Friday, May 27, 2011

Making Headway

You wouldn't want to have the 'before' but here's the after:

This basement picture is a smidgen, a sliver, a peek, into the cleaning out that I've done. I've been diligently working on getting the thrifty goodies out of my house for my annual tag sale, yard sale to some, next weekend. You should have seen my house! ugh. Boxes EVERYWHERE. It took me a few hours to get it pulled together and was like a breath of fresh air. It's amazing how when your surroundings get cluttered, your brain gets cluttered. I could feel my brain become clearer with every box hauled out of here. I can actually walk through my garage and more needs to go but it's more of the Craigslist or ebay nature of selling.

Each year I have my tag sale and often see the same people. The location is usually different (depends on what friend loves me enough to endure me commandeering their garage) but the town remains the same. I ran into a woman at a church rummage sale the other day and she did a double take and said, "are you having your tag sale this year?" Made me laugh. I've gotten complimented on them because I have good stuff and I try not to have any junky piddly things. I've also gotten away from selling jewelry or small items because people have pocketed items in the past. Also, in case you want to make a rule for yourself...I only sell things for $1 or more. If something isn't worth a dollar to someone I tell them to pick something out to make it a dollar or more because I'm not dealing with nickel and diming -- well, unless of course, the total makes a dollar.  ;-]

I went through boxes that have been 'saved for when my house is done' and got rid of most of it. My tastes have changed and I know that I'll always be able to find something I like. That's what I like about thrifting, there's always something and usually you don't lay down hunks of money so you don't feel bad getting rid of some things.

I haven't hit the studio yet and I don't think that will be done in time for the sale, but most of what's in there is for "I have an idea for that, fabric, or I might be able to use that someday."

so I plug along.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sasha Sasha Sasha

Well, the family drove 2 hours to come meet Sasha yesterday. Right before they got here I was holding her muzzle to clean her eyes and she bit me. No broken skin, no scratches, but we still call it a bite. She meant business. I tested her a couple more times and she went for my hand again. This happened 5 minutes before the family arrived. As soon as they pulled into my driveway I was at the car door telling them how sorry I was that they wouldn't be able to take Sasha home with them.

Of course, they were very disappointed at the news and wanted to try to make it work. Without further evaluation, there was no way I was going to let them take her even though they did come in to meet her and she was having lots of fun playing with the two girls. Two very cute, sweet, petite little girls. Nope, I wasn't going to take any chances. Sadly, feeling they've wasted their time, they started home.

I felt awful. But, it was my responsibility to do the right thing. Although it can happen, rehoming a dog that nips or bites is a difficult task. The liability, the worry. They often have to be put down. NOT something I was interested in doing. That is one of the hardest things to do when a dog is all around good, then has this issue pop up and further testing shows further aggression and the dog has to be put down.

I went back into the house and did more testing with her. I put on my thick leather wood stove gloves and held her muzzle, touched her face. She snapped. I did this on and off for awhile, giving her treats when she didn't snap. I've been testing her different ways, as I do for each new dog, since she got here and she's been fine, so I was surprised by this. She's been a bit of a bully with the dogs and she gets jealous but I've been able to do things to her. I've been able to touch her face and take away her food while she has her face in the bowl.

I had just fed the dogs and Sasha was next in line as I had her at a sit-stay. I thought maybe it was a food aggression issue even though I hadn't witnessed that before now. But, what often happens when dogs are here for awhile is that they get comfortable and start to show their true colors.

The conclusion is that she does not need to put down. That it's not uncommon for a dog to not like it's muzzle clamped or touched (ask any groomer) and she has already shown that with consistent work she can be desensitized to it. Whew.

So, she is adoptable, to a family with grown children that respect dogs, or a family without children. Although I thought she'd do better with no other dogs, now that she's settled into the pack and they all know their places, the fighting has stopped and there's lots of playing going on and I think having a canine companion would actually be good for her especially if it's an alpha and wise, she will learn good manners and will have a playmate keeping her from being bored.

