Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh, The Life

It's been a very busy week. I'm working on a pretty large room changing it from a golden tight color wash to a softer tan-er faux grasscloth/linen look. It's looking pretty awesome, lots of work. I, of course, forgot to take full room 'before' pics, but I have a sliver of the wall with the original faux finish. When I'm done I'll show and tell, hopefully the new finish will show up on camera. 

Speaking of camera. ugh. I've been using mine with lines across the viewing screen for months now. I still hesitate sending it out because I do not want to be without it but those lines are really starting to annoy me. So send it out I must. I just hope they fix it and not email me telling me it'll cost X amount of dollars for a 'refurbished' one with their loyalty program. That's how I got this one because the original crashed to the ground and the shutter broke. But...

This is really what I wanted to share:

Cute puppies keeping warm. A typical scene around here in the colder weather. Lucas LOVES being in front the wood stove and is there 90% of the time. Hanz must have been feeling especially chilly, usually he's on the sofa -- and Bug! well, she doesn't sit still for very long and if I'm doing something, she wants to know what the heck it is. 

Have a great day!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Finger vs. Vegetable Peeler

The peeler won.

I sliced the top of my pinky finger. From the center down about a 1/2". The first shave of the vegetable peeler on a grapefruit. In a flash! Slip! Shit! Ouch! Crap! 

The deepest part of the slice? almost 1/4". Blood. Blood. and more blood.

I could probably use a couple stitches, but I did what my dad taught me many many years matter how deep the gash, (And my brother had one looooong deeep gash on the underbelly of his forearm) butterfly stitches will do the trick. So that's what I did...after if finally stopped bleeding.

I just sat down to type, forgetting about the finger and ended up with words missing the letter 'a'. This is not going to be fun. I have work to do and a lot of my work involves water cleanup, plus I can be a little OCD on washing my hands. Injuries on a hand is never a good thing. 

Note to self: no more peeling citrus. Well, that probably won't happen -- SO -- get fingers out of the way when peeling citrus. Ahhhhhh, there we go.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh Snowy Snowy Night

One of the most beautiful times to go out into the hot tub is when there is a light snow falling, it's midnight and all is quiet. The warmth the hot water gives you right to your bones, makes one sleep like a baby.

This was going to be one of those nights.

Until I got out there only to find that for some reason the water is 95 degrees and not 104 degrees like it's supposed to be! Aaarrgghh.

My toes are cold.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Dear vintage Vitamix,

Oh, how I have adored you. It was a tremendously difficult decision to let you go. I love your look, your all metal construction, the hard work you've done for me over the years, but alas, I must move on, I was seduced by another. More muscular, stronger, faster. I couldn't help myself, I went to see it perform and I was smitten, (plus, it came with an extra pitcher for free and an extra year of warranty)...I could not pass it by. I was going to keep you on the side, as you are far better looking, but I cannot be a mistress of two, I am not capable of such disloyalty.

It breaks my heart, but you must go, another will find you and you will be loved again.

Ahhhh, my new love...

You have proven yourself to me time and time again, even though I've known you for such a short while. You are the best Christmas gift. Your swiftness and abilities have swept me off my feet, and I am better for it. I am glowing from the nectar of your cup. I was not being satisfied fully by 'the other' and you have filled me completely.

I think we will have a long, beautiful life together.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweetie

Yesterday was R's birthday. The BIG 5-0. I asked him if he would like a party with all his friends. "No, I'd just like to spend it with you." I asked him what he would like for a gift. "Nothing, except you." He's easy to please...the thing is...he MEANS it! How awesome is that?

So, I did what any decent loving girlfriend would do to start his day off right -- I made him pancakes.

Photo courtesy of Almond Board of California.
The recipe is from Elana's Pantry. They were AWESOME! I doused them with peaches simmered in butter rum syrup. Best pancakes I've ever made.

Since going grain free, R. is being introduced to grain free foods and so far, so good.

I sent him off to work with a refreshing, tasty and healthy smoothie.

