Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why Hello Ollie...again

Ollie wasn't here very long back in October of 2011. I just went back and read his story. I didn't remember at all why he had come to us. When so many are in and out, I can't remember their stories.

Ollie was adopted to one of my best friend's parents, and I'm dog sitting for a few days. THEY LOVE HIM! Too much. He is soooo spoiled and rules the roost. Fortunately, he's a good boy and doesn't have the "I need to be alpha over everyone" attitude. Some training would do him well, but I say that about every dog. You'd think mine would be perfectly trained with those're not. But they do listen pretty well, it's the trying to train the 'freak' out of them when on leash and they come across other dogs that I am not consistent with because I get frustrated. 

Ollie made himself right at home and he and Otis had at it right off. Otis pinned him, I intervened, and off they went outside, Ollie following Otis around like he was the Doggy God. It's weird, bully attacks, makes him squeal and then he wants him to be his best friend. They played for hours. Otis hasn't played with anyone here. Of course, part of 'play' is posturing and trying to get control over the other but also chasing around and fun wrestling occurs, too. 

Next weekend Bella comes for a week, then Maddie comes for a week...and then Nick (thanks Sue for the reminder) for a few days in June. Always seems to be a full house around here. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bye Bye Tammy

You funny and quirky girl.

Tammy was adopted yesterday. The couple was originally looking for a young female. When I got the email that they were interested in Tammy, I called Beverly (her new owner) and said, "you know she's 10, right?" She said, "yes, for some reason we kept going back to her picture, I love her already" she was so excited that I called her, and so cute with her soft emotions and kind heart. 

While they were here to meet Tammy, I was told stories of their past Schnauzers and the last one that passed 2 years ago, Roxie. Apparently a tough little broad, conniving and sweet at the same time. 

Tammy will be spoiled rotten, taken to the beach and long walks. Lots of hugs and special doggy treatment. When I told Beverly on the phone that she bites her groomer and needs to be muzzled, she was not daunted and asked when they could come meet her. Ron, the husband, has already made a plan on how to work with her and desensitize her to having her touched. Beverly calls him the animal whisperer. Apparently he has that special way with animals, birds outside will talk to him when he talks to them, a Parrot in a store didn't like anyone but him and would scream when he'd leave. He taught it to say good-bye. His technique is a soft approach, soft words, and different sounds made. 

Tammy is in good hands and will have a beautiful 'rest of life.' She will be happier, too, because she will not have the stress of bossing Otis around. For some reason, if Otis was around her, or passed by her, or a bit excited, she barked at him long and hard. He was not fazed, which was pretty funny, Tammy putting all that energy into it and he just walked by like absolutely nothing was going on. 

Bye Bye Tammy, it was a pleasure, but I'm looking forward to the quiet again. :)