See, Sasha thinks she's an alpha female. What happens when they THINK they are alpha is that it can cause anxiousness. As I've watched her and done things to test her, she has shown that she is not a true alpha and needs to be taught how to be who she really is. This will help her be more relaxed and confident, less needy and more at ease with the family coming and going.

Two books I've recommended for quite a few years to whomever will listen: The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell and The Dog Who Loved Too Much by Nicholas Dodman. They both share training tricks and explain the psychology of dogs. Another book that has come to my attention and is actually on my bedside table waiting for me to read is Wood Song by Gary Paulson. It's a book about wolves in the wild, I believe, and what it shows is the natural order and interactions of canine packs.

So, if your dog is showing signs of anxiousness, separation anxiety or other issues, read these books. They helped me tremendously with Weezie's issues. It took about 2 weeks and the change was almost miraculous to me, I didn't think she'd ever relax, but she did and she became a better dog because I implemented these training tricks. If I had the extra money, I'd buy a huge stack of these books and hand them out to people when they're telling me about their dog's issues....that's how much I believe in them.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Here's a picture of Merlin, isn't he sweet? 
When I said that the family lost him...I meant he ran out the door and they can't find him. They put out a pet alert on him. When I asked if I could post his picture, his mom also added these words just in case someone sees him. 

"Reward for lost elderly, diabetic salt and pepper miniature schnauzer lost on Monday, April 25, 2011 at about 8:30 p.m. on Grand View Avenue in North Revere, MA.  Poor vision and hearing.  Needs insulin twice daily, a daily antibiotic and a special diet of boiled rice and chicken for stomach issues."

then she added this as a side note about him: 

"He was a heart breaker:(  Would sit on my lap and look at each person in the room and wait for a compliment.  Loved going for rides and snuggling with my girls."

I spoke to his mom for awhile about his disappearance. He had been hiding in dark places for about a week before he left, then he would try to scoot out the door, which is something he had never done. Personally, I think his canine instincts were in gear and he was ready to die and didn't want to do it at home. He had a long life, was very well taken care of through different illnesses, fed well and well loved. I believe it was his time. But, in case he is out there wandering around, I hope someone finds him and returns him home. It's a very sad thing to happen to a family, there is no closure, there's feelings of guilt for the one that had the door open, there's a lot of sadness that is different if he had just died. My heart goes out to them. 

Hello Sasha

Sasha came in a few days ago with her 11.5 year old sister Gretel. Gretel has gone to stay with one of our foster homes in Massachusetts. Gretel got attached to me within those few days and when I handed her off yesterday to her new foster mom, she didn't want to leave me. She looked at me as if to say, "what? what are doing? why are you getting into that car without me?" It was heartbreaking. I could just feel her vibe and, of course, got all teary and feeling bad. I know she will bond with Barbara as well, but it's hard at any age, never mind at 11 to be tossed around. 

Sometimes I can understand why someone needs to rehome their senior dog. Knowing the reasons for this one, this is not one of those times. 

Sasha I can understand. She needs more stimulation and time spent with her allowing her to be playful and active. She's improved in her lack of manners since the first day here. She seems more at ease. The first few days required readjustment from being given up, beat up by a munchkin, learning the ropes and competing with 5 other dogs. All of that can be rough. Her body language is more relaxed, she is playing with toys more, has found her place in the pack and is now able to enjoy the good life. 

Bug has been a tyrant to her. They've fought and argued and Sasha finally cried 'Uncle' but occasionally Bug feels the need to yell at her for being too close to her toy, being too close to her boy Hanz, being too close to me, or too close to her man R. Other times they are playing and wrestling. The best was when I was sitting on the sofa and I had two heads together on my lap and they were Sasha's and Bug's. Sounds like sister rivalry to me. LOL

She's a sweet girl, has a mildness about her that can change with promise of play or dinner. She loves being pet (but don't they all). I can leave her out during the day and at night without any issues. She's overall pretty quiet but lets me know if there is an 'intruder' on our street anywhere near the house. And, of course, loves to chime in if someone has heard the intruder first, even if it's me accidentally knocking something on the counter. Oy.

