Monday, January 31, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Do You Flip?

This is such a riot. I found it on a blog I follow PottyMouthMama

Next time I put my hand up to say "WHAATEVVER" I'll do the hair flip instead.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow, Snow and more Snow

I had to push my way out of my front door today. About 3" worth. I understand we received 15" of that white stuff. Before clearing the 'dog path' I sat (well, really, I stood) peacefully and looked at the soft perfect gentle hills in the backyard.

I need a couple things out of the shed...
I don't want to be digging my way there....ugh.

Then I went to the front door and did the pushing thing with the storm door. My neighbors were already diligently at work clearing driveways and sidewalks. I almost turned around and said "forget it, I'll wait for Spring" but as we know, that cannot be done....not sure if I had enough food in the house to survive that long.

snow mushroom

and more icicles

So out I went, digging away. I teared up, yes, literally (well, yeah, I'm still a little emotional these days) when my neighbor 2 houses down came by with his snowblower and cleared my sidewalk for me. I stared at him hoping he'd catch my "Oh my gosh, thank you so much, you don't know how much I appreciate this!" vibe. He'll be getting a cake or cookies soon. I can't even express how thankful I am when he does that for me. My neighbor across the street used his snowblower, too, and did my apron that was piled about 3' high. It's so daunting when you think you have to do those two things AFTER the pain of clearing your driveway and the dog path.

I'm getting a massage tomorrow thank you very much.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Honoring Lucy

This is very difficult for me. My heart is broken.

Lucy came back to our rescue with infections in both of her eyes. She was still on eye meds 3x a day for her sight but that seemed to bring even more discomfort and after an ophthalmologist appointment, more medication would have had to be administered. Lucy had regressed and was not the same girl as when she left me. Her fears, pain, and trauma led her to do what a dog will do to protect itself. She began to use her teeth, even though the gentlest hands and tastiest food rewards were being used.

After talking with the vet and having him exam her, he said it was the right thing to do. As difficult as the decision was, we decided to free her of her physical and emotional pain. Angela posted a beautiful tribute to her on her blog today.

I wish I had more, but I am still feeling a little numb about all of this.

Rest in peace my sweet girl.

My Little Lucy Is Back

Lucy in the sunshine -- photo courtesy of Indomitable Angela

Those who have been reading this blog for the past year will probably remember my stories of having Lucy in my care. She was rehomed at the end of October, and she was returned to our rescue on Saturday morning. I have not been able to write about it because it is a very emotional situation for me.

Angela, our treasurer is taking care of her because her home really meets the best requirements for Lucy right now -- quiet, routine and she's available for giving eye meds 3x a day. I'd like to have her here but we had to put her needs first. You can read about her return on Angela's blog. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Floral Ceiling Border

A simple border for a powder room. The walls were color washed with a soft purple and then stenciled with a stencil hand made by me. Due to incandescent lighting and a small bathroom, it was hard to get the color right. The top photo is the truer color but still a little over exposed.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are You a Quilter & Like Skulls Too?

If you are, join in on the fun and make a difference at the same time.

I follow the blog Skull-A-Day and he is having a call for quilt blocks, they must have a skull on them. I just happen to have a fabric skull that I've been looking at and wondering what I might do with it and now I know. They will be pieced together and auctioned off with the proceeds going to Becky's Fund, which helps victims of domestic violence.

Here's his inspirational block to get everyone started. Go here for details.

If you decide to join in, it would be great to see your block, send me a link to a post about it or send a picture and I'll post it here so we can all oooooh and ahhhhhh.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Telephone Doodle

I was traveling in my car today and saw this boy walking down the sidewalk. I thought to myself, "how can he see anything?" his hair was literally covering his eyes. Now I often see boys with the long hair and they constantly do the hair flip thing (which btw has to bother their necks, I went to a Halloween Party one year as Cher and did the constant hair flipping thing -- of course while I was pretending to sing and was dancing, too -- wine anyone?? well the next day my neck was sore and after awhile I figured out it was the constant hair flipping! ouch!) so, yes, their necks must get sore. But, I was also thinking about how if it was my kid (because I have an over active imagination I actually had the 'video' in my head) I'd have told him the long hair is OK but he really needs to get the hair out of his eyes....then I thought of whether or not it can affect eyesight, or how getting poked in the eyes with the ends of the bangs must be uncomfortable....and then I crashed into the car in front of me.

No, I didn't really, just seeing if I still had you with me.

