Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Thrifting We Will Go

A day of thrifting with Angela brought me some nice goodies. At the first shop I found some fabric (go figure) and a skein of yarn. I really like these colors and my mind is whirring with ideas. 

Then at the second shop which had Angela asking a lot of "what's this?" questions, I scoped out as much as possible trying not to spend the whole afternoon there. I think I missed a few things but pretty much looked at or touched 90% of the goods. There was a lot of eye candy. 

I filled my arms with some nice pieces of clothing but only a couple items fit, like this skirt by Ann Taylor and this cool leather purse with a colorful floral print on it which has a vintage vibe to it. 

This shirt I fell for as soon as I saw the cuff peeking out. It's a men's size medium but cut slim enough that paired with a some jeans, my studded belt, skull belt buckle, high heel boots and that colorful bag...awesome, and, it's a Bob Mackie label. Woo hooooo.

Rummaging through the linens I found a few good things but realized they wouldn't really work for what I needed them for, so I put them back. I did walk away with this nice weight and color vintage Martex bath towel...

and two tapestries that I think will become awesome as pillows. 

It's been a lot of fun hanging out with Angela. I was spoiled with good food -- for example, she whipped up yummy scallops and asparagus for dinner, spinach/chicken/walnut/cranberry salad for lunch and we enjoyed a nightly Dilly Bar treat. I dragged her kicking and screaming (not) for a Starbuck's coffee, one of my favorite 'social' things to do when on vacation. We talked, played with the dogs, had an interesting situation when we picked her computer up from the shop, and didn't get tired of each, right Angela?  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Visiting Paula Nedelstern's Kaleidoscope Quilts

Not having seen Angela in quite some time, we made a plan for me to come to her house and stay for a few days, as we live a couple hours away from each other. There's lots of chatting going on and there's thrifting, needlework and gallery hopping planned.

Yesterday was rainy so a perfect day to see Paula's quilts alive and in person.  Kaleidoscope quilts have never struck my fancy, but what a difference seeing them up close and personal. We both agreed that we would leave this technique to Paula as our minds couldn't quite get around the technical aspects of the process. Pictures do NOT do them justice. Whether in a book or taken by my phone...

It is amazing the little slivers of fabric she pieced together. Amazing. There is no other word. A selection of her quilts are being shown at Endicott College in Beverly Farms, MA. If you are in the area, I definitely recommend taking a look see.

Monday, April 16, 2012

He Is So Not a Butch

But that's the name he came with.

He should be named 'chicken boy.' He's number 4 in the line of Schnauzers named Butch so I didn't feel right changing it. I keep calling him Buster by mistake. R. calls him every other name but his name. It's just one of those things when the name doesn't fit the dog it's hard to bring the name to your tongue in a split second.

But, he's a good boy and that's what matters. He is getting used to things that normally make him jump...which is just about everything. Bug gives him the 'what for' that's for sure.

He came to us after his owner finally acquiesced to his son's intervention when the man was getting to where he couldn't take care of Butch due to illness. The son and his wife tried to keep him but they have a young Silky Terrier that terrorized Butch and the stress was just too much for everybody. He will make a great pet as he is easy to get along with. He does need some training, teaching him to sit has been a task until I involved chicken, he seemed to learn it pretty quick that day but didn't retain the information very well.

Butch is 8 years old and recently had surgery for bladder stones so he is on a grain free wet food diet to keep things flowing and to help prevent future bouts of stones.

I've had him here for a few weeks and he fit right in in no time, almost like he's not a foster. He loves to be around R. and if R. isn't available he's usually not too far from me. Although he's pretty good at hanging outside with Bug and Hanzie without any complaints. Actually, the only real complaint he has is when I'm not putting his dish of food down fast enough for him!

Update: Butch was adopted by a young couple that fell for his 'grumpy old man face.' He was all over them as soon as they walked in the door. Another match made in heaven. 

Damn Dogs

They've been being so good. Leave for 30 minutes, solicitors come to door (there was solicitation in my storm door handle)  3 dogs get hyped up and this is the least that's how I think it went down. I've been here before.

Hanzie is the master of 'eat anything' and Bug is the instigator of 'hey let's play, I'm feeling feisty' and Butch (I have to introduce you to Butch) he probably just stood there not quite knowing what to do but definitely wanting to join in the shenanigans.

Flea Market Sunday

What beautiful weather we had here. How could I not go out and peruse the goods? 

um, and come back with something.