Cross fingers...we have a family already that has a possible interest in her. They recently lost their 15 year old male. They sent me a picture today and he looks like an old Wizard. I'm going to ask for their permission to post his picture, he's so cute.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do You Love A Single Cup of Coffee?

I've been trying all types of methods for the perfect brew and I think I finally found it and it's not a fancy machine. I've tried different machines from $$$$ to $, pots, percolators, funnels and jars and cold brew. I ended up really liking the cone shaped filter you can put on top of your cup with a paper filter in it and it drips right through to make one cup. You have to boil a separate pan of water to add to it. It's simple, but still a process and uses those darn paper filters (which I compost...but still)....

SO I've tried this --

Voila! This one is made by Bialetti, I know you've seen these, referred to as a Moka Pot, also known as an Italian Coffee Pot. Those most often seen are made of aluminum, with the 8 facets, I like this one because it's stainless steel. I found it a couple weeks back at a consignment shop. I like a stronger coffee so I use a french roast or what I really like is the smoothness of Café Bustelo, which is an espresso coffee. The water goes in the base (don't fill it too full, you'll end up with coffee spitting all over the place) a filter sits inside the base where you put the fine grounds in, twist it together and within seconds you have some H.O.T. coffee. You NEED to keep an eye on it, it's that fast. Easy clean up -- just empty the funnel, rinse out the pot and the base and you're done.

Now I think I'll go make me a cup! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Geri Goes Home

Lisa came down today to meet Geri. She walked in and commented on how beautiful she thought she was. We chatted, each of the 6 dogs wanted all the attention but then calmed down and treats were handed out generously. Then Lisa asked...what do I do if I want to take her? 

Yeyyyyy!! Lisa is a very very kind, nice woman. She has a 14 yo Shepherd Mix named Zeus that will help to guide Geri in daily routine and lay of the new land. 

When Lisa went out to her car to set up the crate, Geri paced inside the house. She knew what was happening and that she was leaving this crazy dog place. It was quite interesting to watch, she would pace, go to the door, pace, go to the door. When Lisa came back in Geri was right there at her feet. Usually I get a chance to kiss and hug the dog goodbye, whisper sweet words in it's ears. Geri wanted nothing of it. She was leaving and that was the order of business. The contract was signed and if Geri could speak I think she would have said, "wooo hooo, let's go!" 

I love happy endings. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yup, I Did It -- Adopted Little Bug

I haven't written about Little Bug, the cutie patootie 9 month old that came in. I've snapped some pictures but haven't gotten to putting them on here.

Even though she fits seamlessly into this household, and Hanzie totally approves....

I've been hesitant to say it. I've wanted to make doubly sure....

well...this little pumpkin head now resides at this little abode I have here.

Yup, it's official and now I'm putting out into blogger land...I've adopted Little Buggy Boo. I had a deep feeling that I would regret it if I let her go. She's a great fit for Hanz and it would just seem weird to NOT have her here. It's one of those kinds of things.

What about Tink? you might ask...well, I miss Tink (now named Olive) and maybe that's one reason why I went through with this one. I didn't want to miss her, too...the little gnat that she is.

I'm being kept up-to-date on Olive's doings and it seems as though maybe she's taking advantage of the sweet laid back personalities of her new owners. But, they outsmarted her having a trainer come in. LOL Good move on their part, it makes for a more harmonious relationship and peace in the house. One day it would be nice to see her again. She'd probably not remember me, that's what happens, but I still think of her often.

But now I have this munchkin to keep me busy and oh, she's doing that. Her personality is showing more and more each day and she's a little pip. Very protective of Hanz, Geri (she's still here with me) and me. She used to bug Weezie regularly but I thinks she's finally gotten bored with that because Weezie just. will. not. engage in play. So she'll pounce on anyone else that will. She's a very happy girl and has been lots of fun.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Leibster Blog Award

I'm a bad bad girl.

