Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did You Know This?

When I get checks from people, I usually go to their bank to cash it... experience has taught me to do that... I went to Bank of America today and went to cash a check that is FROM THEIR INSTITUTION and the teller asks me if I have an account with them, I said that I didn't (forgot my credit card is with them) and as she is flipping open this little box she says, "please put your finger on the pad and then on the check so that I can cash it for you." WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT? No FRIGGIN' Way!! I looked at her (and I tend to immediately react to things that get my ire up) and I say, "NO. That is so wrong! so wrong!" uh, I'm getting all worked up about it as I type.

You know what gets me, is that people are so used to this crap that they just go ahead and do it without even thinking how ridiculous it is. As an American citizen you have rights people. Don't be just a cog on the wheel. I want to stand there at the counter when people go to do it and say, "what are you thinking??? the only time you should be fingerprinted is if you are headed to the military or prison. PLEASE for cashing a check? I have two forms of I.D. (which I was handing her as she was telling me what I needed to do.) I walked out. I immediately called someone I know that's into this type of stuff, he told me it's been going on for maybe two years and that since my credit card is with them, they wouldn't need the finger print. I wanted to go right back in there and inform them again of how wrong it is and to say that they have to cash it because my CC is with them. But due to my heightened distaste, he suggested I wait, or go to another BOA. My friend also informed me that they'll charge money for cashing the check but they don't tell you until they've put it through. He told me to google it and I'd find a plethora of information and upset about this.

Wrong Wrong Wrong

There's a reason for the expression, "Cash is King"

Thought that if you didn't know about this...that you should.

Waiting...and a new season of Camp...

Sitting here waiting for the Comcast technician. Yesterday I talked to a customer service rep because my password to get into my email didn't work. I had had a trouble ticket# from a problem a couple days before so she looked it up. Apparently, her information said that they had to change my password in order to get into my email to see what was up. The email they sent me said that they looked at the problem. period. THIS is the ongoing issue I have with Comcast...lack of communication...did you think maybe you should tell me my password is different????? So, while on the line with said Rep, I say to her, "can you hear that static?" she said she could...I said, "yeah, I get that a lot" "Oh, yeah, I also get people that call me and they receive a message saying something about the number not being available. Hmmm, care to fix that, too?"

My neighbor said when they switched it took about 2 months for everything to come together, but they have cable, too.

He's here now and having what sounds like similar difficulties that AT&T had. It's gotta be the house, maybe there are some spirits roaming around causing electrical difficulties, or my house is on top of some sort of electrical field! Yeah, that's it!! LOL LOL

"a new season of Camp..."

LOL sounds like a TV show. How about " Camp!" actually, I never watch the show but I understand the last episode made people cry.

The Camping season has started and we will be taking the long weekend to finish opening up the camper (we spent a few hours there on Sunday) when we moved the camper in a way that gives us more land space and more sunshine. The camper is more shaded which means it will be cooler but that's what flannel pajamas are for, right? Yup, even during the summer months it's cool up there in the woods at night.

Many signs have been posted about the black bears that are up there (the site is in the Berkshires) and in very large letters it reads, "DO NOT LET CHILDREN ROAM ALONE OR THEY MAY GET EATEN!"  No, I'm kidding.... it says, "ALL CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT" But they really meant what I first said.

As you might know, I have my two dogs that go up with us, and being the crazy Terriers that they are, there will be re-acclimation needed. It's pretty quiet around here as far as not many people coming and going, and there, it's quiet overall, but soooo many more people for Hanz to want to "talk" to. So I have those two, and I'm dog sitting a Bichon that apparently likes to talk to other dogs when on walks, and then there's Lucy. Yup, we're bringing Lucy. This all took some convincing on R.'s part because as soon as he mentioned it he could feel my stress, but he's good, he offered all kinds of help so we could just get away and have a nice weekend. We'll see if I actually relax, I'm worried about Lucy and how she'll feel.

The Comcast tech has left and really didn't find anything wrong, changed out the modem, checked the lines a number of ways, etc. He told me something I didn't know....get a 6mhz phone, with a satellite if you want two phones in the house. He said anything lower than a 6 gets interference with the modem and that could be the problem...and the satellite phones work better with the 6's. Cha-ching, it always involves money. Do I want to spend my money on a new phone? no, I'd rather spend it on other FUN stuff thank you very much. I'm thinking now...I don't actually use my home phone much, what's a little static? I think I'll wait until one appears. It happens, you know, if you're patient, what you need will appear, it always does for me.

