Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Honoring Rudi

About a year and a half ago Rudi (age 4.5) and Cody (age 9), canine siblings, came into rescue. Both were black Schnauzers, Rudi being the more confident, bossy of the two...bossy to Cody. We rehomed them separately and they both blossomed into themselves and have been very much loved by their new families.

A wonderful couple, Terry and Frank came from Massachusetts to meet Rudi. They fell for him and he became an integral part of the family. If I remember correctly, Terry had had many dogs in her life but this would be Frank's first one.

Terry sent me a note the other day...Rudi had unexpectedly died. He had a good day of play in the morning and met a new dog friend Cody. Frank happen to videotape the morning fun. They went home, he had his nap and then was called to lunch by Frank. He was panting heavily and an immediate trip to the vet was made. He went from there to a specialty hospital and after stabilizing him, he went into cardiac arrest and couldn't be revived.

The following is part of the note Terry sent to me:

"We are heartbroken that our little angel is gone.  During the time we had Rudy, he enriched our lives so much and we still had so many adventures that we wanted to share with him.  Thank you again for allowing us to adopt Rudy.  He was a truly amazing dog and we will miss him always - that little schnauzer smile will forever be in our hearts."

Bless your little soul in peace.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Isaac Has a Home

While waiting for Isaac's new family to arrive, we had a little play time with Tweety. This toy is Hanz's favorite and will never leave the house because of it, but many foster dogs that come in find it to be their favorite, too. Isaac has had a lot of fun shaking it to kill it and carrying it around.

On Saturday Isaac went to his new home in Maine. The family drove 4.5 hours for this boy...what a long day for them but as you can see, Isaac has fit right in.

Isaac is so agreeable of a dog, it's wonderful. When the family came to meet him, he had no issues with new people being at the house, ran right to them and started to play. Kelen (his new human sibling) would toss the toy and Isaac would run right after it. Looks like he'll be getting a bit of exercise and lots of fun and attention.

Isaac also gets a new canine sibling, Martha. She is so adorable and has a story close to my heart. Martha came from a puppy mill and John and Kati adopted her about 10 months ago. They worked with her, allowing her space and time. If you go to John's website and click on Schnauzer, you will find her story and other information on Schnauzers, and, if you scroll down, click on "Who's da man, Isaac!" and see his first day fitting right in.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodbye Tilly, It Was a Pleasure Knowing You

I didn't know her for long but there was something endearing about her. Maybe it was the way she wagged her tail even though she had weak legs and her kidneys were failing. Maybe it was the look on her face, always the same, but always looking at you. Maybe it was because she was an old girl and needed my help. Maybe it was because she asked very little of me, just some help getting up from the floor or up the steps. Maybe it was just because she was one of those dogs that you can't help but be drawn to.

Whenever I would help her I couldn't not hold her close to me and give her a kiss on the head and a bit of a squeeze, that's the kind of girl she was, you would have had to do it, too, because you wouldn't have been able to help yourself.

Tilly was funny showing her bossy side to the other dogs, she was funny when she'd hop to go after a ball, or chase one of the dogs. She was funny (and not in a ha ha way) because although she may have been feeling internal pain, hunger from not eating and feeling discomfort in her legs, she had a spirit for life.

I brought Isaac in to the vet for his neuter appointment and I asked if someone could explain exactly what was going on with Tilly's kidneys when I went back to pick him up, because she was barely eating. She showed signs of wanting to eat but when food was presented to her she turn meat, to chocolate, to ice you know something is not right when a dog refuses chocolate.

I was told to bring Tilly with me when I returned for Isaac. It had briefly crossed my mind that Tilly wouldn't be with me much longer, how could she be if she wasn't eating...I figured next week I'd have to bring her in for euthanization, her desire to be in life veiled the reality of her body.

I met with the vet and we talked about what's been going on with Tilly. Tilly stood there, listening, being a good girl that she was. I was told that she had lost 3+ pounds since her visit about 10 days prior, that her kidney situation was extensive that temporary relief could be brought with SubQ fluids but that it would be temporary. I knew there would be no miracles for her, she was old, her body was breaking down. But I hadn't planned on what was decided. The vet looked at me and said, "it is her time." As the vet left the room I looked at Tilly and spoke to her and she wagged that little white stub of a tail. THAT will kill ya. I picked her up and held her close, kissed her and told her how happy I was to have met her and what a good girl she was. I told her she would be going to a place where she'd be able to run free of pain. The vet came back, we made her comfortable and as I told her over and again what a good girl she was, she was injected and slowly fell into peace.