So, on the phone tonight, I started doodling and thought of the kid and how when I was driving I thought I wanted to do a sketch of him and then remembered that when I was on the phone. Ta-daaaaaaaa.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm still here..with words this time

I hope you've been enjoying my little sketches. I've been a little lost in the world of snow and cold and have been quiet and busy around here.

Today I took some time to clean a couple sewing machines. I've been needing to do it for awhile. They just need to be free of gunk and debris and to be oiled and whirring and purring.

I got to know James (and Pee Wee) because of a mutual friend that saw we had a common interest in sewing machines. I've needed to clean the three treadles I have of a friend's and didn't really know how to go about it, so I put it off. I'm good at that. When I first met James it was when he came over and showed me what to do. It was so easy. It can take some time depending how gunked up they are but that baby shone when done. He did most of the work!

Shone is a funny word. it doesn't look right. but shined isn't it? That's what happens when you don't use a word too often. There's a commercial for Olive Garden on TV and whenever they say "us cousins" it always strikes me as wrong, yet it's correct English, just sounds weird....OK, now back to our regularly scheduled blog post LOL...

I picked up a Light Blue Brother Charger 651 because I have this thing for blue machines and  a certain someone convinced me that I had to have it. I chose it as the first one to clean up and test.

After looking it over I realized how clean it was, except for the tape that was stuck on the bed and plate for years. The insides were a little dusty but I hardly had to do anything to it. So I washed it, get rid of any fiber debris, tested a cleaner on it (I was scared I'd ruin it but I didn't-- yey) and waxed it up. I put some fabric into it, made some tension adjustments and let it rip. It made a very nice stitch and zig-zag.

One thing, though, as I put the needle back into it's place I noticed it was off center. I thought I put the needle in wrong and kicked myself for not paying closer attention when I removed the needle. After a few minutes of figuring things out I went to my trusty old friend -- the internet. Apparently some of the earlier Brothers were set up this way. It's weird to not have it centered, but it makes for a nice 1/4" guide to a seam edge, and it does a lovely zig-zag.

I was going to keep it as a zig-zag machine but I like having a straight stitch and zig-zag all in one as I switch back and forth often.

I will be giving this to a friend.

The second machine is a Brother VX-1120.

I had acquired it being told that it wasn't working. I figured it was the tension as that can "get" non-sewers, it can piss off sewers, too, but when someone is not a regular sewer it's easier just to get rid of it than to try and figure it out. This is not a machine I meant to keep for long as it is plastic and newer and I like vintage metal machines. It was going to be a starter machine for someone I know. This one was pretty clean, too, except for some surface grime, some fiber debris and I think it was white at one time. What I do like about it is the free-arm. So, I cleaned it inside and out and got ready to sew. The needle worked, the rotary hook worked, but the feed dogs didn't move the fabric. They moved, they just didn't move the fabric. I took things apart and cleaned them again and played with no avail. Yup, I contacted Ms. Internet...and nothing. I spent too much time on it and unless I have an epiphany this one will be given as a repair or parts machine. Maybe there's someone that can get it working.

See what happens when you don't hear from me for awhile?? I go on and on and on and...

If you've got the ice blanketing your home, driveway, steps, walkway, yard and car like I do, I hope you have plenty of food and plenty of warmth to stay inside and enjoy the quiet...the roads are dangerously icey out there.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Interesting Concept

Will Cotton's portraiture incorporating candy and ice cream. Check out his website for many more images to oooh and aaaah about.

Not only does ribbon candy bring back memories but I like the vintage feel of this painting.

I love this rock candy and cotton candy dress -- and a tiara? yes, please.


             he had a birthday so I made him a cake

Want To See Something Amazing?

check out Derek Gores's collage art.


Art by Derek Gores via

jan13-derek21.jpg (475×356)

jan13-derek1.jpg (475×475)


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What to Do? What to Do?

I think we've gotten about 2' of snow so far and it's still coming down. Normally, I would have been out there a few times by now to keep up with it, but I guess today is not normal because I haven't and now it's piled high and I can hear the blowers going at neighboring houses. I don't wanna. I really don't, but I have to.

Hanz, my chicken boy has an incredible bladder control when it comes to rain or snow. But, when it's nice, I feel like I'm opening and closing the door 50 times a day.

So, as I've procrastinated in the snow shoveling department, I put up some new listings on etsy and got some new ones prepared for ebay to list tonight.

After snow shoveling, it will be studio time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Pee Wee Visits

sThe other day my friend James came over and brought his dog Pee Wee.