And for dinner I made him one of his favorite dishes...nice salad, stuffed peppers, and roasted sweet potatoes.

For dessert I 'whipped' up ... there's whipped egg whites in the cake as well as the meringue :-) ... this flourless chocolate torte with cherry preserves from Martha Stewart.

It's the first time I've made meringue, and although the results weren't stellar, it looked pretty good and R. was impressed with me trying something new. But, we both agreed, the cake would have been better without the super sweetness of the cherry preserves and without the super sweetness of the meringue. A dusting of confectioners sugar (or not) would have been just fine. The taste of the cake was excellent and would have shown off better without all the sweet goopiness.

I did want to give him a gift other than myself, but what? As I was sitting in his man-chair pondering the thought, it hit me. A mug rug!!

When I started reading about mug rugs awhile back I thought, "why would you make one of those?" I didn't get it. A small placemat/big coaster for tea and treats. But as I sat there staring off into space, looking at the coffee table the other day, it came to me. See, R. doesn't like to put his morning tea and oatmeal on the coffee table for fear it may get scratched. So, he'll grab whatever else is on the table and use it as a coaster/placemat. It would only be right to make him his own little coaster-mat, otherwise known as a mug rug. I knew I would have to explain to him what it was when he opened it, and I could see he wasn't sure about the whole deal, he said he'd want to hang it as art, (he's sweet, and again, he meant it!) but he put it into use this morning and was pretty pleased to have it.

I had researched mug rugs before making it. I found a blog that noted this guy's name that had started the whole craze. It looked pretty recent so I figured it was a new thing that this guy thought up (because they said he did, why wouldn't I believe them?)

I was talking with my friend Lenore today, telling her the story of R's birthday and she said, "oh, a mug rug, my grandma used to make them." REALLY? I knew it had to be quite awhile back because Grandma is dead, and has been for quite some time. "Yeah, back in 1993." I thought that was pretty cool.

He tells me he had a GREAT birthday!   Mission accomplished.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Loyal Dog Stories Will Warm Your Heart

Playing my daily Freekibble game, today there is a link for 'more photos.' Sweet stories of loyal dogs. One especially gave me a few tears, the dog in Japan after the Tsunami, stood by the side of it's injured canine companion. Watch the video, see how it puts it's little paw over the head of the other? A definite 'awwww' moment.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh Oscar! You Retro God

I found this as I thrifted around before Christmas. Oscar de la Renta scarf, excellent condition. Fun, pop, retro goodness. It would look great framed, and that may happen, but I'm thinking it will be more suited to someone's home with a graphic retro style, so it may end up on ebay. I really do 'dig' it, though.

My camera sucks when it comes to reds, guess I should get me a photo program to enhance/alter...this is brighter and more raspberry in person. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Theatre Going

photo taken from the 'Norwich Bulletin'

Last night a friend invited me to see The Boy In The Bathroom at the Spirit of Broadway Theater, located in Norwich, CT. It is a very small venue, intimate and up close with the actors...all 3 to be exact. It starts as a story of OCD, but builds up to a much bigger picture of life, what it brings to us and how we deal with it. It was funny, touching and moving. It is a musical, as the actors sang their parts, but no dancing was involved. Thought provoking and philosophical. Very enjoyable. If you live in the area, you should see it. 

Hey Look!!

Wouldn't this be an awesome wall finish to do in your house somewhere? 

I totally swiped the photo from The Linkster Blog. 

I really need to do this somewhere. Probably in more subtle colors but this is very cool. Maybe grey and black. Pink and red would be awesome. Or orange and pink, very bubble gum. Lime green and yellow! Oh, how I could go on. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rufus, Roofy, Cutie Boy

Whatever you call him, he comes a runnin'!

This boy is sooooo good. Whomever adopts him will be lucky to have him. He's easy, wants to please (not a typical Schnauzer trait) loves walks and trail hikes, oh yeah, I already told you, and rolling in poop. 

