Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yogurt Revisted

So last week I made yogurt that I was a little disappointed in how it came out....I forgot that I put some aside for later use in the week. When packing up refrigerator items for camp, I looked at the Tupperware container and wondered what the heck could be in there and was expecting to open the cover to a science experiment...nope, it was the rest of the yogurt...and it thickened! It had some whey on the top, so it had separated, which causes the thickening. It was about the consistency of Dannon plain yogurt. So I decided to experiment.

I put a strainer in a metal bowl and cheesecloth in the strainer and dumped the yogurt into the cheesecloth, after pouring off the whey. I was hoping to get more of a Greek style yogurt. I covered it with foil and that's how it traveled with us to camp. A little while after getting settled in, I did the unveiling...ta daaaaa! it was thick and creamy. We enjoyed it the next morning with some homemade granola, peaches and bananas...I added a drizzle of maple syrup to add a little more sweet to it...very good indeed.

After all this yogurt doing, and I seem to be the one eating it, I don't think it's right for my body... I'll test it for a few more days but I have a feeling. Of course, I don't think ice coffee is right for my body, either, but I love it in the hot weather and I refuse to give it up...for now.

That Lucy Girl

I bought Lucy an 'Easy Walk' harness for her after eye surgery walking. I read that you should have a harness instead of a collar so it doesn't strain veins and muscles that lead to the eyes. Makes sense to me. So I did some research and also paid attention to the fact that my neighbor had the 'Easy Walk'. I went to PetSmart, the woman that helped me apparently does some training classes there and just raved about this harness. $26 later, I'm walking out with the latest and greatest.

I put it on Lucy Friday night and wasn't thrilled with the fit, but thought I'd try it for a few days. If I didn't like it on her, I would try it on Hanz, his chest area is built differently so it may fit him better. I don't really care for the way the front loop that attaches to the leash, has a lot of play, but I wanted it for Monday, her surgery date.

After getting home from camp in the early afternoon, I put on my gear and we rode our bikes to a picnic. I got home around 6pm and went to check on Lucy....what do I see? her harness laying on the toweling right next to her -- with pieces missing. She completely chewed the strap that goes under her chest then slipped it over her head to get out of it. She not only chewed the strap, but also the buckles so I couldn't even repair it by sewing it if I wanted to -- and yes, I wanted to.  $26 and 3 days of wear.

I called Angela to tell her of Lucy's antics. She told me that she tried that harness with her Crazy Cassy and didn't like it at all. (I usually ask all around to see if others like things, why I made this decision myself I do not know) she said she tried a few different ones and wasn't happy until she found the 'Sense-ible Dog Harness'....I'll be checking out that one next. Lucy will have an e-collar on for quite some time, so she's not going to be able to chew it off herself if she gets annoyed with it on her. Typically, I'd take it off when not in use but with the e-collar it might be easier leaving it on.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Real Quick -- Lucy Update:

Lucy had her surgery yesterday, I picked her up today, it's very exciting, she can see somewhat...will be able to see more as days go on. She's a little visually overwhelmed, she hates her e-collar. More to come...

Toilet Seat/Cover Re-Vamp

When's the last time you decided that you couldn't take your white toilet seat anymore and had to paint it?

Me? over a year ago. BUT, I started it and never continued my mission. It had a smokey grey background which I intended on putting a design of maybe skulls or something fun. It never happened, therefore, it never got sealed, therefore...the paint started to wear off.

You know how you have something in your house that needs to be done? that looks terrible? but you become blind to it? well, that's what happened here. OK, I wasn't completely blind to it...actually, every time I looked at it I thought "I really have to do something about that." Then I became blind again. BUT I would remember again when someone came over (more often a person adopting a dog than a friend) and they'd ask to use the bathroom. My heart would sink. "um, sure, it's right over there." I can only imagine what they thought. It was clean, always clean, but it didn't look that way because it was so grunge looking.

So, finally the other day, I took it off to repaint.

Poor R. -- "hey babe? where's the toilet seat?"'ll be back in a day or two.

Each day he'd come home, "hmmm, there's still no toilet seat" "yeah, I know, I had a little issue, it'll be done in a day or two."

This went on for about a week. See....I started to repaint but the under layer of existing paint lifted...I had to scrape it all off. I guess Metal Primer REALLY isn't for prepainted pressed wood. So I started from the very beginning. Due to the humidity, it took forever for each coat to dry. I was using spray paint for the white and the clear coat and I put on about 4 clear coats because I fear it will wear off. The black is acrylic so that dried pretty quickly.

