Monday, December 28, 2009

Yes, Virginia.... belts and air bags really do save you from flying into the windshield. 

Well, this Christmas was not what I was planning...I was going to be blogging and showing off Christmas stuff and wishing all kinds of good things to everyone as the holiday was approaching...the Universe had other ideas...

Yup, that's my car. Consider it totaled. Not what I needed right now (actually, when does anyone need this?)

Long story short: Snow came down quickly after my niece's wedding reception in Eastern CT, within 15 miinutes quite a few inches had fallen, stop sign, no stopping, sliding, sliding, sliding across the road into a ravine, front end hitting boulders, car creates bridge over babbling brook, seat belts tighten, air bags deploy, two people not dead. 

My nephew was driving, he got a bruised knee from hitting the key (and bending the key!) Me, being flung forward and stopped by the seat belt, hurt my sternum and the muscles that attach it to my ribcage and spine. Some torn ligaments are involved....pain and discomfort very involved. Oh, yeah, and a sprained left wrist, which is still swollen.

This is not good for a person that has lots to do and isn't very good at being still when there's lots to do. I have, of course, over done it some days, working through the pain but it's stupid in the end because it takes longer to heal. So, I'm on very light duty and slow moving. I feel improvement each day but up until yesterday, if I sneezed (which, for some reason I've been doing and I normally don't do a lot of...) I wanted to hurt someone! OMG!! talk about stabbing pain! 

You don't realize how much you use certain muscles daily, even just getting into and out of bed, until those muscles are damaged...and sleep? what's that?

I'm driving R's car while I search for another one. I did some thinking and evaluating as I sat as the driver in his car. My nephew had a sore neck for a couple days and the bruised knee. I realized that as the driver your airbag comes out closer to you so that that when thrust forward your seat belt is not stopping you before the air bag does. As the passenger the seat belt has the impact before the air bag, therefore, causing a little more bodily damage. The air bag popping out and deflating is so quick! literally in a blink it's done. 

I am very thankful that no further damage was done to either of us, that we did not hit one of the two trees we seem to have skidded just between and missed -- and that Fire and Rescue was quick to the scene and very kind and helpful.

On Christmas, hugs were not as tight, or not at all, and I sat in one position a lot. I generally volunteer as clean up girl and dish washer, no one would even let me lift a plate. Which, I should be happy about, but I didn't like not being able to help in some way. 

Pizzelle's never got made and now will be made as New Year's gifts instead. I know, I know, horrors to some, they are definitely the Italian Christmas cookie but hey, I think those that love them will appreciate them even if they didn't come until May. 

I believe things happen for a reason, so now I am trying to figure out what that reason is... Maybe it's to be able to have some down time to get organized and be creative...hmmmmm. 

So that's what's been going on around here! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday with those that you love and enjoy! 

Friday, December 18, 2009

I forgot to show you...

a Stuffie I begged for from R's daughter (14 at the time.) She had made one for a friend in this fabric, and being the black and white lover that I am...I had to have one. I know, I know, she already made me this cammy one.

But I'm selfish and I wanted another. It took many reminders, but I finally have it in my hands!

Getting things done one at a time

I finally put up new trim and painted it and the back door in the kitchen. It only took how long to get to this point? don't ask!

The door and trim were a very ugly almost taupe color.

My original intention was to strip it and stain it a nice brown to bring warmth into the room...but the summer came and went, it got cold, and I still needed to change it before I went crazy since other parts of the kitchen were looking more finished.

Here was my process:
prime it white, then brush wash it with pink

then brush wash it with yellow

And you get a very pretty orange



Now the front door and the back door make me smile.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vegetable Compound for those "pick-on-everyone" feelings

I have a stack of old magazines from the 40's and 50's and I was flipping through one that, unfortunately, doesn't have it's cover on it so I can't tell you what it is. It does have lots of stories about relationships, like "I won't forgive my wife," "Love's Puppets," and "Thrill of a first Romance" and under a picture it says, "Mother looked all shiny and happy. 'Oh, Fran, our troubles are over, honey,'she said. 'Charles will take care of us now.'" and this one is great! "HUSBAND MENACE" "this is a story for all wives and sweethearts -- the confession of the 'other woman' in a love triangle." A caption reads: "Natalie was always tired, busy with the baby, and I had Jeff all to myself."  Yeah, such scandal! 

