been this attached to a foster dog. It often seems so silly to me, but then I am reminded by friends that have seen her from the beginning, that have been with me through countless phone alarms going off in one day to give her her eye drops, the many trips back and forth an hour each way to the vet's office, to dealing with the heartache of at one point thinking I had to put her down, to seeing her progress after she got full sight. They remind me, the dedication I've had to her, and they are not surprised when they see me question my decision or when they see my tears. I think they are a little surprised to find out that I am letting her go, but then on the flip side, will say how wonderful it is for Lucy, a dog that we thought might never get adopted due to her inability to be a 'normal' household dog.

It is good for her. She will get walks, she will get attention, she will get love. She will have devoted owners. She won't have to deal with crazy foster dogs screwing up her energy. She will have dog neighbors to play with. It is good, and I know it's the right decision, and I know I will really be fine. I've had significant loss in my life, and this is just a fraction of those, but it hurts anyway, and I know I'll get to the other side...because you just do, and you move on, and you get some other crazy little love in your house that you have to take care of...and you have to live your life. Part of that living for me is trying to make my life a little simpler (my friends laugh at that statement) but I am trying to simplify. Having 3 dogs of my own and then foster dogs, too? that's not simple.

Before writing this today, I saw that Gloria posted a comment on one of the Lucy posts, and she wrote:

"Denise I understand you and lucy have been through a lot and I commend you for the outstanding care and love you have given her. Lucy's ordeal has been far more than physical but emotional. You definitely bond with animals like you do to your new born so I understand letting go of Lucy will be somewhat emotional for both of you so I promise I will do all that I can to make her feel safe and loved. I will also continue a blog, along with pics of both Lucy and Lady so you can keep abreast on their latest accomplishments and life events.
Thanks for all you do for these pets in need, it takes a special person with a lot of heart to do what you do everyday."

She is sweet...she understands. I thought that I'd be able to keep in touch, I hoped that she would put Lucy on her blog so I could see what was happening. I'm glad to see that this is possible. 

Lucy will be going to her new home next week. Lady will be joining her. One day I will stop crying. This is all good, really good. 

Enjoy your weekend. Have a celebratory toast to Lucy. 

Those that have followed her story, supported me through this test....thank you.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Timmy's Gone to His New Home

Timmy's new family picked him up tonight. He was soooo cute. The mom picked him up and he got this pathetic sweet face on and just mooshed himself to her and put his head on her shoulder. Very endearing...until he realized Hanz was getting attention down on the floor and he needed to be in on it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

2nd Down, Two to Go

Bella has left the building...

We were outside with Bella when her owner showed up, as soon as she saw him get out of the car she galloped over to him, he opened the back door, she jumped in and trampled her way to the front seat. Um, she's not too happy to be going home.

Now I can vacuum up Black Lap hair for the last time....well, until her next stay over.

One reason I like non-shedding dogs is the fur/hair factor. I'm a little anal with the vacuuming already, to have to do it once or twice a day? Worse is that Bella likes to be on my sofa while I'm not home. Like I said, I'm anal about vacuuming and this includes furniture but to see black hair all over it? and all the black dust bunnies on the floor? Well, it wouldn't take too long for me to be over it. For the purposes of dog sitting, I can handle it.

Bella also likes to be under foot. I trip over my dogs on a regular basis especially in the kitchen when food is being prepared, but at least they know to get out of the way after being stepped on once or twice. But Bella? she just sits there with her pretty pouty face totally not getting the fact that she's right in my path to the refrigerator, or sink, or stove.

Look at this pathetic you gotta love it.

Fortunately, she's a good girl, just doesn't realize she's 70 pounds.

Whenever Chuck & Carol go away and I dog sit for them, they feel the need to bring me back a gift. It is very generous of them, but so unnecessary.

On this trip to New Brunswick they came to a little shop that sells jewelry with minerals and rocks. This is what they picked out for me...

Tiger's Eye, something I haven't seen in quite some time. And no, they couldn't just get the ring....or the bracelet...or the earrings...funny thing is, Chuck was almost apologizing when he said, "they had bigger earrings but they were too much money" WHAT!!!??? they shouldn't have spent what they did! Very sweet of them, they are ALWAYS good to me. Our relationship had started as client/painter and blossomed into a very close friendship. So much so that if they die, I get Bella. Oh, wouldn't she be thrilled about that!! LOL

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Down, Three to Go

Mia was adopted today. A mom and her two sons came to visit with Mia to see if they liked her in person as much as they loved her picture.


And she loved them, too. As soon as the older boy sat down, she was right there, head on his lap. She kept going to him more than the younger boy, I think there was a connection that he was not aware of. Just the way she would melt all around him.

It was great, 6 dogs jumping all over them (Lucy ran and hid in her crate) Timmy, of course, couldn't get a hold of himself and was just a jumping bean. The younger boy was laughing so much, what a joyous sound. Then there's Hanzie that HAS to be in on the attention action. He sat on whichever lap would have him, and when that wasn't working anymore, he'd go to the other, or bark to make it known that they should be loving HIM.

Even Bella, the black Lab I'm dog sitting for couldn't hold back. I've never seen her so animated. She was up on that sofa so fast twisting herself and walking over each boy and every dog. When seating became a minimum, she'd just leave her hind legs and belly on the sofa and her front paws on the floor, perfectly comfortable...hey, if your butt was getting a good scratch wouldn't you just stay there, too?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cart Before the Horse

Cart Before the Horse is a husband and wife team, Dylan and Jo and they are having a give away of one of their very fun skellies.

I've followed their blog for quite some time and get their newsletter which Dylan writes and always has an interesting story to tell. Dylan sews the folk art characters and Jo paints them. Dylan has his own thing going and creates songs and puppets playing in a band. He can be found on youtube, the creativity amazes me.

Here's some of their recent Halloween inspired work:

Check out more folk art characters at their etsy shop for more eye candy.