I saw this from afar...after getting it home I realized it felt so familiar to me...I believe I had one when I was much younger. This will be added to my suitcase collection. 

I have collected 4 different colors of plastic sewing baskets but I am not using them for their intended purpose. I have been trying to figure out what type of container I could use for storing office and art stuff. As I've been cleaning out, I have come across the sewing baskets and had an aha! moment. I was going to buy some 'nice' baskets but I have a really hard time with buying new and not vintage. I'm glad I went with this idea and I wasn't even looking when I found this big beauty...

It is in great shape and has it's two inserts. I looked it up on ebay and although prices and sales vary, one sold for $47 in February. $47!! I bought mine from a very nice lady for $3. There was a green one I inquired about at another booth and it was not as in good condition and it didn't have the inserts. She was asking $10. She might get it because of the green color, but I'm a cheap-o and have gotten them for SO much less (and usually filled with sewing notions and scissors) and I like that challenge. 

Of course, I had to rummage through the fabric/linen bin. $5 later and I bought this fabric...

and two vintage sheets...

a tea towel and a pretty thick bath towel made by Sears. 

There was a gold and white one, too, but with some pulls...I'm kicking myself I didn't add it to the pile. I don't usually find them this thick. 

All in all, a satisfied customer. $8.50 spent? coffee and lunch with my boyfriend? Sun shining all day? 

Yes, Yes, Yes!

I hope you had a great day, too!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Word To The Wise

A post that I did a while back that was in good fun has gotten quite a few hits and comments.

Good thing I moderate because most of them were not kind. I imagined they were from boys or stupid men that had nothing better to do than porn surf. On my stats recently I saw that 'rubber pink gloves' was what brought said imbeciles to my blog.

So, out of curiosity I googled 'pink rubber gloves'. I have to laugh! I'm on a 'google images' page not too far after naked Tatiane. Very naked Tatiane. Then I looked at my image and the words that went with it...

The lesson? never put 'I get excited' with 'pink rubber gloves' in the same sentence -- or probably anything else for that matter!!

Ahhhh, a good chuckle for the day.

Hello Spring! Hello Flea Market!!

I didn't realize the Market was open until R's daughter Madalena suggested we go whilst R. and his youngest went shooting at the gun club. OK. Works for me.

I picked up this old quilt. It has a few holes so it could be patched or used as a cutter, which is more likely. I think it'll be great for making things from it.

Then of course, I couldn't resist these colors...

Oh my! Another scarf to add to my collection. A collection started 27 years ago with a leopard print scarf bought in NYC on Canal Street. A country girl going into the big city with friends. Oh how some memories stay right there in the front of the brain.

I also picked up two water pitchers because I need them. Yes, really, I need them. Really, I'm not kidding. I've been having people over and didn't have vessels for water. I found this one for $5. I really really like it. I've not seen one similar in my travels.


I couldn't help myself...I don't have this color...

yes, another sewing machine -- about 35 pounds of metal. It's an Adler, German made. A company started in the latter part of the 1800's that went through a few hands and product changes. They continue to make industrial sewing machines but stopped production on household machines in 1961. I will clean it up and repair anything that is needed repair. Hopefully, all it needs is a clean up and oiling because I did a search and parts might be a bit difficult to find.

When I was looking at it, even Madalena noticed the styling. Being a vintage car fan herself, she noticed the front 'grille.'

A girl after my own heart. I actually walked away from it to think about whether or not I should make an offer on it and the fact that I don't need it, but oh, the color and style. I went back and offered a cheap price I wouldn't budge from no matter what. He counter offered and I stayed true to my offer. He had no use for it, it had been his mother's-in-law and I'm sure wasn't interested in schlepping it back home. So, it became mine. The carrying case is a mess. I hadn't even looked at the cover and it's blackened top. Apparently it had been stored in the garage and it does smell of oil, so maybe the residue is of oil. It looks like mildew but doesn't smell like it. I'm OK with it because I've been wanting to recover or paint a case but feel like it's sacrilegious if it's in decent shape. I won't have a problem re-vamping this one.

There were more things I could have bought, but being mindful of purchasing mostly what I need and not what I want was my mantra for the day because I'm actually still packing up things for a tag sale...

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hello (Kitty) Bunnies...

...and Goodbye.

R's girls have had a fondness for Hello Kitty for years, so why not put her face on a bunny? Made with vintage fabric. I haven't made a pom pom in 30 years!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Sweet Boy Turns 8 This Month

I think it's so cute when he sleeps and his little tongue sticks out...

...and how he tucks himself up into a little package.