Time to get back to packing the car.

Hope you are all enjoying this 'a-little-bit-cooler-than-yesterday' weather -- here on the East Coast anyway.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have had two tag sales, have been selling on ebay, etsy, consignment, Craigslist and have been giving stuff to the thrift store, also donated 2 truck loads of furniture and 1 station wagon load of things to a friend's tag sale that was a fundraiser....and I still have so much more....

My question -- where did I fit all of this stuff? My house is only 750 square feet, I have a one bay garage and about 80 square feet in the basement that I am storing things in. The rest is filled with 'art' stuff. It's embarassing, but believe it or not my living space doesn't look like I'm a hoarder (most of the time) ----- I'm not a hoarder, I'm not a hoarder, I'm not a hoarder ---- I can't help it that I like to save stuff from the landfill, and like visual eye candy, and buy things that I hope someone else will like, see, I can picture this stuff in your homes! ...or have to take friend's things to sell/get rid of/give away... But what's happened is that it's bogging me down and I feel often like it's an uphill battle but I am determined to rid myself of excess 'stuff' (even if it might take me 20 years!) LOL

From now on it's only fabric and sewing related items that I can buy, used or vintage, of course. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More ebay

90" Round Vintage Tablecloth
85" Round Vintage Tablecloth
Vera Bradley--Tic Tac Tote

Now on my ebay:
Sunbeam Clock c. 1977 -- Pottery Barn Kids Duvet --New
Mrs. Tea by Mr. Coffee -- GPX Portable CD player
Vintage Lamp -- Vintage Litho, George Buckett, c. 1963
Tiger stripe pumps -- Vintage Barbie clothes Lot
Vintage Needle Case -- Antique Grille Set for 12, c. 1938


Yesterday I spoke with an animal communicator. Her name is Brenda and she was recommended to me a long while back by a woman that I've rehomed 3 dogs to. The information she provided for Gail was very interesting and actually helped her elderly male get off one medication that was making him feel sick and onto another that gave him a little more spring in his step. She also found out that her new poodle (yup, occasionally we take in another breed that needs us) was flabbergasted that Sparky (the older male) wasn't protecting her from all the noise that scared her coming from outside. Brenda helped inform Ellie (poodle) that Sparky was deaf and didn't hear what she heard. Ellie also let Gail know that she loves purple and then pink....Gail, the doting dog mom that she is, went out and bought purple collars, leashes, sweaters, bedding...Ellie was very pleased.

I recommended Brenda to a friend, she's used her twice for her rescued cat, Clara Belle, that seems to be having some difficulty acclimating to the rules of the house (and the older seasoned cat Lottie) Lottie's apparently not so thrilled with Clara Belles constant chatter, either. Hee Hee Clara Belle is a chatter box!

I know many people are cynical when it comes to the spirit life and people talking to them, and if you are reading and you are a non-believer and just intend to make fun of this...move along to your next blog. I happen to believe because the information she gets that coordinates with the dogs life, and then you see the changes in the dog? works for me. Of course, I've been a long time believer in the spirit world, the after life, etc. It fascinates me. I've been to John Edwards' seminar as well as Suzanne Northrop's and it's AMAZING!

So, I spoke with Brenda, well, Weezie, Lucy, Hanz and I spoke with Brenda yesterday.
This is what everyone had to say:

First Weezie 
(she wanted to go first- I think she wanted to go first 3 years ago when I talked with a different animal communicator!)

She knows that I'm paying attention to her
she's resting a lot but knows I am here  (she sleeps all the time)
she's unsure of how long her body will keep her standing.
she has weakness in back legs and feels like her body wants to stop

she takes a lot of naps because resting feels perfect
when she wakes up she doesn't know if she'll be able to move or not - in her dreams she can always move.
it is disheartening to move.