Recently (um, OK, February 19 to be exact) Gilly from Gillyflower left a comment for me and an award, here's what she said: "I would love to pass on to you the Liebster Award for having a great blog!"  How sweet is that??? So I went to her post where she listed her awardees and this is what she wrote what the rules of participation are:
" Leibster means beloved..."

 "1. Accept the award and write about it on your blog

2. Link a post to the actual blog that gave you the award
3. Pass the award on to three to five new blogs, informing them that you have done so

So, having ticked the box against rules 1 and 2, I now would like to pass the Liebster Award on to three lovely blogs that are not necessarily that new, but deserve far more visits and followers."

Well, I got wicked busy and wasn't able to fulfill the requirements. I would occasionally look around but wasn't finding anything. It wouldn't have been fair to just nominate a few of the blogs I already follow (and how would I choose from that 150 anyway???) OH, and they were hopefully going to have only a few followers, part of the purpose of the award. Do you know how hard it is to find a blog with only a few followers besides mine??? OMG. When I did get a chance to hop around, I had set the followers amount to no more than 25. Then I set it to no more than 35. Then I gave up. I was spending too much time trying to fulfill my requirement. So I let it go.

By letting it go, over the past couple months I was able to come across 4 blogs that I'd like to promote...I also found a lot of others that I liked and added to my google reader but they had a gajillion followers already. I suppose part of the reasons I chose these bloggers, as you will see, is that there is a commonality I have with them in that we like the same things, but they have done much more than I have with these likes.

The blogs I am nominating are:

A fellow vintage sheet fanatic, she makes skirts and such out of them.

A fellow New Englander whose photos are gorgeous.

A fellow craft book collector and admirer of vintage crafts, she wrote a book herself! 
(Thanks for telling us about her Pam)

Although she has over 600 followers, I think there's a freshness to her blog, a sweetness to her personality, an unexpectedness to her personal style -- plus she loves fabric and makes modern quilts

go take a peek, you might like them, too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Forget To Add To "Feeling Sluggish?"

When my sugar is low, my eyes are effected and things become blurry...just in case this happens to you. I also realized that even if foods don't effect you but you feel the way I talked about, it could be your iron is low. My iron is sometimes low but generally good if I'm eating well. BUT I learned from a friend to take a low dose iron tablet everyday. Something that was recommended to him by his doctor even though his iron was excellent. He had that "I can't get out of my own way because I'm exhausted" feeling. I told him that happened to me a lot so he suggested the iron tablet. I had a low yesterday even though I ate well and on time, then it hit me...I haven't been taking my iron. Popped one in and an hour later was feeling more normal. So, something else to consider when listening to your body.

Thyroid Cover -- In Case You Haven't Heard About It...

Today I went for my annual boob squish. What? Too much information? Well, I've been hearing about the thyroid cover and like we seem to do when it comes to any type of medicine, I thought, "oh, I'm fine, I won't ask for it." Then I said, "dammit, yeah you will, tough crap if someone judges you" So I asked the boob squisher if I should be using one. She said I could and went to the other area to retrieve one. Why they don't have them right there aside the x-ray machine, I don't know. The radiologist has kind of a personality that would make you think she's not friendly, but she's nice enough...just very direct. She told me to put it tightly around my neck because it gets in the way. I thought, "great, it'll be in the way." In case you don't know, I have the neck of a pencil...I mean SWAN. and the thing was velcro and yes, I had to crisscross the velcro at it's very inside ends and hope she thought it was tight enough. ugh. Apparently it was OK and all went smoothly. Personally I think we should wear total head gear. That shield that's attached to the machine for your face really doesn't work so well when they do the angle press. In my opinion I don't think it's big enough in it's upright position to really protect our faces.

So, when you go to your mammogram appointment....ask for the thyroid cover. Better safe than sorry.

