Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Otis is a Funny Guy

The other day Otis had a visitor. Over the phone, it sounded like it could be a good match. I spoke with the daughter and she is a HUGE dog advocate/lover and she was helping her parents find another Schnauzer. I found out they were older but still active and their dog that passed was similar to Otis in nature. That is a very important piece of information -- experience. The Daughter lived only 3 miles away and was around often. I asked all the appropriate questions, all the answers were the right ones. BUT the picture in my head is not who I met. Don't get me wrong, very nice people that dote on their dogs. But, you can kind of tell Mom might not be ready when she comes in with a thick photo album of the dog she lost in May. She talked about her dog and asked all kinds of questions about .... BUG!! She wanted Little Bug I could tell. She didn't make much effort toward Otis and either Otis picked up on it or he really wasn't interested either.

Although the dog would be walked regularly, it sounds like it's Dad that keeps it on a regular 2 hours schedule, and she was not 'active' as I think of active. I have friends in their 70's and 80's that are out and about, etc., are full of energy, going to the gym and living life. So my view of the description is different than theirs. A higher energy than I realized this woman had. Yes, he is dedicated to walks every two hours -- but he didn't make it to the interview because he was still sleeping when they left (around 8:45am.)

I think the daughter is more interested in finding them a dog than it seems they really are. Otis loved her. From what I understand, she's one of those people that dogs go to that would never go to anyone. She's got the dog Kvorka. (Seinfeld, a concept introduced to me by Angela because I seem to have the 'older-men-are-attracted-to-me Kvorka) It's always been that way since I was very small. Anyway, I digress.

OTIS! he is too funny. If you watch your dog and learn to read him/her, they can be quite interesting. Otis went outside when they were here. It was a beautiful day and the back door was open. They had showered Otis and Bug with treats and then Otis was off. Now, you have to understand, Otis goes outside to pee, he doesn't hang out there roaming around. It's not his thing. He likes to be around me. I noticed he hadn't come in yet after a few minutes and I looked outside. He was just wandering around but the look on his face was different. Nonplussed, disinterested. He came back in after a few minutes and looked up at me with a very simple face, almost blank but his eyes told me, "Mom, we're not a match. I'm really not interested in going home with her." The Mom might have unknowingly felt the energy because she said, "I'm not sure if I'll take him."

Her daughter encouraged her to sit down and engage Otis, get to know him a little. She did sit, Otis went over to her, engaged her a little, and jumped off. Mom asked me if I would keep him if he didn't get adopted. I said, "I would not put him down, he will stay with me if no one wants him." and then I added, "but he's not going home with you. You are not connecting with him and are much more interested in Bug." I added that I wouldn't send a dog home with someone just for the sake of finding said dog a new home. She seemed a bit relieved. She agreed she was more interested in Bug. The daughter, on the other hand, Otis jumped on her while she sat on the floor and smothered her with kisses and happiness. Otis doesn't give kisses. The funny thing is...after that day, he started giving them to me once in awhile.

He's a funny guy. A smart guy and a great dog that on paper or with words his 2 faults might turn you away, but when you meet him, you generally want to take him home.

He thinks he is home.

ps: Cindi? don't even say it!! LOL

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Silhouette of Crazy Barking Dogs

Whenever I go outside whether it be day or night, Mr. Otis and Little Bug make their way to the window barking their heads off. In the daylight, it's cute (and annoying at the same time) because Otis's little head is peering over the top of the frame, as you've seen from this side.

Well, my neighbor gets such a kick out of it especially when it happens at night. Ed (he lives across the street) was going into his house when I was coming out of mine and he looked back to see these two crazy dogs because they were barking their heads off. He loves this silhouette, so he ran into his house for his camera, came out and took these shots.

It does make me laugh because it is innocent and cute but the barking drives me crazy and the fact that they scratch the heck out of my sofa and window sill -- but that's what paint is for, right?? Oh, and Bug can't really see anything but shadows but that's enough for her.

Crazy kids!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Horse Named Bear

My friend's beautiful horse passed away this past summer, I think he was 28. I used to give him biscuit horse treats when I'd go over. I love this photo of him.