(she's been having trouble, I've noticed, when waking and trying to get up, she seems a little disoriented -probably from the deep sleep- and her legs take a bit of wobbling before standing -- I have had the feeling for quite some time that she will go in her sleep)

she doesn't want to leave her body right now but is thinking of leaving
the food she's eating is good right now with no discomfort, it didn't feel right before, like it didn't go through. (I had a period of time where each food I gave her she'd have trouble with and would be waking me up 4 or 5 times a night to go out, I could hear her stomach having difficulty digesting and she'd go a couple days of not eating. This would happen about every 9 days)
she has continual body aches but no real excruciating pain

She's happy "this is a good house for any dog"
She knows that I know that she is ready to leave, she feels she might just fall asleep and not awake, she doesn't feel like she will need help.
she's uncomfortable, feeling weakness.

She said that if she is going to need help to leave, I will know because she will not attempt to rise and will not accept food.
she feels weak

I asked why she is so demanding...she said it's because she wants what she wants NOW, so that she doesn't fall before she gets it.

I asked about grooming:
(I was grooming her the other night and she had even less tolerance than usual which I've noticed over the past few months) she said she can't sit, brushing feels like it's pushing her to the ground, she doesn't mean to be cross, she just doesn't want it, "leave me alone"

Then Lucy:

Brenda started off chuckling because Lucy says:

"I'm very pretty you know" and "I have beautiful eyes." I'm told how beautiful I am and how pretty my eyes are. she was showing Brenda what looked like black marbles. "I can see everything and they are beautiful"
she doesn't think she has vision problems (I had not told Brenda that Lucy is basically blind from cataracts)
the right eye is a little darker, straight on and no peripheral, it doesn't see as well as the left eye.
Left eye seems brighter, she'll see something then double take, it's like she sees things but her brain doesn't click in.

no pain in head or eyes, no pressure behind eyes, clear nasal passage.
right eye was at one time functioning as left but has deteriorated. (it is her right eye that throws her off)

she doesn't like noise behind her, when she hears it she turns to the right but can't see so whips around to the left

(I asked if she liked being touched and picked up because she is so nervous at first -- although, with me, she has gotten so much better) 

she doesn't like being picked up under her torso, she'd prefer to be picked up more like a football and hugged close.
she loves hearing how beautiful she is
she does like to be near me when I am sitting quietly

she doesn't like to be carried while walking, she can hear my footsteps, because she's afraid of being dropped. If there was carpet and she couldn't hear my footsteps it would be OK
doesn't mind being touched, talk to her first, present hand and touch her head and ears to behind neck first, don't touch body first.

She's a happy girl
she says, "I smell good!" meaning she likes the way she smells (she does have a distinctive scent to her)
her body feels good
"this food is good, my fur is not as greasy" (when she came, her fur was different feeling than now, and I had noticed it's shinier)

She wants to know about walks and why isn't anyone going out walking with her anymore?
she likes hearing the steps and watching the feet and she misses this. she showed someone sitting on a step. she likes knowing someone is outside. (It's only been recent that I've been outside more often with her because she is staying outside longer, I've never really walked with her, she doesn't get walked with and is fearful of the leash. I'm wondering if this could be from the puppy mill. Did they go outside with the dogs and hang out for the dogs' few minutes of outside?) Apparently I need to go outside with her more often! LOL
(I do sit out on the back step when they are outside, usually with a bite to eat or some tea)
it brings her comfort

I told Brenda about her eyes and asked Lucy if she wanted the surgery. Brenda explained to her what the surgery was and what the results would be. "yes, she wants to see, but she doesn't want the surgery, she's scared."

Brenda explained the process to her and she said "OK, I'll be brave"

She likes the music I play when I play it. It's soft, it doesn't go from soft to loud, soft to loud. (I've hesitated playing music too often because I was told that it can sometimes be bothersome to puppy mill dogs due to the association. Puppy mills will sometimes play music continuously, probably feeling that this keeps the dogs company? my music is a bit more mellow and is from an MP3 player so it's on a loop)

I asked about her hoarding bedding and toys. she does it so no one else puts their scent on them. essentially, she doesn't like to share. 

I asked about eating them, to her eating them = hiding them. she puts the toys toward the back of the crate. (this she does) so no one can get them. 