Well, it also has great ads...I pulled this one out because of some of it's words used and, of course, it's subject. This is a 2/3 page ad for Vegetable Cream! Look at the title! what a riot! If it worked so well for 70 years, you would think it would still be available to us for these last 50.

What makes it so funny is that things haven't changed in the female body in 55 years!! Well, except you have those women you want to shoot because they've never experienced discomfort or have been a 'she-devil' due to hormone fluctuation. 

I have definitely been a she-devil...come to think of it, it's not always during PMS...hmmmmm. 

So now you know the truth behind R. naming my blog what it is. LOL

Chris London

These can be used as a pin or necklace, approx. 2" x 2",
and come with a thin leather cord -- $22

front & back

SKULL PIN, 1" x 1-1/2" -- $10 

HEART PINS, 1" x 2" -- $10ea

SKULL BRACELET, 8-1/2" -- $25
(also comes in 7-1/2" length)

SCARY-BABY MAGNETS, 1" x 3" -- $12ea

3-1/2" X 3" -- $18

3" X 4-1/2" -- $22

Shoot me an email for purchase, 
postage information or general questions.
Thanks for checking them out.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Schnauzer finds a home

Bailey has gone to her new home today. When she met Barbara (Barbara is a 3rd time adopter from us) she gave her lots of kisses (I never even got any, hardly ever do from the fosters) and kept going over to her like she knew she was hers. Ralph, Barbara's 9 year old male Schnauzer, wasn't so thrilled that higher energy/playful Bailey would be accompanying him home. Ahhhh, maybe she'll bring out the 'boy' in him -- it often happens.

About 3 years ago a 10 year old dog named Nikki came to us because word traveled through the email/rescue circuit and there was news about her on TV. Everyone was horrified that her owner was going to put her down just because she was diagnosed with diabetes. When the owner delivered her to me, he told me, "we understand that she's just a dog, and we don't want to schedule our lives around her." Ugh. For those that do not know...dogs with diabetes need to receive insulin shots twice a day on a schedule of 12 hours apart.

Well, diabetes did not daunt Barbara. Nikki was one of the best dogs a person could ask for and Barbara gave her such a wonderful home and kind and tender care. She had Nikki for two and half years, the dog got more love in that time, I bet, than the 10 years she was with her first family. I was very saddened when she called me a couple months ago to let me know that she had to euthanize Nikki, she had gotten to such poor health, and at 12 1/2, it was time to go. She asked me to keep her in mind when a dog came in that I thought would be a match for her and Ralphie.

It only took a couple days to know that Bailey would be a perfect match...and today showed me that it was...I'm very happy for both of them.

Vintage Cookie Tin Wreath

Isn't this great? A clever tin crafter's handiwork...

A friend did a clean out and let me go through the boxes before he haphazardly tossed them into the dumpster. There was a car load of salvageable items that I took with me, some to donate and some to use. It was perfect timing as I had not figured out, yet, what I was going to hang on my front door. Voila!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Here's Bailey

Bailey was picked up last night and brought to me. A chain of events had happened where a very nice woman and huge animal lover intervened in a situation where her owner could not have her in the apartment building she was in, and brought her to us...bathed her first...and made a donation...for a dog that isn't hers. Gives you faith in people. 

Bailey is quickly getting used to being here, but is not familiar with the new sounds so she barks or runs and hides. As she's getting more confident...she's choosing the bark. It doesn't last long, just long enough to let you know she's not sure about it. 

I left for a few hours today and she was very well behaved just napping on her bed. I usually crate the new dog but I knew she was not crated in her former home and due to her personality so far, I figured it was a safe bet. I was right. Yay for me.