He was very good posing for the camera. He's just a love all the way around. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lexie Goes Home

Lexie got adopted today!! Woot Woot! The family went to Shelly's to meet Tandy and fell for Lexie. Who wouldn't? She's sweet, quiet and gives delicate kisses. BUT, don't be surprised if we find out that she's a DIVA. I have that sense about her, it's just waiting to come out when she feels comfortable enough. LOL.

She was snuggled up with Hanz until I took the camera out.

Staying warm by the fire and keeping her baby safe. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of her and I'd think it was Hanzie. This is one of those moments. 

New Year's Beginnings...

The good, bad and ugly, continued....

Monday morning was started by meeting with a client. I brought them sample boards of a faux finish I will be doing on the walls of their combined dining room/sitting room area. The finish mimics grasscloth. They loved everything about it, the color, the visual texture, they were very excited, which makes me happy.

R. had some tree work to do and thought he'd have assistance from the homeowner he was doing it for, but the guy had to leave. I got the call for help. I act as the groundsman on his jobs sometimes. This one would be pretty easy, I'd have to lower some limbs when he cuts them. It's kind of cool. He is like a monkey in a tree. This is the first time I was really nervous about him being up there. The way the widow makers (tree lingo for branches dangling from a tree) were up there and where they were and how far out on a branch that looked unstable, made my heart jump. I've seen him up in a 70 foot tree, at the top and it swaying after large branches have been problem, but when he's precariously perched with only his rope tethering him to another limb...I get a little nervous. But all was well, we packed up and off we went.

The adventures for the day was to go look at a car an hour away and to bring Lexie to Shelly's. I've been searching for a new car for a few weeks. When I do research, I do it obsessively. If I'm on the computer, which ends up being all the time when researching something, I'm going from website to website looking for the best car for the best deal. Narrowing down which brand and style I want, then finding one that fits certain criteria. I used to just take what I could get but I wanted a white or light blue exterior and a grey interior. The latter being the most important. I don't do well with tan interiors visually, and with dogs....well, need I say more. The only acceptable thing in tan would have been leather.

I wouldn't normally be searching only two years after the last purchase which was this 1997 Subaru Outback,

but that one ended up not being a very good choice. It was a 'I need a car now' type of purchase because it had been a couple months since my car crash and I just needed a vehicle of my own instead of using R's. We've just had to put money into it what feels like every 6 months. Now it has other things going wrong and we made the decision to not continue wasting the money and to buy something else. Something else meant something newer than 10 years old. Totally out of my category of buying cars. Spending more than $5000 on a car is scary shit, but I need reliability and longevity. I finally settled on a Toyota Rav4, 2006-2010. I found a 2006 Sport with sunroof priced $3000+ below market value.

It's very clean inside which is huge for me. It has 55k miles on it, which does not bring it over the national average per year, and I'm comfortable with it. If you've been looking for a car, have you noticed how high mileage is on them and still how much they are priced at??? I soon as I saw this one online, I knew it was the one. The guy selling it was awesome, a little used car place in Williamsburg, MA. All of his vehicles look to be in excellent shape and priced under market value.

So with that decision made, and feeling good about it, we were off. Shelly was expecting me around 2-2:30 and we were running on time. The new dogs that came in have gotten quick interest and one would be leaving, so... I was bringing Lexie there because having an intact male and an in-heat female in my small house does not work. They were crated too much and Rufus was beside himself with desire. Off we went for the hour's drive. I got to meet the rest of the crew that came in and fell in love with Macie.

Her picture does not do her justice. She is petite, cautious and sweeeeet. I wanted to take her with me, but she is in heat, too.

Tandy is Queen B

Lizzy is a cutie pie

and Emmie is still with us and making progress

I had a hard time leaving Lexie, she was so good and so sweet, but maybe it's good so that I don't get too attached. ;-) With that done, we started home -- another hour of driving.

