Friday, January 24, 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Teenage Twitter Tweeting Update

you case you've been on the edge your seat waiting for the results of the conversation...

It ended up that L. and I had a few minutes together as I taught her about using eye make-up remover (she usually used soap and water) As she was removing her thickly applied mascara to just reapply again for going out with us, I brought the subject up.

Me: "So, honey, since we have a few minutes alone, what's this about blocking me on Twitter?"
L: "Oh my gosh, when I saw you following me I freaked out and blocked you so I'd have time to remove some photos that I knew would not be 'parent approved.'"
Me: "well, you know, I saw those photos before I created an account."
L: "Really?" "I just knew I had to get them off."
Me: "You know, other people can just find your stuff, too. How would you feel if your dad's friends went on-line and saw them? There's also a lot of creeps out there that when they see a pretty girl half dressed, and another photo showing off money you made, and a post showing anger at mom...well, it's makes for a nice target."
L: "It was for my friends"
Me: "Yes, I know that because I looked at their tweets, too. But, you don't have your settings as private, so the whole world can see."
L: "I didn't think about that."
Me: "I suspected as such. You might want to the next time you go to post something. Maybe ask yourself if it would matter if one of the guys from Dad's club saw what you were sharing, or your mom, or some strange creepy guy. If you get an ugly feeling in your gut, you know your answer."
L: "Yeah"
Me: "Please be more careful, you are worth more and showing the world you have self respect is more important. I love you, so I had to say something."
L: "OK"
Me: "So, I can't believe you've never used eye make-up remover before given how dedicated you are to mascara."
L: "Can I use this on my face, too?"

Hopefully, she will think before acting next time. One can only hope. It turns out that her sister apparently had not said anything to her, she reacted on her own. Silly girls.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nantucket Quick Trip

Bye bye mainland....

Hello Nantucket...

Flying into Nantucket for a few days. Work related. Or maybe I should say, "work as an excuse to hang out in Nantucket for a few days." What we talked about for a minute or two is which rooms would get painted. Essentially the colors will change a little and since they trust my choices, I don't even have to look at color samples until I come back in April. Yes, this could have been done at home but Chuck and I felt it best we come to the house to make the decisions. wink wink.

My view in the sitting area as I peruse magazines.

It looks Nantucket-y doesn't it? The yellow walls will change a brighter yellow. 

Unfortunately, the 3 day trip was cut short due to the impending storm. We might not have been able to get back on Wednesday and pushing it into Thursday or Friday would throw Chuck's planned vacation day of leave for CA totally off. So we'll be heading out soon and probably get into CT right before the storm starts. 

This is one of those things where one will be pissed if it doesn't snow the expected inches, because we could have stayed for a couple more days of relaxin'. But, since I will be home, I don't really want it to snow a lot because it will mean shoveling a lot. Catch 22. 

The nice thing about snow storms is that there's no guilt in staying in and hanging out and doing what I like to do best...putz and maybe bake something.

I hope if you get bombarded, you are able to just chill, too. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Twitter, Tweeting and Getting Blocked

My affair with Twitter was short. Today is a new day and I wasn't feeling it. The artists I decided to follow have FB accounts so I'm just watching them there. I really didn't find much quality content. Go figure. Granted it's only been a day, but still... it's not my thing. I think I knew it going in but went ahead and did it anyway. It's kinda like losing your virginity, you hold off, knowing it might not be for you right now, and once it's done, you can't undo the first time. Well, you really can't undo any time, but, you know what I mean. Besides, I dreamt all night about hashtags. What the, what the?

R. discussed photo content with his daughter -- the wrong daughter! his brain is so full and he gets whacked out because they are his girls...he saw the photos...jeesh, men! make sure the facts are straight before you start saying stuff. So, big sister apparently informed little sister because I got blocked from following her. Which, to me, is quite funny because I did not find her content when I signed up for an account, I found it hours beforehand. So, if you're looking to see what your kids are up to, using some related search words with 'twitter' attached might get you there. Daughter #2 doesn't use her last name, but because of conversations and fb, I had a good idea which one she used. Now, your kid might be clever and make up a whole new name, which would make it more difficult, but, if you poke around enough with some key words that are familiar with them, you might find them. They're clever and sly these teenagers, but not as clever as mommy and daddy, sometimes we just have to work a little harder.

