Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Betsy Youngquist

When I have few extra minutes I like to see what new work some of my favorite artists have come up with.

I love Betsy Youngquist's work -- I like the color, the oddity, the animals, the anthropomorphism....

here's a few new things -- but I encourage you to check out all her images on her website...

Look at the detail of this octopus...

and the underside!

I really like the feel of this snail, and the back has a little unexpected number...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ray Caesar

I took a couple hours to clean off my desk and now I appear a little more organized, and I got some paperwork done. I have a tendency to jot down websites of artists that I want to take a look at but don't have time at that moment. I often don't find these notes until I do this type of desktop cleaning, whether it be my office tabletop or my computer files.

So, I revisit artist's sites to see if I still like them. Ray Caesar is a favorite. Because I'm a little old school and wanted his work to be painted with oils, I remember I had pushed him aside because his work is digital. Now that I've taken another look, I remember why I kept his information. I am very drawn to his style of work. The macabre, the surreal, the messages...there are messages, right? I'm not real cerebral when it comes to art, if it touches my soul, that is what I know....and this guy touches it.

Look at the beauty of this creature, sensuous, ethereal, naughty, sassy, surreal...

and the detail of this one...

There are so many more to ogle at, when you have some time, take a look see...he's got quite the imagination.

Lady Gaga and Beer

I, of course, had to get an over priced T-shirt that went out of shape after the first wash! LOL

Well, we went back to Wisconsin because R's sister said to us the first time we were there, "hey! you want to serve beer for an hour and then see Lady Gaga for free?" I was right on it! (Of course, I had a couple glasses of wine in me and the fun of the wedding and family around, I was on a happy high.) "Absolutely, I am there!!" "wait, let me find out how much this will cost to get back here."

So, I went home and within 3 days found affordable round trip tickets and I booked the flights. R. said he'd go with me, he likes Lady Gaga, too, but more than that, he likes adventures.

After I make all the plans and spend my money I think to ask about the details. duhhhhhhh. I email Deb and ask her what the deal is. The reality of it was that we served beer throughout the concert!!!!! and we get to see Lady Gaga from the side entryways. WHAT!!!??? This was not what I signed up for! I thought I'd be there in the audience, dancing and singing with the rest of the concert goers. But, noooooo, that is not what we were doing.

I was bummed. Really mad that I didn't find out the details first and then make a decision. But, in the end, I'm glad I didn't know the details. We had a lot of fun. I got to see most of her show because I wasn't needed in the beer booth, and it was a volunteer situation for the Lutherans to raise money. And look at the beautiful uniforms we got to wear....

Purty, huh???

I got to experience the crowd waiting in lines for over an hour. Watching, from above, their antics, seeing their costumes or outfits (or lack there of) The costumes of some of the concert goers seemed to be right out of Gaga's closet.

Know what else? she sounds in concert like she sounds on the radio. She's interactive with her audience and she put on a good show. Although there were some very young girls there, I may caution someone about taking their young teenager to her shows, but sometimes the sexual stuff goes right over their heads because they are in awe of being there and just adore her music.

She is very gay supportive and Virgin records donates $20,000 to an organization that supports gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and transexual young people that have been kicked out of their homes for being, basically, who they are. Very sad that happens. Maybe one day, that will no longer exist but in the meantime there are support groups available.

I was able to get a few pictures, wish I had taken the camera out earlier but I wasn't sure it was allowed, plus, I get cautious and shy in new situations.

Speaking of cameras, because mine has been on the blink, R. insisted we get a new one if we were going to the concert. Our first few hours in Wisconsin had me making a snap decision (I'm an eternal researcher so that is hard for me) after going to 3 different stores checking styles and prices. It actually didn't take long to decide on the Canon SX120is. I wanted to keep it below $200, I like to feel a camera in my hand, I liked the flip up flash only if you want it and the 10x zoom. So, within a couple hours, we had a new camera. There are a couple things I don't care for about it but overall I'm very happy with it. 

Because of where I was able to stand, I could get really good shots of the screen, not quite the same as getting her on stage but I was too far away, although, I did snap a couple of her on stage, too. It was hard to get pictures that weren't blurry, if my hand wasn't moving then she was.

so here she is in all her glory! 

Yes, here, she looks like Madonna...

ps: the guitar is in front of her although it looks like she's playing it with her ass.

I love this costume...

Funny thing is, a week after I came home, she was here in Hartford, CT making up for the concert cancelled in January. I probably could have scalped tickets for $100 as there were a lot of people selling them on Craigslist...but taking the chance for a new experience was a lot of fun. 

Lucy Barked

Yup, a low gruff type of bark. This bark has been very few and far between. I'm not sure what triggered it...Timmy getting in her face, the fact that in order to get to me she had to bypass 4 other dogs, or my neighbor's truck that has a very loud muffler.