Afterward, I still had to get the boy. As I went into the waiting room, I could see the knowing of what just happened because my face is red, eyes squinty and no dog with me, the look on the client's faces told me so much and the staff voiced their condolences. Tilly saw them briefly two times for weight measure, but they felt her magic, too, I think.

When R. got home and started to remove his boots, I stopped him and said, "before taking off your boots, could you dig a hole in the back yard?" He gave me a questioning look...I said, "Tilly was put down today" he said, "I didn't know," I said, "yeah, I didn't either, it wasn't planned." So in the dark, he dug a hole as I held a flashlight. I gently laid Tilly's wrapped body in the dirt and said goodbye.

Bella the Naughty Lab

The last two weeks are a blur. One day melded into the next. I've been busy on a job, busy with the dog care, busy with moving all my stuff in the office into the living room to make my office into an office/workout room.

I dog sat for Bella for 5 days over the weekend. Bella is stubborn. She doesn't like to listen to me. She's a counter surfer and she leaves my house through the front door when I'm not paying attention. She just adores R. ...and she is naughty naughty naughty....

Three times she left my house, three different days. She waits until I'm caught up with the noisy little ninjas, letting them outside, carrying Tilly out and thinking she's right in the group going outside, too. Well, she is going outside, it's just the front storm door that doesn't always latch that she pushes her 80 pounds through. I, of course, don't realize this until it hits me and I say, "where's Bella?" "Bella?" "Bella?" oh, no. I grab my keys and hop in the car and circle the streets of my neighborhood. The first time I found her she was taking a dump in a yard about a mile from my house, "nice Bella." ugh. I get out of the car, call to her to come and she looks at me like I'm bothering her and meanders her way to the car. The second time, I call for her in the backyard to make sure I just can't see her somewhere and then I hop in my car and start searching. This time she went in the opposite direction and was a few houses West of me, but I drove East and circled South and then came around. Each time I think, "uh, how do I tell Chuck that I've lost his dog?" or worse, "what if I find that she's been hit by a car?" "oh, get those thoughts right out of your head Denise" So, I found her this second time and she trotted to my car and jumped right in. Of course, you can't yell at a dog at this point. You actually have to praise them! Yes, praise them because they came to you. So I end up saying things in a very happy 'aren't you a good girl' voice, that I would say if I were to yell at her. She doesn't know the words, she just knows how happy I am to see her and have her come to me. Brat.

The third time I subconsciously heard the door close behind her and got to her before she hit the edge of my front yard. She took her sweet time coming back to the house. Brat.

Bella is a counter surfer and I forget this a lot. My dogs are too short for me to worry about this so it's not habit for me to push food way back or to put a container away before going off to take care of something else before coming back.

I had gotten a new container of treat like Gluclosamine chunks for Tilly. They were on the small island in my kitchen for 3 days and Bella didn't touch I didn't think of them being there as a problem. Well, apparently I should have. I came home Saturday late afternoon to find not only had Bella been on my bed (she's not allowed) but also a very empty chewed up container that had 60 chunks in it, enough to last Tilly 120 days for her size (if she would eat the darn things) or 20 days for Bella for her size. Uh oh, this isn't going to be good. After a couple hours of drinking in larger quantities than normal....she let loose...dark murky water and mucus over about 12 square feet of my kitchen floor -- wood floor. ugh. I was a total bitch that day anyway (thanks hormones!) and this didn't help at all, add to it that R. was exhausted from all the work he's been doing and he was napping...NAPPING? how dare he! LOL Bella loves him more, he should be cleaning this up right?????? Yes, there are times of being indignant in my life. So I cleaned it up with much grumbling under my breath and kept an eye on her afterward. She did well, I thought, for the rest of the evening until 9pm hit and I really needed to go to bed. I walk into the bedroom and I smell a foul odor....oh, no...not the other end...yup, lucky me.

Glucosamine is not toxic in large quantities but may cause diarrhea...check!

I did a google search, thank goodness for the 'www'....I thought I'd be giving her some peroxide to help her upchuck the rest but I just let it take it's course and except for another small accident the next day, she survived, she was just mellow for awhile.

Fortunately, Chuck knows exactly how she is and was not surprised to hear these stories upon his return to pick her up. The girl's not boring that's for sure.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Very Sweet -- A Dog and A Boy

Makes ya wanna go out and get a gentle Lab.

If I knew how to add the video here, I would.........but I don't click HERE instead.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Awesome Recycled Art Sculpture

Greg Brotherton -- check it out...

and another....Jeremy Mayer

I found out about them from GreatGreenGoods

they've got lots of cool stuff, all about recycling and what can be made out of garbage....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Very Popular Boy

Meet Isaac -- he has become very popular since we posted his picture yesterday. A lot of people want him and why wouldn't they? He's handsome, he's house trained, he's a good boy and does a beautiful sit/wait without even being asked.

