Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow and Rest

I shoveled the dogs' path in the backyard. I started the front, cleared the stoop and headed down the walk shoveling as I went. Then it happened. A slight twist the wrong way and I was down almost on my knees, grateful for the shovel as support. Limped my way back into the house. Broken. Now all I can do is what they're doing...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Received This Card Today

The cuteness melts my heart. Look at how good and attentive this little Dachsy was for the picture.

Thanks Kathy, very sweet.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

With Deepest Sympathy...

I feel a great need to put this out into the Universe. I am so saddened by the deaths in the last 6 weeks of people that I've known, and those that I didn't.

I received sad news today of the passing of a very nice woman that I chatted with only twice, but I liked her a lot. She was real. No facade. An engaging woman. The girlfriend of a man I've gotten to know and do work for. They were friends and a couple about 25 years ago, life happened in between and they found each other again, making a new life together. A kind and loving person that worked with Autistic Children. A giver. She leaves behind 2 children.

One of my best friends just lost a friend of many years to cancer, a battle he was fighting for the past couple of years. I've met him a couple times through the automotive place he worked at. I did not know him well, but my friend would tell me nice stories about him. He passed Dec. 18. 

The tragic deaths of those at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. A day we will never forget, Dec. 14.

A woman from Camp that has been battling cancer for a couple years. She was a tall, strong woman, a loud voice and always humorous. R. used to play cards with her and the guys on Thursday evenings at camp. She was a very close friend to two women I've come to adore at camp. She leaves behind a partner of many years. She passed on Dec. 13.

R's Mom's companion of 42 years passed on Dec. 13 at the age of 93. He was a WWII veteran pilot. Owned his own successful company for many years, that is now run by his son, he retired and has lived with Parkinsons for the past several years. Although his body was not cooperating, his mind was still strong and he loved to be on the computer. He leaves behind children and grandchildren. 

The passing of a friend's dad who was 91 that wanted to prove he could live to 100. He was in good health until about a month before his passing on Nov. 3 of this year. He was a devoted and loving father, very passionate about family. He was loud and quirky, an eccentric at best. If he liked one thing, he bought a dozen of the same item. He walked his Corgi daily, of which he had a couple while knowing him over the past 20 years. He left behind a wife of 57 years, 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Rest in peace --Elene, Bruce, the children and staff of SHES, Barb, Tom and Anthony. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

He Came, He Went

Mr. Shadow went home yesterday. It was a quick visit here and now he is off to new adventures. A retired gentleman that has been looking for a Schnauzer and would only stop looking when he found a Schnauzer, drove 4 hours to my house yesterday from upstate New York to pick Shadow up. Shadow will be with him 24/7 like his last dog was for 14 years. He was so thrilled to have a Schnauzer again. They say, once you own a Schnauzer you will always have a Schnauzer if you have a dog. I have found this to be true and Phillip is a devoted Schnauzer lover.

I called one of his references who just happened to be his ex-wife and boy, did she sing his praises. How can you get a better recommendation than that? She told me he carved a head of a Schnauzer from a piece of wood and attached it to the top of his mailbox, that's how much he loved his Toby.

I think Shadow will be very happy and is in good hands. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

May They Find Peace Somewhere

Great sadness has been in the air due to the tragic happenings in Newtown, CT. A bit over an hour from me, so close and so unfathomable. There are no words that can express the sorrow for the pain and suffering that this boy has caused. Prayers and thoughts go out to those who have lost a loved one, and to those that have been unfortunate enough to have been witness to this experience.

I find it disheartening that in order to be the "you heard it hear first!" news station, that to me, if feels like it is being sensationalized and the impatience for actual facts has lead to the stories changing every few hours and I feel bad for those asked "how does losing your _______ make you feel?" type of questions. I've always had a hard time with that. It makes you wanna smack someone up against the side of the head --and it's obviously not the person being interviewed.

I'm not really feeling hostile today, it just sounds like it.

I'm just sayin'

After spending a couple hours at the bookstore this morning I came home to search online for the book that I didn't write down the name of because time was cut short. It's a book by a blogger which makes me even more curious as I like to support crafty bloggers that have published books.

Well, you know what happens when one starts searching...3 hours later you've found a plethora of blogs that you want to follow, but you haven't found the blogger or the book you were looking for.

I don't know if others feel this way, and possibly not because there are many followers on these types of blogs...blogs that have pop up advertising. Well, I don't follow, I don't peruse, I cancel if they've been in my reader before the pop-ups started. Totalllllllly fr...g annoying. It's happening more and more. They could have the best content and I won't follow them or look at them ever again.

For those blogs without the pop-ups but still have many ads in the sidebar? Thank you for not giving into the pop-ups. I know it brings in more money, but does it balance out in a negative fashion if readers choose never to read again because of it?

OK, rant is over. I'm going back to look for that damn artist.

Hope your day is happy.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs

I don't know what came over me. I recently made a rule that I would only have one foster dog at a time in my house, R. appreciated that. Fortunately, there haven't been a bunch knocking on my door to come in. It was a close call with 3 that needed some help but they've since found homes with their owner's diligence. But, yesterday I got an email that for some reason, I didn't hesitate, I knew I would take these two in. Not that I want to add to the dynamics here which can get spurts of crazy with Bug and Roger's personalities, but...apparently it's been overall too calm and I need to add some chaos. Merry Christmas to me! R. was a bit surprised when he walked in the door to have 5 dogs clambering around him, he was definitely caught off guard. He shook his head and headed back outside to stack wood. I know he thinks I have a little crazy in me.

These two are sweet cuddle-bugs, happy, easy going dogs. Which means they should be pretty easy to place. People like dogs that are not a lot of work. I'm told the female 'Lucy' is a Schnauzer/Yorkie mix (a Schnorkie? LOL) but having had a Yorkie myself for 14 years, I'd say she's Yorkie with the Salt and Pepper of a Schnauzer, she's a peanut and weighs in at 6.10 lbs. Her brother is a Schnauzer with his beard cut off (it's only hair, it will grow, right?) that is a huge fan of cuddling and running around in the yard. Hopefully everyone will get along just fine. I don't usually have a problem with that. If left alone, they figure out the hierarchy and act accordingly. It took Roger awhile to find where he fit as he wanted to be top dog, and I wasn't sure what direction it was going to go in, but he's been here a couple months and he's realized for sure that Bug is the Queen. He'll test her, but in the end, he knows who rules. It took two seconds for the new kids to know she was Queen, and they're fine with that. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vintage Sheets into Rugs

Last week I sold a set of vintage sheets on ebay to a buyer in California.

Last night she sent me this photo of a rug she made from them...

OK, first off, I have to say -- she obviously is not a procrastinator like myself. I'm amazed that she received the package and whipped up a rug! Just cut the strips and crocheted till she was done. Amazing. I need to go sew something! LOL

She sent me pictures of others she's made. This one out of her daughters sheets and pillowcases.

and this one with her Rat Terrier Ellie -- sweety Ellie...

These are Christmas gifts. How lucky the recipient.

Good job Marilyn and thanks for sharing.