Finally, I get the seat on, R. comes home, I don't tell him what I've done, he goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth, and I hear, "you did this?" "yeah, why, no big deal, kind of cheating really because I needed to get it done." "YOU did this" he says. "Well, yeah, but you know I, it's no big deal, anyone can do it, it's been done before, it's not a new idea." "YOU did this?" He lifts the seat and sees that the underneath is painted, too.... "and the bottom, too?" "Mannnnnn" .....Ahhhh, one thing I love about him, easily impressed with something I do that I think is so unoriginal.

So I explained to him the simple process. Remove toilet seat. Spray with primer. (Although I used spray paint, it's what I had around. I would have used a brush and can of paint but I thought the finish would be better with spray, I wish I'd used the former - I typically don't like using spray because of the environmental issues) with that said....I then sprayed a white flat. I put spray glue on the back of a piece of lace, laid it on, cut it around and manipulated it to not distort, stenciled with a brush and black paint, then sprayed with a gloss clear coat.

He didn't think it was so simple, but it really is.

At first, I felt bad about copping out and not being more, I'm not really a lace person, but then when it was done, I kept looking at it and was pretty happy with the look. It just felt right.

Now to do something with the rest of the bathroom! and who knows, next year it might be a different design on it. But for now, I like it.

I was thinking of going into the area of custom designed toilet seats and covers. I'm sure someone does it but that would be a lot of fun! Send me a seat that fits your toilet, or I'll pick one up that is the size you need, we'll chat about ideas, colors, styles existing in the bathroom....hee hee, what do you think???

HEY! no stealing my idea!!! LOL LOL

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Just Sayin'

OK...say you're a woman in her late 40's/early 50's on a one lane dirt road, riding your bike with your husband and two teenage boys. All of you are spread across the road and a 1990 F250 extended cab was coming up behind you -- RIGHT behind you...

would you:

a. Move out of the way
b. Tell your boys to move out of the way
c. Listen to your husband to move out of the way
d. Keep talking on your cell phone

Answer? d.

Coming home from camp yesterday we came up behind this family, not very quickly as it's a road you can't travel real fast on and there are always bikers. So we crept up to these people, people who remained completely oblivious. Although the boys glanced at us, they just kept riding their bikes part way in the road up ahead a little, the husband (apparently the only one with brains in the family) pulled aside to let us by and the Mom? kept peddling uphill, right in front of the passenger side of the truck, totally oblivious to us being there, continuing to talk on her cell phone. Not only was she chatting away (it must have been a very important call) but she at one point took her mouth away from the phone to ask her boys a question and gave the answer to whomever was on the phone. In the meantime, the husband is yelling to her "hey, get out of the way" "hey, watch out" "hey, hey, hey." she started to drop her bike because she could no longer balance with one hand and going uphill -- while STAYING ON THE PHONE! partially in our line of travel. STILL not acknowledging the fact that she has a big ass truck behind her. The husband was yelling to her that he'd help her with the bike, he came up along side of us and apologized, I just looked at him and said, "WOW."

I was flabbergasted and couldn't shake it for a few miles down the road. How can a phone call be more important than your family's or your own life?? I just didn't get it... I still don't.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sad and can't get out of my own way

I've not been up to posting...last week the owners of a dog that I rehomed to them called to say that they'd have to give Max back...he's become aggressive and he has bitten the man of the house. A real bite. Pain. Blood. In the back of the thigh.

It seems that Max, over the course of a few months became the strong dominant dog who thought he owned the woman of the house. He apparently was doing great and then he started showing signs of aggression and ownership. We believe the behavior was fear based.  He was cautious when I had him, but I didn't see any signs of aggression, otherwise I would not have placed him, especially with this family. They are wonderful, sweet, nice, easy going, low key people. They loved Max. They treated him well, they took him to training. Maybe Max needed a more alpha family to keep him in check?

So, he came back to us. I told the owners that we would have to euthanize him due to the fact of biting, that he would not be able to be rehomed...liablity...happy dogs out there that can't find homes...etc. Or, they could keep Max, or euthanize him. The trainer they were working with saw him as a danger to the family. He lunged after the 12 yo girl's friends. This is not a dog for family.