Look at that cute, scrappy Terrier Mix face. I love Pee Wee --he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, which makes him an easy dog to have around. He is toooooooo cute. I think he's Terrier stuff mixed with Beagle. When he comes over Hanz's jealousy goes through the roof and he'll growl at Pee Wee if he's being petted by James and Pee Wee wants some, too. Hanz is generally a happy go lucky boy, but occasionally he'll have ownership issues.

but, as you can see, James has got the magic touch....look at the devotion...

and you remember this picture of devotion?

then Pee Wee got tired after ball chasing and decided to take a little snoozle.

Pee Wee is one of those dogs that if James needed to rehome him, I'd take him for sure.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sometimes You Just Know

I saw a glimpse of this painting as it was coming onto my screen and I knew I'd be swooning over Kelly Reemsten's work. Definitely a "Wow, why didn't I think of that?"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Forgot to Tell You

Lucky went to his new home last week!! A couple from New Hampshire drove the 3+ hours down to get him. He went right to them as soon as they walked in the door. After awhile, when it was time to go and they put the leash on him.... OH MY GOSH! he was jumping and talking and scrambling! he couldn't wait to get out of here, apparently he knew there were more exciting places to be.

As we waited for them to arrive my friend James visited with us, and Lucky, as you can see here, was in lovvvvvvve. He kept wanting James's affection and attention, and he got it.

I've received a couple emails on how he's getting along and he is doing very well. Their young grandson has a heart condition and like I thought he would, Lucky is especially calm and careful with him. That is so sweet to me when a dog picks up on things such as illness, handicap, etc.

Hopefully they will have many many happy and healthy years together.

Getting My Butt in Gear

Listed a few things on etsy and a wall mounted vintage can opener in excellent condition on ebay.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year and What to do with Carrot Pulp

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wishing you good health and happiness in 2011.

It was a busy weekend spending time with friends and family now I'm getting back into gear for the changes being made for the new year. Like many others, I fell off the healthy eating wagon a bit. Mostly, too many carbs even with 'healthful' meals I made, and cocktails don't do real well with my body. No drunkenness here but I feel the effect in my gut the next day. So I'm getting back on track, loaded up my grocery cart with lots of produce, nuts and seeds, and came home for some juicing and healthy baking.

photo courtesy of
I combined a myriad of frozen fruits with some spinach and raw egg to make two vintage refrigerator bottles full, then I juiced 5 lbs. of carrots and mixed it with 3 squeezed lemons to fill another refrigerator bottle. I did juice carrots last week so I had a plethora of pulp. Although I have a compost pile, I like to eat it if I can and I add it to the dogs' meals a bit.

Because I use the internet so much, I did a quick search because with all the raw food and vegetarian recipe books I have, I don't have anything on using the leftover pulp from juicing. I found two recipes that I like, they happen to be vegan. I made a couple changes to them and they turned out well.

The first is a Carrot Cake recipe. I put in only one cup of sugar, the batter still tasted too sweet but the cake really doesn't, I will try even less next time. What the recipe should tell you is that it doesn't come together like regular cake batter, it's much stiffer, like a cookie dough. I put mine into a 7"x11" glass baking dish. It did rise but remains a little dense but not banana bread dense. I probably should have cooked it a bit longer even though my knife pulled out clean. Very moist. I picked this recipe because it used so much of the carrot pulp, I will make it again, but will change the sugar to a more body friendly sweetener and also change the flour to a gluten free product. I used what I had on hand. I omitted the raisins since I'm not a fan of raisins in my food but I did add the walnuts.

The second recipe is Golden Macaroons. I doubled the recipe, I wanted to have a bunch on hand for little snacks and figure I'll be able to freeze some. The doubled recipe made 60 tablespoon size macaroons. What I changed: I used Agave Nectar 1/3 cup plus about half of a 1/3 cup for the sweetener. 2 cups of coconut because it's what was available and not the sweetened kind. The batter got stuck in my stainless tablespoon so I tapped the edge of it on the cookie sheet until they came out, which took several taps. It was annoying me so my mind went into "how can I make this better?" gear. hmmmm, aha! hot water! I filled a glass with hot water, dipped the tablespoon into it before packing the batter ...tap magic it came out. I cooked it for the suggested 30 minutes and, of course, tried a couple. The insides were still too moist for me so I just put them back in. They were cooled already so we'll see if it changes them but I figure there's no baking soda or powder in them so they'll just dehydrate a little more.

The third thing I did with the pulp is put some in the chicken soup I made, which, I'm going to eat now.

Happy New Year and Happy Healthy Cooking!!