Brenda explained that she can't eat these items, that she can only have food and treats. that eating these things might make her die.
she thought dying would be scary, so, "OK"

she feels unable to defend herself when the big dogs come in. (I'm thinking this might be from the stronger personalities of my fosters, not necessarily actual size, although, they generally are a little bigger)

she said she didn't like swallowing string (I think I mentioned in a previous post, string is what finally came out in her poop after not eating for 6 days) 
she said she had a hard time with it, like she couldn't swallow, had a hard time swallowing.
Brenda explained that food is to eat, the other stuff is for play --  food = good, other stuff = not good
"OK" she said

she doesn't like guys with muscle shirts and "pictures on their arms" nor does she like piercings on noses, etc. (I'm thinking that maybe some of the dog handlers/kennel cleaners, who knows, maybe the owners, were of that style and I'm guessing, not loving and caring humans)

Hanzie's turn:

Brenda started laughing!

she said, "he's a Happy Guy!"  (if you ever met Hanz, you'd say the same thing, everyone does)

Hanz said, "oh boy, I haven't got all kinds of things to say" (like Lucy and Weezie did?)

he likes the color blue, he likes things that are blue

he doesn't like his fur to be wet. (he has always disliked going out in the rain and will hold his pee forever in order to not go out)
he likes the smell of toast (there's toast made every morning)
I asked about his need for food all the time,
(he's very very food oriented, so much so that he has a hard time concentrating on a trick I've asked him to do)....

"I'm not fat enough" wants more, wants mom's plate of food, the food that's being scraped off the plate being thrown away. (it's not being thrown away unless it is garbage, I'll give him some leftovers or they go into a container -- which to him might be 'throwing away')

Nothing can ever fill him up. He's never felt full. He feels that as soon as he eats, he poops and he should eat again. (he is a pooping machine)
he said he likes to roll around and when done he says, "oh, I'm so hungry"
She asked if he should get more meals, he said he didn't want things to change, he just wants more, he accepts that he is always hungry.

he's internally strong, heart will race sometimes, muscles are good, skeletal -- his right front leg bothers him once in awhile, the wrist to the elbow feels like it was jammed, it happens when there is mud. (mud = rain? arthritis?)

CAR: when in the car his stomach feels funny but he will work through it because he wants to be able to go...he thinks to get ice cream. (I don't take him in the car often but started to a little more to get him used to it, but I've never taken him for ice cream)

I asked if I was giving him enough as a dog mom: (I have this personal issue thinking that he would do better with someone that could give him more time, etc.) he doesn't want to live somewhere else, doesn't want to be with other dogs, "they might bite my butt."
He wants to make sure I don't have someone coming in to look at him to take him.

I asked what he thought about the fosters coming in: he doesn't mind the fosters, he knows that when they are behind the wall (he was showing Brenda like a gate or half wall -- must mean crate) that they would not be staying. (99% get crated the first week at least.)

Well, I thought it was pretty cool. It helps me to understand some things and to practice patience with my Weezie.

The way Brenda relayed the message that Lucy was saying "I'm so pretty" was so cute. You could picture this little girl beaming with pride about her beauty. It's funny, because just about any time I talk to her I say, "hello pretty girl" or "are you hungry pretty girl?" and Lenore has commented on how beautiful she and her spirit is. There is something about her.

I moved her crate into my office yesterday. I really needed to get it out of the kitchen so that I could put my table where I want it then the chandelier can be hung. She didn't "get it" which I understand. It's difficult enough that she's blind, but she's scared to come to close, so you can't catch her and if you do it freaks her out. I thought this might take awhile for her to get where her crate is now. I put her into it last night, let her out about 4am and she went back to her crate! then let her out at 5am and she went back to her crate! Yeyyyyyy. Yesterday she just hung out in the back corner of the kitchen all day.  BUT she doesn't like it when Weezie goes to her crate to lay down which is right beside Lucy's. Lucy yells at her. Maybe this is part of the "not be able to defend myself" Now that I think about it...I've had two fosters in here that when they got too close to her crate she would bark at them. Hanz, though, he can walk right into her crate with her and she doesn't care. He's such a sweetie that's why.

If any of you are reading this and feel maybe you'd like to get in touch with your animal -- alive or deceased, click here for Brenda's info. On top of it all, she has a wonderful voice, very calm, sweet and soothing.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emotions suck sometimes

There's been stuff going on in the dog world around here.