Painting the picture makes you think of a mean dog that is out to get everyone. He was not. He was just scared. My partner, Shelly, had taken him until I could get him. She said that he was so fearful, hid in the back of the crate, growled at her husband, wasn't interested in treats, but did eat all his food.

I got Max from Shelly yesterday morning, prior to going to the vet's....he sat in her car with distrust in his eyes and he was shaking. I felt so bad for him, this is not the dog that I had in my home. His little eyes looking up at me with such killed me. I had already been crying for two days for him and this just about did me in.

I brought him to my car and finally got him to hop in. Of course, I didn't know how extensive his fear was so I was very careful to not try and handle him...lest I lose a finger. I've been bitten by a dog in my care before, Herbie -- now that dog's story is sad, I had him for 6 months, he was so traumatized and had feelings of abandonment, he couldn't come out of it. He had very little interest in me, and life, itself....he finally withered away physically, I had to euthanize him, and he is now buried in my backyard. I cried more for his ending than I have for my own dogs when I've had to let them go.....because I knew my dogs had good lives, were loved, were cared for, weren't tossed out. Herbie's story hurt my heart. ....Herbie's bite was my fault, he got me just below my thumb up into my hand....hooochie! But I digress...

Max relaxed after a few minutes in the car and seemed less nervous when we got to the vet's. We went inside and he sat right beside my feet, just looking around, his energy felt kind of blank. I started to pet his head to see if that would be allowed, and he was fine. After a bit, I took the chance of picking him up, and there was no problem there. I held him and petted him...and, of course, thought...I can fix this. I can work with him, I can make him better. But in my head, I knew from experience, that fearful dogs take a very long time to recondition, and it doesn't always work. That even though he was being good right then, if something triggered the fear, he would be off and running.

I tried to keep my teariness to a minimum and was mostly successful...basically, if I could shut my brain off, I'd be OK. What gets you on top of what you are there to do? This couple was in the waiting room and the husband says to me, "yeah, they're all scared when they come in." I looked at him and ended up just shaking my head because I couldn't speak. I had to look away to try to have some control over my emotions. I glance back over just to make a gesture with a smile and the woman's face was getting red and tears were in her eyes. She knew what I was there for, and that will totally get you when you see someone else having emotions for your situation.

I just continued to show Max as much love as possible before we were called in. The appointment was for 9:30 but we weren't seen until 10:00 or so....normally this annoys me for typical vet visits, but I was glad to be able to spend a little extra time with was probably more for me if you want to know the truth. Less abrupt, ease into it.

In my past experiences with this, when the dog was injected, their eyes jumped, showing a quick shock to their system, them calming and then death. I so didn't want to see that fear in his eyes. The technique must be different because it involved one needle and it was such a gentle relaxation of the body. I felt it was so peaceful for him. His pain and anxiety gone. His mental anguish just slipped away.

I just feel so damn sad for what he was going through and that it had to come to this.

I buried him yesterday, not too far from Herbie. I will think of them both now when I go out to the back of my yard to do something.

Today? I just want to stay in bed and cry for him. My head knows that it will do me absolutely no good. I have so much work to do. But my heart (and maybe that melodrama part of me?) just wants to hide.

After I went back out to my car yesterday, the Animal Control Officer just happened to be blocking my car, before he moved his truck, he opened the hatch for me to put Max in my car....he had talked with the girls inside so he was not surprised to hear that it was my foster dog after his comment of "it's so hard to have to do this" Which I replied, "yeah, especially if it's not your dog" We got chatting and he told me there should be more people like me. To have the ability to make this decision for the better of the animal, people's safety and for the adoptable dogs. I tried to accept the compliment, but I was just too sad.

So what's a girl to do when her heart is breaking and she has a dead dog in the back of her car? Stop at her 2nd favorite thrift shop that she only gets to go to when coming home from this vet's office... and so I did....and bought a few things, of course.

Now it's time to pull up my bootstraps, hop in the shower, wash my tear stained face and be thankful for this day, my heatlh, my life, my spoiled dogs -----  and ------  4 days to go before Lucy gets her new eyes!!!

This dog stuff just makes me toooooo emotional. CRAP MAN! I'll be crying when I realize she can see me!