So, I'm blocked. Whoopdeedo. I'll let her believe it matters. Tomorrow when we are all together, I'll be the sarcastic 'dad's girlfriend' that I am and say, "Hey. So. How come you blocked me?" (Oh, in case you might be wondering, she also removed two of the pictures that were not parent approved.) There's one more that I'd prefer her to remove and will suggest it tomorrow, with reasoning behind it, so if nothing else, she'll think about the impression it gives. I usually start out with jesting sarcasm, but generally add some serious facts in a conversational way, then lighten it up and change the subject. I might not be a biological mom, but I learned well from how my dad handled us. He was a smart man. Let us make our own mistakes...and waited to be there for us when we got bitten on the ass. I miss that guy.

I wish I had that piece of cake right now. My sweet tooth is kicking in. 

A Spot of Tea For Ya?

The English have it right, I love me an afternoon tea. Really, what I love is to have something sweet with some tea after work while I peruse the 'net! I made a flourless chocolate cake the other day (from Martha Stewart, the most recent issue) and this is the last piece. I use this little press for my loose tea but decided to throw in the tea bag so I didn't have to dig it out of my mug. Lazy, huh? Just didn't feel like having the bag squishing between my fingers. 

This is what the cake looked like after the appropriate cooling time. 

It was really hard waiting for it to cool. I like to taste things asap to see if it's good. This got my approval, R.'s approval, my two neighbor's approval and my friend Lois's approval. I'll make it again, it's a good cake to bring to a dinner. Melted chocolate, whipped and folded egg whites....mmmmm. MS recipes don't always come out being liked by anyone, so I was happy to see this was a success. 

...and hey, I'm half English (with some Scottish and Irish I think, too, judging by the redheads in the family) on my Mom's side, so an afternoon tea isn't completely far fetched...right? Now if I could just perfect an English accent. 


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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Twitter, Head Full of Words... and maybe a little bit of a rant.

Are you ever driving along and your mind wanders and some great thoughts come to your head but it's not like you can pull the car over and write them down? I'm sure you do. Well, it happens to me A LOT! and the passion I feel inside sometimes makes me want to burst.

I joined Twitter last night. Yup, I wasn't going to but I had started to follow Alex and Sierra so I could be up on when their album comes out. They won X-Factor. A show I don't typically watch but somehow I caught the episode when they tried out and I was smitten. So every week, I was glued to the show. There were a couple of other really good singers that had also caught my interest. Anyway, I've been checking their twitter but I didn't have an account of my own. Last night I started perusing and looked up R.'s daughter's account. It's amazing and saddening what these kids post pictures of and the words they say. I want to scream at her, yet, I want to be a stalker so that we can have a view of her life. I don't think the other daughter has an active account. She's an 'adult' now so there's less to have control over with her, but still, it's good to know what goes on with their lives. We just get snippets since the time with their dad is so small due to the fact that they live with mom. So I got riled up about some photos of herself she posted and started checking out her friend's accounts. I suppose, I was just about as bad when I was a teenager, but I didn't have it on social media for not only the world to see, but also, to have it for future employers to see.

I opened an account. I wondered if I would really use it. Who would I follow? What would I put on there? I try to keep a lot of stuff private so I would have to be careful in the desire to rant, which happens at times, especially when the stupidity of others is around me. There are things in the past that I've wanted to share, like a photo of something really cool in a thrift store. Blogging about it is not immediate. By the time you get home, upload the photo, make dinner, take care of the dog, vacuum the house, put things away, spend time with your sweety...the desire to share is gone.

So I opened a twitter account.

This morning I wasted time searching for people I might want to follow. I looked for people that I felt would give me educated information. I looked for artists who's work I love and want to know when they've made a new piece.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I like that I can connect with others, whether I know them already, or I've met them through the virtual world. I dislike that I get consumed by it and am not disciplined enough at times to just shut the damn computer off. I like my techno gadgets, but dislike that I only use about 1/10 of their abilities. I like learning more of what the gadgets can do, but I do not like that the information is so vast, that my brain cannot either make sense of it or retain it.

These are some of my thoughts while driving today. Other thoughts were about words I say, or that come into my brain that I feel an immediate need to write down to make them into something. Pillows specifically. I don't know why but whenever I have a clever saying or visual patchwork, I see it on a pillow. Really, does the world need more pillows? So those word thoughts lead me to other thoughts.

Words thought of today....Embrace your inner (fill in the blank) Most of these sayings that I've seen are fluffy and positive. No wonder we are in a world where we feel we are not good enough. If we have bad thoughts, think positive. We're in a bad mood, think positive. Well you know what? why can't we just embrace our crap, too? Be OK with the crap we're feeling.