I celebrate when she barks because it shows me more of her. I do not encourage barking so it's one of those catch 22's. But for now, I will enjoy the occasional sound of her voice.

These 'firsts' and what feel like firsts even though they may have happened on occasion before...the jump in your heart that happens because it is new, the joy of her becoming more of who she is meant to be...this must be similar to what mom's feel when their babies have firsts, when they get older and learn new things, when one day (and I'm sure I will feel this way if it happens) they have joy and sadness in their hearts at the same time, when their little love leaves the nest and is out in the world.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Three New Foster Dogs

A couple days ago, 3 new fosters were transferred to me from one of our foster moms.

Timmy -- energetic, happy, tail wagging, puppy playing, affection hog

Mia -- mellow, sweet, loves to play with others, cuddle bug

Lady -- mellow, loves attention but not needy, good girl all around

Locks of Love

R's been growing his hair for about 5 years or so with a little trimming here and there. Last weekend while we were at camp, he said, "cut it off, let's send it to the kids that need it." So, he went from this

to this

Almost 14 inches off. Once I got used to it, I love it short now. His hair is naturally thick, soft and wavy -- many woman wish they had it -- I wish I had it. Now he's growing it 4 more inches and we'll cut it from the scalp area. Yiyyyy. not sure I'm ready for that one, it will take a day again for me to get used to that. But as he says, "it's only hair, it will grow again, and it will benefit kids with cancer."

My hero.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lucy's Antics

I just got home, it's before lunch, I'm not feeling great, need to take a nap....

I walk in the house and am greeted at the door by Hanz and Lucy, Lucy looks guilty, or maybe it's just the fluff that's on her face and flits of it on the floor that makes me believe she is guilty of something. There's a shoe and a slipper in a place different from where they were when I left....Uh oh, what did she rip apart? She stayed clear of me, obviously knowing she did something wrong because I've never yelled at her and even now was not showing anger...curiousity? yes.

As I follow fluffs of debris toward my office (and where her crate is) I'm wondering what the heck she could have ripped apart.

A vintage pillow.

I don't think that is a look of remorse.

She's either just becoming more of herself, or she's effected by the fact that 3 foster dogs came in yesterday. She's been playing a bit with them when outside (YES! PLAYING!) and has seemed more animated with them here...maybe they caused too much of a racket while I was away? maybe she's just becoming a mischevous little creature now that she can see and is becoming more confident, maybe she doesn't like red pillows...

You know what this means though? she's getting braver in 'front paws up' on things....

funny thing is, I accidentally locked her crate today because I've crated the new 3 and just blindly did it, as I was leaving I realized it and I went back and opened the crate door. Not such a good idea, I guess.

She's laying in her crate, not looking at me, it makes me chuckle, I can't get mad at her she's so darn cute.

Well, I wasn't sure if I'd be keeping that pillow anyway....

As I cleaned out her crate I also found the other slipper and shoe underneath the mess of cotton fill. She had a lot of fun while I was away! I wish it was on video.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lion and the Lioness

Lucy and Hanzie hanging out at camp.

Hanz looks like a lion about to go on the Miss Lucy lays around as a Lioness should.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's All About Lucy

I have to share..................this morning and this evening ------ Lucy wagged her little stump of a tail!!

this is big doings over here. She wagged it only once before, when I was dropping my other two dogs off at my rescue partner's house for dog sitting, she got caught up in the excitement of many dogs (Shelly has, um, a few) and her tail wagged as she also put her paws up on the sofa (never done before)  I think she forgot who she was.

So, this is exciting stuff. I've had her since the end of December and I find joy in every new little thing she does. She's finding her doggy self. She's not always sure about it, but she's finding it. She even has "played" a little. very little. a little jump, a little down dog...I think she's learning.

I also found that when I left her in Nantucket with my friends, she bonded with Carol, who was diligently keeping the schedule of eye drops going. This is also a good sign. She can bond with others.

What's funny about Lucy...she comes to me with no problems when I have a little bottle of drops in my hand and I ask her to 'come.' She trots right to me. But if I have a treat (today it was peanut butter) she is hesitant, comes close, runs off, comes close, runs off...even though she knows she really wants what's being offered.

Yup, there's still work to be done, but progress is being made.

Life's a Trip

Wow! been having lots of fun during my vacation time. Made our way to Nantucket after being in Wisconsin and enjoyed time with friends, relaxing and reading, sunbathing and playing Mexican Train which has almost become an addiction. 

Miss Lucy had some fun, too. Although Angela watched Lucy while we were in Wisconsin, she made the trip to Nantucket with us and stayed on for the following 10 days as we once again went back to Wisconsin. 

But I'll tell you about that in the next post....right now, let's enjoy some sun and beach time in Nantucket, and Lucy's happy face...really, it's a happy face, she'd tell you so. 

these beautiful photos were taken by my friend Chuck with his super duper digital SLR - Wowza!