She made me tear up the other day when I went to pet her...she was on her side, and she lifted her leg very lightly so that I could pet her belly. That was a HUGE step, a sign of trust. I had to call Angela (the rescue's secretary, my friend and the person that will be taking care of Lucy during my long vacation time in August.) and tell her the news. I think Angela will actually be the first person Lucy sees, I believe it takes a couple weeks for full vision to come and I'll be out of town by then. I'll know more after her surgery. Keep fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Crock Pot Yogurt Complete

OK, so I made the yogurt, followed the directions explicitly, even delaying my normal bedtime in order to do so. I unveiled it this morning, it's supposed to be ready to eat....well it may have been ready to drink! ugh. I've put it in the fridge and it has set up more a bit, but it's not like I've purchased in the store....well, it might be like the one you buy at Aldi -- loose. I was thinking of draining it, collecting the whey, etc. but I'll just add the granola and eat it as is, or just put it into my smoothies.

After all this I thought to myself, "well, you could do it the counter top/stove top way and see if it works better" OR "YOU COULD JUST GO GET A DAMN YOGURT MACHINE!" there must be plenty around that are shoved into the back of the cabinet with the crock pot, ice cream maker, bread maker and treadmill. So, now I'm on the hunt for a machine to do the work for me. Brilliant!

But I will be making Cornbread this weekend in the Crock Pot up at camp. I'll let you know what happens there.

Have a great weekend...hopefully the humidity won't suffocate anyone. I think it's more humid here in CT than it is in Florida!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Easy Homemade Granola

I found the recipe on The Amateur Gourmet's blog...she got it from this cookbook:

I doubled the recipe. After putting the dry ingredients together with the wet ingredients, I remembered that I don't particularly like real sweet granola, so I tasted it. Yup, too sweet for me, I added 2 more cups of oats. I also chopped my almonds, don't have hazel nuts so omitted them, ditto on the dried cherries, and raisins won't go in until after I go back to the store. Other than that! LOL.... was still warm and I couldn't wait, I scooped some plain yogurt into a bowl and put a few spoonfuls of granola on top. Yummy.

My original intent was to make Crock Pot Yogurt. I've never made yogurt so this was a double experiment. I don't drink milk so it took me 10 minutes yesterday standing in front of the all the milk available to me in a half gallon. I was looking for organic and NOT Ultra-pasteurized. I finally found one, I couldn't find much on the homogenization and pasteurization so I took it as the best choice. WELL, today, as I'm decanting it, I'm looking for homo/pasteur info. and I find it in VERY light type in a VERY small font. You guessed it! ULTRA PASTEURIZED!! Ugh! $4 down the tubes, since it was opened, I can't return it unless I lie about it's taste or something and I don't want to do that. Fortunately, my neighbor's kids drink milk so I'll give it to them. Ugh.

I was mostly disappointed because I really wanted to make it this morning, didn't want to hoof it to the store for another half gallon, but it looks like someone else had different plans for my morning. This is going to end up being very expensive yogurt. The things you do to try to be more health and earth conscious.

If I don't make it soon, the plain yogurt I bought for 'starter' will be completely gone.


Yesterday I was reading The Pioneer Woman's blog, it's fun to read, she's got a great sense of humor, laughs at herself, she has a plethora of things you can check out and read about...she's a photographer, has a she fits everything into a day and take care of her family, too? beyond me.

That's not what I wanted to tell you, though. She's having a 3 camera give-away. 3 cameras! just because she wants to. BUT GET THIS -- she has 64 pages of 400 comments per page! You do the math....In other words, she has a SHIT LOAD of readers that want to win this camera!
Holy Crap (yes, so do I -- remember? I'm looking for a new one?) OK, let's say, some commenters linked over just because they heard about the give-away....what? maybe 20%? or probably less, I've noticed she does have a lot of followers...hey, just her romantic love story of how she got hooked up with her husband is enough to keep you reading. It's like a freakin' romance novel you'd pick up for summer reading and read it in two days because you keep wanting to know more! LOL .... and I don't read romance novels, I'm more of a non, fiction, research and facts kind of girl, and I got hooked!

Good thing for random number pickers, cuz that would be daaaays worth of writing out names!