We got a mile away from Shelly's house and the temperature gauge was through the roof hot and the smell of the radiator was coming into the car, plus we had no heat...Yup, the car was over heating, but no steam was coming out from under the hood. We pulled into the Big Y parking lot. We had to wait for the car to cool before opening the radiator cap so we went in and bought some fried chicken parts and anti-freeze and went back out to the car to eat our snack. We were starving from not having any lunch, and truth be told, this was not our smartest choice of foods, it chewed and tasted old and it was way too fried.

When enough time had passed, the radiator was replenished with fluid and off we went, remarking on the good fortune of having just purchased a newer car. Funny how things happen. Although, this car is not dead in the water, it's good to know that the back up will be here in a couple days.

Happy New Year!!!!

OK, I'm a few days late in my well wishes, but I do hope that 2012 is a happy, healthy and productive one for everyone. 

My New Year's beginnings...the good, the bad, the ugly...

Sunday was a beautiful day but I didn't realize that until about 1pm. All morning I felt like I was walking in circles, needing to get things accomplished, but accomplishing nothing. I was waiting for information from two people so that I could schedule my day. Not knowing puts me into a wait and see funk instead of a go with the flow attitude and live on. I was also regretting my decision to not spend the day with R. and his girls, so the waiting and thinking I could have gone with them after all, made me cranky. I basically moved things around, packed some things up, moved things around.

My friend Toni took Rufus for the weekend, to get him away from Lexie. He was crazy boy with Lexie being in heat and really needed some time away from heightened hormone activity. He, apparently, is a very excellent dog. Well behaved, listens, comes when called, and can be off leash on the trails without going out of sight and comes back quickly when called. The down side to the 'off leash on trail' thing? He likes to roll in things. She thought he was rolling in some mud, upon further inspection -- found it to be poop. I got 'THE CALL.' "Help, there's a stream to rinse him in but I need towels." Off I go to save the day.

The friend she was hiking with is an avid exerciser so she had some Pantene Shampoo in her bag of tricks along with a towel. They rinsed him in the stream, doing a quick shampoo, and dried him off. When I came into the parking area where they were he was bundled in a pink towel shivering. It was very cute, really. I put him in the car and as I chatted with the girls, he dried off a little more from the sun, and wanted to get out of the crate to run around again. They were telling me of the whole event, dramatic effects and all and mentioned that they inspected the poop and it was diarrhea. Yikes! the way they said it, I looked at them and with caution, asked..."was it human?" "Yes, they thought so." DOUBLE YIKES!! Yes, you can freely gag with that one. He got a full bath when I returned home with him.

While talking with them I realized how beautiful the day was. I'm very good being a homebody, but with that, I sometimes do not take advantage of the beautiful weather because I get busy in the house. With this weather revelation I thought about what I could do outside for the afternoon. Well, it isn't very exciting to the average bear, but I went into the garage and organized it a bit and packed some stuff up for the thrift store. This is where the sewing machines moved to from the kitchen a few weeks ago, neatly lined up by my hero who did the unforgiving task of moving all those machines. It was a reminder to get on the ball and get them moved along.

Last week I picked up on the side of the road 7 boxes of yarn. The boxes were marked 'free yarn' so what's a recycler to do but put them in the car? But then, I put them in the garage. I went through the boxes and kept a few skeins but mostly cleaned up any added miscellaneous debris and boxed them back up, put them back into the car and off to the thrift store they will go today. It's so refreshing to clear a space.

Sunday night , when R. came home I was a bit off and finally admitted to him the disappointment of the day, that I missed not being with them on such a beautiful day, that I felt I didn't ACCOMPLISH anything. It's something I was holding onto for the day and it effected me with him...once I let my story out, I felt so much better and started to have a lighter heart. I told him about Rufus's adventure and my spirits were lifted.

We had some dinner and watched Grey Gardens. I picked it up from the library a few days before. I read about it a few months ago on some of the blogs I follow and knew I wanted to see it, but forgot about it. Interesting story. I'd like to see the original documentary made in 1975. I will have to look for it. R. thought it interesting and disturbing. I liked it.