Megan got adopted last night by a very nice couple. She will have a 12 year old canine sibling who is feeling the loss of his sister who was his littermate and they grew up together until she passed a month ago. He hasn't been quite the same since. Hopefully Megan will be able to give him the companionship he is missing.

For those of you keeping track of Lucy's progress, I have a could be long...

Two Mondays ago Lucy was supposed to have her eye surgery (May 10.) The Monday before that it was cancelled because the vet became unavailable. Notice I said she was supposed to have eye surgery on the 10th? Well, it got cancelled. She was throwing up all day Sunday and then again Monday morning. I drove my hour long highway drive to the vet and told them what was going on. I knew they would opt out of surgery...and they did. It really was in the best interest of Lucy, but totally frustrating for me. SO, we scheduled again for this past Monday (the 17th). I cancelled on Friday...this is why:

Lucy hadn't eaten all week. She wasn't interested in much of anything, was quiet, pensive, not doing too well overall, but still was going outside to pee and going out of her crate to get some water. I figured it was an obstruction of some sort because she does like to destuff her toys and then eat parts of them, rip them apart, etc. She does this to toweling and bedding, too.

On Thursday, I called a local vet and made an appointment for Saturday, maybe they could tell me if it actually was an obstruction. I figured it would require x-rays. Thursday late morning I talked with my co-owner of SPR, Shelly, and we agreed that due to her personality, lack of much progress, blindness that we might not be able to fix (I'll tell you why in a few..) and the cost of what surgery they might suggest to remove said obstruction, and the fact that it may happen again because she eats things...we decided it was really in her best interest to not go to the vet, and to cancel the eye surgery because there was no way they'd be operating on a girl that hadn't eaten all week -- and just let her be.

This is the 3rd time the surgery was cancelled, Lucy seemed to be getting impatient with the 4x a day eye drops...and the money we were promised for donations didn't come through. There had to be a message here. I had to listen.

Shelly and I talked again and decided that Lucy would be euthanized. You don't even know how heartbroken with that decision I was. I wasn't ready. I knew it was probably the best answer because she was starting to starve at this point and I didn't want to put her through that. I knew it was what we had to do, but I wasn't 100% on it that day. I wanted to wait, to get through the weekend, and I figured on Monday it would be the humane thing to do if she still hadn't eaten.

I cried. I felt bad. I felt so sorry for her terrible life she's had.

On Friday -- I cried more. I wrote a note to the eye surgeon telling her our decision and the reasons for it. I would have had to cancel the appointment anyway due to lack of funds (this surgery would completely wipe us out and then some. Add the cost of visits, meds, etc. and it will end up well over $3000, plus we have to get meds and visits for the other 2 female puppy mill dogs that came in with Lucy.)

As I'm writing an email to the vet, I received a comment from Kimberj from the blog, Arthur and I. She wrote to tell me that after having her Australian Shepherd for 13.5 years, a best friend that's been by her side every day -- they would be putting him down. I felt so bad for her, wrote her a note, and felt even worse because I was telling her that I was in the middle of making the same decision.

(Kim, if you are reading this...I hope you have received my thoughts are with you at this time of loss and sorrow.)

I cried HARD. So hard I thought I was going to pass out. My heart hurt for Kim, my heart ached for Lucy. Was I letting her down? Was I doing the right thing? I've gotten to know her and have her in my heart....this is why emotions suck...they cloud your thinking.

So, after all that decision making, vet appointment canceling, feelings of loss and sorrow, telling a few people of the decision and being pissed at the people that brought her into the world like this and treated her like shit...she ate a treat. The damn dog ate a treat. A couple hours later she went outside, I followed, I wanted to see if there were any signs, any possibility of a bowel movement. There was. A sort of healthy one that included string and whatever else. She came in and was hungry. Yes, hungry! I gave her some food, not too much because I didn't want her heaving after not eating for 6 days. She wanted more.

Then Saturday comes and she's a bit of a different dog. She's more alert and active than before she got sick. She changed. She seems brighter, lighter, less scared. She's HUNGRY! She's been roaming the whole house and not just two rooms. She's been going outside and not staying on her typical path but actually going out INTO the yard. She changed. It's wonderful. She's not 100% by any means but she was making 1% changes and this was more like a 20% change.