We (especially women) believe we are not good enough. We should be more like (insert wonderful person's name here). I think we should just celebrate the crap inside of us, too. (I'm working on that) I was and still am the person that will say something inappropriate at a time that I shouldn't. Sometimes it's because I am uncomfortable, sometimes it's because I think I'm funny, sometimes it's because, well, it's just me.

I have a friend 'P' who is similar to me, but a better person than me in many ways. She has a friend, Brenda, who is kind, nice, mellow, organized, doesn't show anger, is an artist, etc. 'P' wishes she was more like Brenda. I find Brenda boring, unexciting, predictable, not funny. All of which 'P' is the opposite of. So whenever she is feeling that she is not 'enough' and should be more like Brenda, I remind her of how dull she would be and that she is wonderful and exciting, and funny and always has really good stories that just happen in her life, almost on a daily basis. 'P' is in her 70's although that age seems way too high for her. If you didn't know this about her and you were talking to her, you'd think she was in her 40's or 50's. Still insecure enough but wise enough. An everyday girl like most of us. She knits like it's nobody's business. She paints, but doesn't think she's good enough, until the painting is done and she has an aha! moment of pleasure. She is an advocate for family and friends when it comes to ill health, and will fight for what's in your best interest if you are under the care of doctors. She is always volunteering to bring a friend that is sick/can't drive/can't walk, etc. somewhere...for a prescription, doctor's visit, a movie or a museum. But, yet, often feels not good enough.

Maybe if we start embracing all that we believe is not good, which is actually us listening to the judgment from others at others, and judgement of ourselves because of what we compare ourselves to in regular life -- then add the virtual world! We're bombarded with the highlights of others.

The other day I got a blog post in my mailbox from a blogger I've been following for quite some time. She said she can't do it as much anymore. It was taking too much out of her, taking her away from her family. She thought she could do it all even with two little ones running around. She realized she can't and she chose her family. I am often amazed at how bloggers can whip up meals, paint furniture, perfectly decorate their houses, have loving partners they pay attention to, have kids that are perfect and do it all again the next day. And I compare myself -- I'm lucky if I can get two things done well in a day. I'm slow and methodical. R. is fast and furious so there's more comparing. He wakes at 5am, goes to work, gets a shit load of personal stuff done after work, takes care of his mom, worries about his kids, takes care of things for me...but he's stressed out, mentally spent and falling asleep in a chair by 8pm. Maybe these perfect bloggers have that, too, but aren't showing us this side. So we need to stop comparing.

And embrace our inner good...and bad.

All this ramble because I got to my job and forgot the key to the my client's house. So on my way back home to pick it up, words were zipping around in my head. I headed straight here and I'm not even going to proofread or see if any of it makes sense.

So, I signed up for twitter. When I get a chance I'll figure out how to put the badge on this here blog so you can follow my rambles there, too, if you want.

Off to work now. Key is in my pocket.

Have a great day!!!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vintage Thrifting

The other day I went to one of my favorite thrift stores and was poking around knowing thinking I wouldn't be purchasing anything. Then I saw it -- this great little Mid-Century lamp base.

My heart skipped a beat. I looked at the price and talked myself out of the possibility of purchasing it. It was too much for my frugal-thrifty-I'm-trying-to-not-bring-things-into-the-house, self. Then I saw the sign. The sign that said what was marked down 50%, and don't you know it, lamps were on the list. And don't you know it, I bought it. Ta-daaaa.

the shade is a temporary fix....maybe...keeping my eye out for the right shape. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Paint Stirrer for a Christmas Present?


Ha Haaaaaaa. My friend Lois gifted this to me.... It's a baking/cooking spatula! woo hoooo. It's green 'paint' is silicone over a plastic base. When she handed it to me wrapped, I laughed because I thought it was a ruler and quickly scanned my brain to pull out any conversations we had about needing a ruler.

Then, I opened it and surprise!!! it's a play on one of my almost daily tools. It's fun, funny and very usable. She gets me. Wanna know how well she gets me? She also gave me a tin of Ghirardelli chocolates. She's a sweetie -- um, no pun intended. :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shedding the Old for the New Year

For the New Year, Little Bug went from a furry mess....

to clean and chic...

I love this look on her! But now I need to have someone knit her a sweater!

Wishing you all the best for the New Year!

May you shed all those 'furry' things that no longer fit your style, too.