The drawing is today, I believe...if you need a camera, too, hop on over there. What's funny is when I posted my comment, I went back in the comments section to find it because I wasn't sure it posted (I have that problem now and again) You know how you're usually the last on the list so it's right there? well, apparently about 1,000 other people were commenting within that 5 minute time frame and I had to go back 2 pages to find my comment! She ask that it be one post per blogger, but geez, how would she know? Of course, I couldn't cheat and I almost posted again because I couldn't find the original but I felt guilty about the possibility of commenting two times, so I spent 7 minutes looking for my comment. Like I have nothing better to do in my life...oh, how we get caught up with silly silly things.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swelling Up

My calves, ankles and feet are so swollen from this heat and humidity, (a friend calls them Cankles) I feel like you could pop them with a pin...if feels weird to walk.

Just thought I'd share  LOL

Monday, July 12, 2010

Crock Pot Zucchini Bread

I've been trying to put my crock pot/slow cooker to work for a couple of reasons....1. my vintage stove is 50ยบ off and even with an oven thermometer baked goods aren't rising right. I thought maybe it was my baking powder or flour so I changed them out but no, I made chocolate cake, it came out like a brownie, I made brownies, they came out more like cake...2. keeping heat out of the kitchen ... 3. less use of electricity and 4. I don't have to spend the evening making food.

I made a chicken dish the other night that was tasty, it had onions, apples, tomatoes, peppers, garlic and chicken thighs, the apples gave it a nice sweetness. If I could remember the website I got it from I'd link you there.

Today I made Zucchini bread. R. brought some squash and zucchini from the garden and I know there will be an abundance so lots of making and pureeing and sauteing and grilling will be happening. I decided to look up a recipe for Crock Pot Zucchini Bread, found one, put it all together and voila! pretty cool. Lower use of electricity, much less heat brought into the house, tasty goodness. It's denser than what I'm used to with this type of bread but it's moist and tasty. The cinnamon and nutmeg add a nice flavor.

ps: notice in the recipe it calls for 1 doesn't say of what....I'm sure you'd figure it out but I'll tell you, it's vanilla. typically it's one teaspoon of vanilla that goes into a recipe so that's what I put in....

As that was cooking I was steaming up some squash, zucchini, onions and lots of garlic in chicken stock, we'll have some venison steak and boiled carrots and be good to go.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Look at this little diddy

A friend's husband's elderly Uncle died about 6 years ago and they received some of his furniture, which, were antique but needed a little refreshing. Recently my friend was having a couple of the pieces refinished so her hubby cleaned out the drawer of a little table that was included in the it he found this...

He showed it to L. and he said to her, "this is a Denise thing" and she was thinking the same thing. It's in excellent condition and when I opened it I found out why they thought of me:

inside is a thimble and some thread...

inside is a cap you pull off to reveal hidden needles and pins...

pretty neat little advertising bullet.

When L. and hubby were cleaning out his Uncle's home, I volunteered my help. All of the downstairs was cleaned out before we hit the attic. There wasn't a lot up there, a 1940's fur coat with hat in excellent condition and a Castro Convertible coffee table...

(this picture is from Apartment Therapy -- they came in different colors.)

I saw L. and hubby standing hovering over it and heard my name....they turned to me and said, "this is a table that we know you will appreciate, we'd like you to have it for all the help you've given us during this project." So sweet. Today, I'm using mine not completely opened up, as a sewing table...

See the wire dress form in the corner? L. got that for me after her 93 year old friend died and her niece was cleaning out the home and going to have a tag sale. As soon as L. saw it, she said, "denise!"

I have good friends that know me well.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vintage Fabric Find

How cute is this fabric???

I stopped at the thrift store today, you know, My Favorite Little Thrift Store, and picked up some fabric pieces. When I saw this, my heart skipped a little happy beat. How vintagey retro cute is this simple design? the piece has the mirror image of this on the other selvedge side. This could make up a really cute bag with the print on both sides...or a bag with the print on one side and an apron made out of the other print. I held it up to me and it would be darn cute as an apron. The size isn't quite right for a pillow, otherwise, that would definitely be an option.

I also found this one...

A detail shot:

This barkcloth fabric has been "Shrunketized" that's what it says, "Shrunketized." I've never seen that before. The whole verbiage is: "Authorized Grandma Moses Design from the Original Painting 'Childhood Home' Copyright by Galarie St. Etienne, New York City" "A Color Tested Fabric -- reg. appl'd for U.S. pat off. Best Obtainable Vat Dyes" "Shrunketized" "A Riverdale Fabric"

Don't know what it might become, pillow? bag? hate to cut it up so it might be too big for either one of those, it could be might end up in the etsy shop or on ebay....or, if you're interested, let me know.