A friend of mine suggested that maybe what her spirit needed was to know she was really wanted and loved and that's why she came out of it, and even changed.

She's still scared, but she's curious. I've been hand feeding her. She is so food oriented and feeling a little calmer and safer that she comes to wherever I am for some food. I give her a few nuggets at a time. I change where I am in the house, sometimes some places make her nervous but the desire for food is stronger and she comes. SHE COMES! It's sooooo great. What's even better is that she goes to R. when he's offering food. So now when people come over, I will have them hold out food for her so she can get used to different people.

A couple days ago we received a $50 donation to go toward her surgery. Another sign to go ahead? that it will all work out? It's the first one. I was so touched. It meant so much. Someone other than we who know her, wants to be a part of her receiving sight. Isn't that so great!?

Now we are back to scheduling her for the eye surgery. We decided "what the hell, you only live once." we'll figure out the payment thing.

Keep fingers crossed that everything stays good.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Listings

New items I've listed on ebay:

Vintage Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly and High Ball Glasses

Vintage Deco Inspired & Dorothy Thorpe Silver Band Dot Dash Glasses

Masonic Temple 10K Ring & Vintage Hexagon Lap Loom

Vintage Sunbeam Wall Clock & Strawberry Needlepoint Pillow

Vintage Blank Photo Album & New Twin Pottery Barn Kids Duvet

Flea Market Finds

We went to the Flea Market on Sunday morning, yes, it was cold, and yes, I wasn't going to spend any money on anything I didn't need. I almost got all the way through and there it was! Color! Pattern! Ideas popping into my, yes, I bought it all............

The Pucci inspired print is a pair of handmade pants with legs so wide, it looks like a skirt. The brown and white fabric is actually a set of two cotton bedspreads that will be going into the etsy shop, the pink and cream is 'lounge wear' basically a fancy housecoat and the multi-red color fabric is a simple almost moo-moo style dress that will look cute belted -- 1970's peasant style.

Isn't the color wonderful? Uh, I thought I could do it and I couldn't, I'm weak weak weak for fabric, pattern and color. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Let There Be Light

Thank goodness for the barter system. The electrician that's been coming in to do a couple of simple things has had to rewire and fix what the last electrician I hired did. Idiot. And that guy told me the electrician before him had hooked my hot tub up wrong, so another $300 and I had him do it. Now I'm going to have Gary check that because of the other things that he's had to fix.

But, I now have a light over my kitchen sink, which hasn't been there for about 2 years since this simple renovation started. I had found an antique light cover and was trying to figure out how to make it into a hanging lamp and was about to bring it to a local lighting place that I know would be able to do it. THEN I was at the dump the other day and someone was throwing out 3 antique/vintage hanging lamps. 2 matched in a creamy color of slag glass and then there was a red slag glass one.

I don't really have red in my house but I thought it would look nice over the sink...

It's grey and rainy, not the best day for pictures, but it's mimicking dusk. Here it is with the light on...a nice glow...

Because this reno has taken so long, a client that I now call a friend, who's husband died and had an extension of elephant decorative items, gave me the plaque you see in the reads:

"Getting anything done around here is like mating elephants. It's done on a high level. It's accomplished with a great deal of roaring and screaming. And it takes two years to get results."

Sums up my kitchen renovation! 

It looks better in person and certainly creates an ambience that wasn't there before...

So, that's what I'm up to today. Along with trying to find a rescue that will take the Rat Terrier we have not been able to adopt out, oh yeah, and figuring out where we are going to put two new foster dogs, oh yeah, and trying to figure out how we are going to fund Lucy's surgery since the very generous donations we were told we would get -- we haven't gotten. Her surgery is on Monday. 

But, I am very excited that she will be able to see.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Megan Has Arrived

Whiney, high pitch barking, spoiled, scared, cutie girl Megan has entered the building...

For 12 years old the girl looooooooks goooood.

