Saturday, March 29, 2014

Meeting Joey

This is Joey.

I didn't know his name when I found him in my neighbor's yard sniffing around. I just happened to have looked out the window, well, I was keeping an eye out for the mail carrier, when I saw him. Of course, I had to go see if I could get him onto a leash and hopefully find his home.

I crossed the road into the yard, keeping about 12 feet between us. If he was a runner, I didn't want to spook him at the get go. I crouched down and called him to me. He came. That was easy. Usually I'm chasing lost dogs down the street. This big guy had a collar but no tags. Plus, he had a flea collar. You know what that flea collar means to me when I see one on a dog? It's like a secret message that you just know a dog is an escape artist and was not meant to be a stray in any way. Of course, the collar says that, too, but the flea collar? even more so.

I clipped a leash on him and took him into my house. Little Bug greeted him at the door. Little Bug's body language said, "you what? you want to come in here?" I urged him on and her to move that little body out of the way. She did some Big Boss body posturing with a bit of Chicken Little thrown in. She could settle it outside. Out the back door they both went.

He was very friendly. Very nosy as he checked out every room. Very congenial, he didn't lift his leg at all. A gentle unassuming soul. He took treats very delicately. He liked the potato chip (I know, it is pretty much a rule that any of my dogs do not get stuff like that unless it falls on the floor) but, I happen to have one in my hand and it was a test. He did not go for the orange...nor the banana. His body size was an indication of the things that did bring him joy.

I called the ACO, and of course, she was not on duty, but rather than call the police right away to come get him, I thought I'd try to find his owner. I took him for a walk around the neighborhood, hoping to see someone looking for him, or to see if he'd walk me to his house. No go on either. I decided that if the ACO didn't call me back within a couple hours then I'd make the police call.

I kept an eye out for a slow moving vehicle (I've been driving that slow moving vehicle before, it's an awful thing.) Finally, I heard a yell. By the time I got outside the huge white SUV was too far down the street for me to chase after. It was slow moving, I knew it was the one. As I chatted a bit with my neighbor about the big guy inside the house, the SUV made it's way around the circle and was making coming toward me and although it was still a couple of houses away, I heard the words spoken to my neighbor down the road, "have you seen a dog?" I started yelling and waving my arms. Yes! Yes! he's here! I was so happpppy -- for them and for him. He was ready to find his owners, maybe because it was dinner time, or he just missed them, but he had started to be a bit whiney.

I opened the house door and, told him his parents were here and out he came. His mom opened her door and he catapulted himself into her lap. This guy probably weighed a good 80 pounds. She was crying, he was smiling. All was good in the world again. That's when I found out his name.

It turns out that he had a tag, but it somehow got lost or something and they hadn't replaced it yet. They moved to this area of the neighborhood about a month ago from California. They had left their house at 10am and when they got back around 5pm, only one dog (one VERY cute little Rat Terrier named Roxy that I wanted to steal) was still in the house. I have no idea how he got out, the mom made a comment of, "he must have had to go outside." Further details did not come as we chatted about things, but I made sure to get their address in case I see Joey walking around again.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vintage Planter

This baby caught my eye...and why wouldn't it?

And, I just happened to have a plant that needed a little bit bigger pot. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Rocking Chair -- Before and After

This grungy, smelly rocker needed refinishing and reupholstering, a client I did work for about 10 years ago, called me and asked me to work my magic. I love it when former client's hang onto my number and were so pleased with work done before that they want to use me again. It's the nicest compliment.

Because my real studio in the basement is a total catastrophe, the rocker was put on the table...literally...the kitchen table. When I was finished sanding the wood down and applying the stain, it moved to my coffee table for multiple coats of poly and steel wool burnishing. Yup, that's how things work around here. My whole house is the studio.

I ordered some fabric from England off of eBay. I love the internet. It's perfect for those of us who don't like traipsing around in search of something, and that also do not like the over-stimulation of things and people -- which seems to feel even more harassing when in search for something. Add store music to the overload and I need a nap when all is said and done.

So, fortunately, for me, Donna liked one of the internet fabric choices. I just crossed my fingers that it was a good fabric once in hand. There was no sending it back, the shipping cost as much as the fabric did.

When the chair was ready, off it went to the upholsterer's. That is something I leave to the real professionals. Upon it's return, the upholsterer (Mary) commented on how nice the fabric was. Whew! Mary has been doing this work for 25+ years, so she's a pretty good judge of such things.

I delivered the chair, crossing fingers that I did not bang it, get dirt on it, etc. Crossing more fingers that Donna would be happy with the results. She loved it. Yayyy. Another satisfied customer.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Elisabeth Sabala

This morning I was finally able to go into a store that I was only seeing the window displays of. Very cool, colorful, clothing. I knew any of it, even on sale, would be way out of my price range. But, I'm glad I went in because the interior was nothing I expected. It was gallery like with lofts and high ceilings. Large open spaces. The clothes had the flavor of Commes De Garcon and Ed Hardy without the skulls. I was very pleased to also see it was a gallery of art intermixed. Large paintings by a few artists, not many paintings by many artists. One artist's work that I fell for was Elisabeth Sabala. (I'd link her name but my ipad isn't giving me a proper link.)

Landscape and Flowering Trees

The expanse of space between where I was standing and the mountains just cannot be conveyed in a photo, but looking at this picture I took takes me back to my walk and the peace and the quiet that was in the 'hood.

As I was rounding a bend, I was receiving a soft floral scent in my nose. As I got closer, this tree had these blooms that were a beautiful deep pink color and the scent was so yummy, I stood there for a few minutes and took deep breaths, hoping I could embed the scent in my nostrils and my brain. 

I am not only a lover of flowers, especially scented ones, I am a big fan of plants that have interesting leaves to them, even if they never produce flowers. This tree not only had the gorgeous scent but also had these interesting leaves. 

I also met on my walk a black Mini Schnauzer named Jorgenson. I wish I had snapped a photo. He was friendly and interested in some love from me, until another walker came by that he apparently knew and then I was not thought of again as he went to that guy for some love. 

Tonight I sat outside on the patio with Chuck and enjoyed the warm breeze and setting sun. Although the mountains hide the sunset, the sky turned a silvery grey as the sun went down. 

Unfortunately, my days are numbered here and I will be returning home where I understand it is still near freezing temps, although they will have a heat wave at 40 degrees for a couple of the next coming days. Wooo Hoooo. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'ma Leavin' On a Jet Plane

OK, I've already left. I'm enjoying some warm weather and sunshine in the Southern California Desert. My friends Chuck and Carol invited me over for a week. It does feel nice to be away from the cold for awhile. It is about 80 degrees. I understand it's been around 20 degrees back at home. I certainly am not missing that.

As we lounge out on the covered patio, a ducky pair come to visit between 4-4:30pm daily. It's always nice to see them. She is more adventuresome as she'll come a little closer, but he stands back and watches. They get pieces of bread (I know, not good for wild birds, but no one listens to my soapbox) and she gobbles it all up. Even when thrown to him, he'll not go too many steps to get it, she'll scoop right in and eat it all. 

...and to see colorful blooms? yes, please.

There's also a few hummingbirds hovering now and again, and it's always a pleasure to see them. 

So, I'm enjoying all that is here, and am also getting a bit spoiled by host and hostess. How can I not love that? Unfortunately, R. had to stay behind and mind the house. No, really, his job pretty much requires him to be present through all the days that snow or ice might come to our neck of the woods. Although he is missed...well, it's just nice being the one doted on. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014