My camera is slowly biting the allowed a couple decent pictures this go round but mostly it hasn't been cooperating, to search for a new camera is not a task I want right now -- do you know how many there are to choose from just in the 'easy' camera keeping it under $200 category? A LOT! A friend just picked up a Canon PowerShot XS120 on sale for $199 -- it's nice, a little heavy for it's size, which I don't mind, it has a nice big viewing screen, it's easy she says and knowing her, it has to be...I found the shutter speed to be a little slow and that would end up annoying me, but I'm going to put it on the list of ones to consider. I need a simple, nice picture taking camera. Mostly used for dogs that move, wares for ebay and occasionally humans. I'm just not in the mood for the research and make a decision thing....any suggestions? which camera do you use?

Hope you are keeping cool!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lucy is a Pip

Little Lucy girl is also a Houdini Girl....she did great this long holiday weekend camping. She seemed more comfortable and interested in being outside and with people. She's quite different at camp than at's kind of funny. It's almost like she feels a sense of freedom.

On Sunday we were playing a game of Mexican Dominoes...just learned it the day before, and it is A LOT of fun...especially when it involves a couple of cocktails....ANYWAY...all 3 dogs were tethered to my feet...

sidenote: Hanz and Weezie are usually on a long lead but they are notorious for getting wound up into something, therefore, shortening their leash which causes complaining on their part and aggravation on my part. Lucy had been connected to a heavy chair but as I was walking around doing a bit of things I suddenly noticed a dog walking around outside of their leash was Miss Lucy Goosey. She decided that she did not want to be attached to anything and chewed herself free....and she just wandered, sniffing away. they were tethered to me. They were happy because they were right near us and no one was going anywhere so they didn't feel the need to have to go, too. So we played a few rounds of dominoes, had a couple beers, got goofy and silly and suddenly I realized that a few seconds before, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. LUCY!! she chewed through her leash again, claiming freedom. This time, though, she was making a run for it. Our site is up on a hill, which she doesn't really know because she can't see and she starts traipsing down the hill, through the brush, over the rocks and boulders, through the we chase after her. Fortunately R. decided to go around by way of the road and catch her at the bottom. She apparently had places to go and people to see. Once caught though, she was relinquished to the camper where she could only peer out the screen door...Now, on the list of things to buy -- a harness and a chain leash. She's so silly. We smile about her all the time. There's just something endearing and silly about her.

Lucy is scheduled for her eye surgery for July 26th. I'm excited to see what happens. We just got a 1.5 year old in with a broken pelvis and thought the money saved for her (a very small portion of it had been donated for her surgery) might have to go to his surgery...but it's looking good that his pelvis is healing because he is now using his leg more.

....This young couple owned the dog -- he is soooooo darn cute!! -- and the dog got hit by a car. He was brought to the vet, they couldn't afford the surgery but didn't want to put him down (which is good) and they were told that if he was crated for a month with little movement he would probably heal...which is true, I guess. After 5 days of trying to care for him, he hadn't pooped or pee'd in 3 of those days due to pain, they called us to surrender him. They waited 3 days before bringing him to us. Shelly had talked to them about his care, bringing him to our vet, x-rays, etc. and they finally, at 8:30pm, 3 days later, brought him to her -- AND FORGOT HIS MEDS! The puppy is in pain with a broken pelvis and you forget the pain medication??? like what the....? Fortunately, Shelly had something she could give him in the meantime of getting him to the vet. Well, we couldn't get the x-rays from the original vet because the owners didn't pay the balance of their bill, so we had to get him x-rayed. Because of the amount of time that lapsed, it was too late for surgery BUT after a few weeks if the healing isn't good then he will have to have surgery. So Shelly has kept him quiet, got new pain meds, a stool softener so that it's easier to go....and the little munchkin is starting to use his leg that he couldn't use due to the pelvic pain. Yeyyy for him...he even lifted his leg to pee...those Schnauzers, I'm telling you, they are stubborn and stoic!! If you keep an eye on our site for when he's ready to be adopted and his picture is up -- you will fall for him, too. He's so darn innocently cute and apparently a very good boy, too. The vet, during the visit of examining him, kept saying, "he's such a good boy".  He's so cute you want to squish him and eat him up.

So it's looking like Lucy can keep her eye surgery appointment...fingers crossed, nothing comes up.