She's got lots of life, even if there's only a few teeth left, and she's slim and active. Her owner went into the hospital in November and Megan went to stay with 'grandma.' Well, unfortunately, her owner passed a couple weeks ago and because 76 year old grandma never intended on having a dog...she surrendered her to us. Megan was very well taken care of -- groomed every six weeks, regular vet visits, lots of love and comfort.

She's fine with my dogs, a little sniff here, a little sniff there, curious about these other furry beings. She has taken to my electrician, standing only a foot away from him, not saying a word, just watching him work.

My Weezie yelled at her when she walked over the bed Weezie was resting in...Megan wasn't even fazed. I think because she wanted to get to me it didn't dawn on her that she should have been afraid of, she should be, 'cuz Weeze will give her the 'what for.'

Usually 12 year olds are difficult to place, but if I didn't tell anyone her age, people would probably guess that she's around 8. So, we'll get her picture up on the site and find out who's willing to give an old girl a little love.

Good Morning Tuesday

Ohhhh, I'm running late. I've been checking out the blogs I follow and I should be at Home Depot ....should have been at Home Depot 8 minutes ago. I have things to pick up for the electrician and then it's back to my basement studio to make room for him to work...LOL...yeah, that's a tough one! I spent 8 hours there yesterday and got more organized, which feels great, but I have, oh, so much more to 2:30. Oh, well, whatcha gonna do? well, I'm going to show you a picture of my little Hanz in his sexy lounging pose.....

He's such a little nudge...I love that boy! 

12 year old Megan will be coming in at 1pm for her foster stay, can't wait to meet her.

Off I go...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Gardening 101

I'm not a gardener by any means...but I'm good at making what's there look neat. Thanks to the help of mulch....mulch makes it all better. Even after I put the layer of compost down I began to feel better.

This is what I spent the hot weekend doing. I got an early start this year so now all I have to do is put in some filler plants. Last year I tore apart (well, I didn't do it, R. did) the gardens and added some topsoil to make them pitch correctly. Things got moved around, so it's almost like starting over. A gardening friend started my garden 6 years ago as a cottage style, but it got over run with what was planted so out most of it came and now I'm working on it being a little more organized but not formal in any way. Due to the re-do, some plants didn't come back, like my one and only Lupine that I seeded and hoped for many more this year, which makes me very sad, and I was given some lamb's ear that I planted last fall and I lost some of that...

One thing I'm very happy with is that my ground phlox, although it did pretty well in the past, I moved it to an even sunnier spot and it's full, healthy and looking oh so pretty. See the Azalea on the upper left? I've had it since the garden started 6 years ago and it's done much of nothing...time for it to be to someone else's yard! The Knock Out rose bush was given to me last August as a gift from a did pretty well so I'm expecting great things from it this year. They are supposedly very low maintenance and hardy...right up my alley! See where that metal pole is on the left? I'd love to plant a Coppertina tree there but I don't know if that area gets enough sun. A client that is an avid gardener has one and it turns a coppery color for's very pretty.

Last week I was given a few starters of Montauk Daisy bushes from a client, which bloom late summer. I have to figure out where they will end up but they are only about 4" tall right now so I have a couple years before they start to look like anything, in the meantime, they are resting nicely in a sunny spot.

I accidentally killed the bee balm I planted last year but fortunately for me, the woman that gave it to me was offering more up via Freecycle so I've started again. It'll be great when it's really rooted and flourishing. I love bee balm, looking at it makes me happy and the scent is wonderful. I've put in plants that are about 6" to 8" high and even the greens smell delicious. I planted some in the garden in the front of the yard and here in front of the window....

so when I have the windows open I'll be able to absorb their perfume. If they weren't so much work I'd have a garden full Dahlias. Oh be still my heart, they are gorgeous! On a motorcycle ride last year a house we passed had them all lined up in the front of his fence in a few colors...bursting blooming colors all gathered together nice and tall with their big was a beautiful sight.

Next task is to find the best solution for the hose. I really dislike garden hoses, they are unwieldy and ugly. I might look for a pot to wind it up in or a low hook...I just don't like it to be visually part of the garden but I do want ease of use. 

This guy is on my front step...

a friend's mom was throwing it out, can you imagine such a thing? It had Denise written all over it. A metal Schnauzer...perfect. Plus, it has the bent ear that my first Schnauzer wore every day.

Hope your weekend had it's adventures!