Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome Howie

Howie came into the rescue because his owners didn't trust him with their new baby. Howie ruled the roost, he wouldn't get off the chair for the human to sit down, he was aggressive toward other dogs while on a leash, he couldn't be crated and he nipped at men's ankles when they were leaving.

This is a case of wrong human to dog match up. The owner did admit that she felt a lot of it was her fault. She was worried how he would be in my home with other dogs.

He's a gem. Everybody loves him.

This is not a new scenario with dogs coming in. The owners checked in to see how he was doing and they couldn't believe it was the same dog.

Howie went into the crate for me no problem, the first day and each day that followed until he got to where it was no longer necessary for him to be crated, he was so well behaved. He got along fine with my other dogs, except when Bug tried to take his food from him...he really wasn't into that...and she can be a bully.

He is a little bit alpha but not enough to be top dog over Bug. He just needed boundaries and guidance, he needed a leader. He listens well, is being taught to keep it to a low grumble when he is on the leash and either a human or a dog comes into his territory, and he's genuinely interested in meeting other dogs and humans.

He has bonded strongly with R. He is bonded with me, but different in a 'man' way with R.

Howie is a strong boy. He's 6 years old and can be a bit stubborn, but is obedient. He takes snacks gently and now that he's used to Bug, they chase each other around the yard. She will still get in his face now and again, and he'll grumble at her if she's in his way, but then they'll play.

Whomever adopts him will be lucky to have him.

This is when foster care is such a positive thing. He was purchased as a puppy and it just happened to not be a good match with his owners. With fostering, the foster parent will be able to find the right match for both human and dog. I will be able to screen potential adopters to make sure Howie gets what he needs.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saving A Chipmunk (a.k.a. Chippy)

Life has been busy so it was nice to go the campsite this past weekend and chill. The weather was beautiful and it was the first weekend of the campground opening where we could spend the night. The first weekend always involves reuniting with camp friends and having 'family' dinner which will continue all season on Saturday nights, then someone or more will pop over for breakfast and there's the conversations of 'how was your winter?'

With it, also came rescue. 

Sarah, from a campsite above us came into our site talking about a chipmunk being stuck. She went to the ladies bathroom, pulled her pajama pants down readying for her morning pee, only to hear something splishing and splashing. A chipmunk was swimming for it's life in the toilet. She had no idea how to help it, came running down, quickly explaining. I didn't want to help at first because I was feeling so bad for it and what if it died? and so on. R. gave me the "you want me to go save a chipmunk?" "um, yes, please." I could tell, it was not on his list of things to do that morning so I pumped up my courage, grabbed a pan and high tailed it to the ladies bathroom. There it was, still scrambling, stressed out. I lifted it out and put it on the ground. He was so exhausted, but he tried to crawl a little, most likely to try to get away from us, but it was too much work. So, Sarah and I hung out for a few minutes, watching a couple more feeble attempts at moving along. He was shivering. I petted him. He was wet, I imagine the toilet water was probably pretty cold since it had gotten quite cool during the night. I finally took off my fleece and picked him up. I've picked up distressed wild creatures before always fearing a bite, but I don't think it ever crosses their minds to bite. It's like they know. Would a chippy bite, anyway?

I cuddled him into my fleece to get him warm. His little heart was beating so fast and he continued to shiver. I brought him down to my site and R. looked at me and said, "do you have it? really?" "yes, really." Now don't get me wrong. R. has a very kind heart to creatures, but he's also a realist. In the world of the woods, there are many chippies and sometimes they die, or should be left to die. I reminded him that it's one of the reasons he loves me....compassion to animals. He gave me a look and said, with a twinkle in his eye, "are you sure?" .....yeah, he's a riot sometimes. 

So, I sat down by the fire which Mr. Sweety-Pie had blazing for me and continued to cuddle the little creature. He was happy to feel the love, I could tell. I rubbed him a bit, in quick movements, thinking it might help him. Hey, I saw it on Animal Planet with new kittens and puppies, to get them breathing. I realize, yes, he was already breathing, but it might get him warmer quicker. After awhile, I really did need to pay attention to my morning camp duties and felt he was doing OK enough to put him down. I placed him on the rock wall near the fire so he could continue getting warm until he was ready to go on his way. 

When I went back, he was gone. Yeyyy. 

The next day, R. was working out near the fire pit and little Chippy was watching him. Now, really, we don't know it was the same one, but on the other hand, you know how you know it really has to be the same one? R. came and got me. The little guy was just sitting there, looked at me with no fear in his eyes, watched. Then I went a little too close and off he went. It had to be him. These things happen and you just know. 

R. says to me, "he came back to say thank you." See? told you he really had a kind heart. :) I put out some cracker pieces for Chippy and after a few minutes, there he was, chomping away. 

I don't know if future chippies in the stone wall will be this little guy, but I'll always think of him when I see one. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Have you been so caught up in something that you are completely obsessed and every spare moment goes to that task and you even dream about it? Well that's where I've been since being at Angela's a couple weeks ago, and I have so much to share from life between then and now. The task at hand, though, was new business cards. I think the few friends I was sharing the agony with were about ready to clobber me over the head. I wanted to clobber me over the head. I couldn't get away from it and my brain became fried, nonfunctioning, full. Then, wouldn't you know, when I finally thought I was done, even though I wasn't thrilled with the design...I woke up this morning with a new idea and did it within a couple hours...and I feel better...but I feel like I wasted sooooo much time. My brain got locked into one thought pattern and I wasn't aware enough to get unlocked. So the graphic on the card went from this...

to this....

to this...

and finally to this (but refined) ... 

and my brain was free -- oh happy me.

(these cards are probably temporary as I've designed them to go along with a 'job' I recently did, which I'll show you pics of as soon as I have some.)

Now new stressors have entered. Dang!!

I hope you are feeling stress free.