She'll be getting a new 'do and is now on a diet...she's overweight and has skin issues, both of which will be taken care of by a quality low grain, or, a grain free diet. 

Did you know that Wheat, Gluten and Corn are fillers in dog food making them cheaper to buy? Often what happens is the money saved on dog food, is spent on vet care because these ingredients, as well as others, effect the immune system and do not keep your lovely pet at optimum health. Skin issues, bladder issues, weight issues, tumors --can be caused by a poor diet....hmmmmm, much like humans. 

Hope you are having a great day, it's a bit chilly and windy in these parts.

I Have Some Goals

Hey, don't laugh...I usually fly by the seat of my pants, but there are three things I want to do in cyberspace. One of which is to sell for a few local artists that I've come to know and have always loved their work. I've talked about them in the past -- Chris London (potter) and Anne Cubberly (mixed media/puppet maker.) There are also a couple others that I've yet to speak with about this collaboration. As I am making this plan and creating a site for it, I thought I'd send some pieces your way. Last minute gifts for stocking stuffers/you or someone you love.

MAN-HEAD PINS: These pins have a push-pin back and measure approx. 1" x 1/2". They are made by Chris London. I have always loved these pins and have them on jackets and stuck to the ceiling of my car. I always get complimented on they are affordable. 
  • Each pin is $12 plus s/h. Convo me to let me know which one(s) you are interested in and to make arrangements for shipping and payment. 
  • Pay by Paypal, personal check from national bank or money order. 
  • Buy 3 to 5 and get a 5% discount, buy 6 or more and receive a 10% discount. 
  • Actual postage for your choice of delivery, plus $1 added for materials. If you are local, you can pick them up.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hey, it's white outside

Waking up to our first real snowfall -- the dusting the other day doesn't count.

It's still coming down, people are getting cars cleaned off, the landscape will change with movement. But the first minutes of quiet, the light slowly opening up the morning...very nice.

But, now I have to go shovel, because there's traveling to be done by me, too, and I can hear sounds of sleet.

If you woke up to this beauty, also, I hope you had a few minutes to enjoy the peace it brings.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vintage Craftyness... it's best! This somewhat gaudy tassel is great! Who needs fancy yarns when you have a tea ball, sequins and some plastic beads? Ingenious!

This is a keeper...for now anyway. Anyone that knows me also knows that things come and go around here.

Glass beads and some silver or silverplate, played off this idea would be pretty and sparkly. Hmmmmm, the imagination is starting to whirl.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Relaxing

The first day of 35 degree's been warm and somewhat balmy in this part of the Northeast -- I am not complaining, I like warmer weather -- and I am not complaining today, I've recently installed a wood stove and I am loving it.

I did tons of research and finally decided on a Jotul. It is highly regarded by many and there were only a few negative opinions on it. If you're looking for information or opinions on a wood stove to either purchase or for an existing one, I highly recommend going here. If you're looking for a wood stove in the CT, MA, RI area, for a good price and terrific service, you need to go here.

It's nice to be warm inside when it's cold outside -- due to oil prices, it wasn't always that way here. Plus, wood heat is different, more penetrating. Usually I am bundled up, scarf included...but today I am in a tank and shorts. Hooray for me. I really really have a hard time being cold through to the bone.

Cutie-Boy Hanzie and his tufted friend are liking it, too.

Now, time to load the wood rack, get those potted plants empty before they freeze and break, and put up the Christmas tree.

I hope you are warm and having a relaxing day where you are.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Before and After

Remember the dresser from the summer with the plan of repainting?

It's been done, I'm just finally getting to the 'post it on your blog' part.

Please forgive the flash point...the room doesn't get much light and I don't have extra photo lighting to implement....working on that.

I painted this to coordinate with an existing oak dresser in the room. I didn't want it stained or doing a faux oak woodgrain since it's not one of my favorite woods, but I was asked to not  paint the taller oak dresser...I don't know how long I'll be able to hold out on that... This dresser is serving as my bedside table. I'm on the search for something a little bigger. The room is small and the added clothes storage is needed. Until then, this serves its purpose well.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family.