Monday, March 25, 2013

Vintage Thrifting

This weekend I spent Saturday with my new BFF Sewing Machine guy Renato. He was on the machine hunt and found 4.

I found these...of course I had to send them to Pam over at RetroRenovation, which I often do when I find good quality stuff, because she loves, lives, promotes, all things retro/vintage/MCM. But, you guys really needed to see it, too. (phone photos unaltered 'cuz I'm lazy)

and then there's this on Craigslist...I think it might relate to this on Pam's site.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bye Bye My Lovelies

In a continued effort to clean out what I'm not using or that which takes up too much space -- I sold 19 of the vintage sewing machines I collected...and made a new 'vintage-sewing-machine-addicted' friend, Renato. We hit it off immediately. You know how it's just easy sometimes when you're around certain people? That's how it was. We chatted, shared dog stories, oohhed and aahhed over why we love metal and chrome in these small packages...

I wasn't as sad to see them go as I thought I would be. I was happy that they were going to Renato's because he had the same gleam in his eye when we were going through them, that I have when I see one for sale. I can safely say that he is more addicted than I am and that makes me happy. I do have to add, that although fixing these babies up comes third in line to his real paid work, it is a passion he has -- he spits and shines and sends them off to a new home. 

He sent me a picture of his collection.

This photo makes my heart go pitter patter. I can't wait to visit all these beauties. He's much more organized than me, he brought them home, tagged them, and put them in their rightful spot. Nice. 

Here are a few of the babies that went home with him...

They are better in person, and so much better when cleaned up and shiny.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tammy Tammy Tammy

Well, the girl is getting used to being here and acting like she enjoys it. She's being a little spunky and quirky and happy. She's a bit bossy to the other dogs if they jump up on the sofa and she barks at R. anytime he moves or kisses me. She's bonded with me and has been hanging out near my feet when I'm in the office. Earlier tonight we were laying on the sofa (she, Bug and I) while watching a movie. She to my right with her head on my belly, Bug to my left, tucked into my arm. All of us happily cuddling. 

Hello Otis

Otis has been with me for a couple weeks now. He's doing great. A mellow fellow....unless another dog enters the front door...then he becomes a very-intense-go-for-the-jugular protector. Fortunately, I had a grip on him. I was told by his former owner that he didn't like other dogs when leashed. He was fine from the get-go when he came into my house with my dogs. But, apparently, he doesn't like dogs he doesn't know, entering 'his' house. Immediately everyone went outside and he was fine. He still postured, but there wasn't the aggression. So, he needs some work in that area.

Otherwise, he's a sweety. When he's happy or when you rub his muzzle he makes this deep happy sound. I love it! He's been great here. Lounging about like he owns the place. Looks at me with those soft eyes. He's getting the 'Denise treatment' as difficult as that is for me 'cuz I just want to hug him. When it looks like he's trying to get something from me, he's ignored. If he's pawing at me, he's ignored. Not too much random love is bestowed upon him right now -- ignore. It sounds, sad, bad, like too much. It's incredible how much it actually GIVES to a dog with low confidence. Under that act of aggression is really a bit of insecurity. Hmmm, I know people like that. He's also getting some training with a lot of positive reward. He's a fast learner and gives me that sweet face looking for approval, each time.

Otis has been taking morning walks with R. and doing very well. R. told me that Otis goes to the kitchen where R. is and sits. He gets his harness put on and then he goes baserka with happiness that he's going on his morning walk. He just needs some love, understanding and exercise.

He's a Schnauzer Mix. I'm not sure with what but he looks like a very mini Wolf Hound. He's not good with children, too much of a little mate mentality. So, he might be here awhile. Needs work, no kids. Hmmmmmm, not too many people are looking for that kind of dog. Roger was similar in needs and it took four months to find the right home for him. But, it does happen when it's supposed to and it will happen and it will be perfect.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


that you can dye natural materials like cotton, wool, etc., with Kool-Aid? I learned it at 'Maddie Can Fly' -- check it out here.

Added March 9:

A long while back Angela sent me this picture of her Toy Poodle Misty...

So, in response to her comment, and proof of truth -- yes, yes, you can. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Lots and Lots of DMC Embroidery Floss!

My friend Angela bought a DMC box of floss at the thrift store that she volunteers at, she wanted the box, not the she sent the floss to me knowing I'd go ga-ga over it!! and I did! 419 skeins. Newer, not vintage! They came neatly jumbled in the Priority Mail box, I separated the colors and took a count. 419! woooo hoooo yippy yi yayyyy!

I just told R. that if I die before it's gone, it goes to his daughter M. She'll lovvvvve it!

I just ordered 500 bobbins off ebay.

Wind Wind Wind Wind Wind...I'll be doing it for hours and then they can join my other 100 bobbins I've been winding lately of my mom's (vintage) floss and collected thrifted floss.

Oh happy day!

I'm so easy to please. :-)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vintage Thrifting

But not for me. Picked this cart up for a friend. The other day she sent me a vintage advertisement that had one of these in it. It was yellow. She said she was looking for One. I said i just happen to know where one is. And Voila! It's taking residence in my car until I can deliver it.

Remember Pay Phones?

It's been forever since I've seen one and here this one is sitting right on the edge of town. It took me by surprise when I saw it...a memory I forgot I had...