Isaac came to us because his owners have lost everything and the family member they are staying with won't allow Isaac to stay, too. Very sad story, one that has become too familiar for our rescue and I'm sure, many others.

Well, there are many people wanting to open their hearts to him, so I'm sure there won't be a problem in finding him a good home....once he's neutered, off he'll go.

Then we have Tilly....

Tilly was rescued by an older couple 3 years ago from a shelter. Recently, Tilly's mom died and her dad thought he wouldn't be able to care for her. Her paperwork says she's 10, but she's really more like 12. Her back legs give her some trouble and she often can't get up from a laying position. Hard wood floors are not her best friend but she's getting used to them here. Once she's up, she is moving around barking at the other dogs if they come near her. When she goes outside, she barks for me to come get her and bring her in, she can't make it up my two back steps. She is a marathon pee holder, it's amazing for a 12 year old. She loves to be petted and likes it up on my bed. I don't usually allow the dogs on my bed but she goes up for a little bit of TV and some nibbles. She really isn't eating much so I've resorted to all tactics for getting her to eat.

Tilly went to the vet yesterday because we decided we would give her a dental cleaning, even not knowing how long she'd be around. They did a full blood work up and found that she is having some kidney issues. She was put on a bunch of medications, none of which will she take. She's not eating much anyway and if I find something she will eat I give her a couple bites and then squish the broken capsule of meds in it....she knows. She's no dummy. She might be old, but she's still got it. So what's a girl to do? well, the answer is usually to hold open the dogs mouth and put the pill down to the base of the tongue and voila! Nope. She has jaws of steel. There's no way she's going to let me open her mouth. I finally gave up because I knew if I continued to try she'd get mad enough where she'd try to bite me. Sometimes, we have to listen to the dog and not force ourselves, our emotions, our need to make things last forever, listen to the dog, and stop. So, no meds, no dental and hardly any food. This also means, no adoption. The chances were slim even if she was healthy but at least there was a chance. So she will be here with me until she can no longer walk or eat. I will give her love, try different foods for her to nibble and put her up on the bed for a few minutes each night. Then I will have her in my arms when she goes into her final sleep.

I sometimes wondered why Gloria and Tom came along when they did to adopt Lucy. Yesterday I realized's Tilly's turn.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wisconsin and Harley Davidson

When we went to Wisconsin the second time around at the beginning of September, we not only went for Lady Gaga but also the anniversary of Harley Davidson was that weekend, too. We drove into Milwaukee 3 days in a row to the rally's different events. It was focused around the HD museum and the restaurant of Harley Motors. We went to the bar and had some tasty food and a few beers and met some nice people. It was cold and windy but a lot of riders rode in on their bikes. We were just disappointed that we didn't have ours...but, alas, they don't fit on an express plane.

There was a custom bike show and some very interesting bikes:
 This crazy chopper, the details were amazing...check out this chick's vintage leather jacket, it was awesome! and she wore it well.

This one was a favorite of mine, it has that vintage feel to it...

This one was a crazy deal. It's too bad there's so much surrounding these bikes because it's hard to really see the details with the visual distraction. This was hauling....
THIS -- and it wasn't for Halloween, it was the guy's sense of humor!
The following was a favorite of R's...being a fellow jarhead. We talked for awhile with the guy that created this. This was one of few bikes that were memorials to those that have given their time and service, and some - their lives, to this country in order for us to keep the freedoms that we have.

 As the saying's so true.
 Of course, I love the exhaust, and they rotate when fired up! He had the bullets attached to one side of the bike, but I didn't get a picture.
 This was a sweet old ride....

A few of my favorite details from a couple bikes:

We took a couple hours and walked through the museum....

I love some of the older bikes, but they also had some interesting bikes that people made and rode.

Check out the bling on this one....someone was crafty! On the front faring you can see that it was named "Rhinestone Harley" it gave me ideas for my next bike.

this one was very cool all chromed out, look at the muffler exhausts, incredible.

 This one was a beauty...a two seater! I'm not sure of the date but I'm thinking '70s...
back end

Front end

Evel Knievel was also in town for a limited stay:

And, of course, I had to try the new Wide Glide. I've always liked this model along with the Deluxe, I like this paint job, too.

What Sleep Can Do

I slept through the night last night because this girl didn't get me up one to three times....and this morning I feel rested, focused, more energy, the better side of ME. Wow! it doesn't happen often so I'm going to revel in this wonderfulness for the day and get lots of things done without dragging...or being cranky.