I do have a question...we get yearly x-rays looking for breast cancer and x-rays aren't good for you, can't they cause things to go wrong in your body? Or is it like taking the pill, you won't get pregnant but you might have migraines now and heart disease or cancer in your future.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Are You Feeling Foggy? Tired? Can't Think Straight?

Wow, this got longer than I expected...if you want the point of the story, skip to the bottom. LOL 

There's a lot of hub bub from different blogs about going gluten free. Over the years, I have tried a few different ways of eating. I was meatless for about 7 years and then I met R. and he looked at me and said, "you need some meat protein, I can see it." I knew he was right, but I didn't believe meat was right for me. I took his advice and started to eat meat again. I knew my body wanted and I would cheat once in awhile, but I was denying it because my brain thought differently. I tried raw foodism, but couldn't get the hang of the work often involved. I've cut out carbs before and felt great, but I am a sweet-a-holic and if it's in the house, I'm eating it...often. Then I have sugar crashes. I generally wait too long before eating, too, which often makes me crash. Not good. Although I do incorporate a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts in my diet, and lean or natural meats, I've been eating a little too much lately of the not so good for you foods. A few weeks back it started with this:

If I hadn't eaten it all before thinking, you would have gotten a picture of the whole cake...

I was going to make this back in December but hadn't gotten to it. It's a rum cake recipe that Ree of Pioneer Woman put on her blog. I finally made it although I don't typically eat a boxed cake or boxed pudding. I figure if you are going to have something baked, make it from scratch. But she made it sound so delicious so I finally put it together. OMG! I could have eaten the whole thing in one day. My taste buds were screaming for more. The evening that I made it I asked R. if he wanted a piece although he was about to go to bed. He cut himself a slice, understood from the first bite why I was so addicted and then had two more pieces! Fortunately for the both of us I have two neighbors that I like to share food with, 1/3 of the cake was given away...I put two pieces in the freezer...and scoffed the rest. And vowed that I would never make it again. Well, maybe not until next December. I even wrote to Ree and asked "how dare she do such a thing to me" LOL

So that was the beginning of the end. I started baking regularly again. I was doing it for R. because I know he likes homemade treats. The problem was that I ate them all and saved him the crumbs. It had to stop.

I've been planning to go grain free because the dermatitis on my scalp seems to be getting worse and although it's something my mother and brother also had an issue with, for most of my life I pegged it as hereditary. As I continued to research being grain free and gluten free, my gut was telling me that my head issue could be a food issue. I also know that stress doesn't help it at all. When I was regularly stressed out (for about 10 years due to the relationship at the time) it was also on my face.

On Thursday I had a fruit smoothie, then waited too long to eat again, I knew I needed some protein, my blood sugar was going down fast so I started to scramble up some eggs. Well, while I did that, I stuffed my face with some cake. Then I ate the eggs, then I crashed big time. I was tired and lethargic and I couldn't think straight. It took over an hour to start to come out of it. That's when I said I needed to pay attention and stop fooling around. In my fantasies of food, I'd be able to take a pill when hungry and be full and energized. The reality is that I have to have a plan and prepare food for my day. The evening meal isn't a big deal, which includes a big salad (what my friend Lois would call a kitchen sink salad) I do that regularly, but the daytime hours of wanting to get a lot done, or just plain laziness, was really effecting my body, my mind and my moods. I needed to get on track.

On Friday, I had a fruit smoothie, a few hours later an egg, a couple hours later some quinoa with chicken sausage and peppers, then an hour and a half later a Wendy's Jr. cheeseburger, mini fries, and a frosty. I never eat this stuff and I usually don't eat too much....except then. It was situational, then I went to family dinner and had garlic bread, turkey pot pie, a salad, oreos, and ice cream. I drove home at 11pm with pains in my side. Sharp pains. Pains that make you say, "alright, this has got to stop"

Saturday it began. I was grain free all day, I made sure I had enough protein and fruits and vegetables. Did I want that ice cream sitting in the freezer? yes, but I just reminded myself of the day before. I made sure that Sunday morning I didn't wait too long before eating. I knew we'd be going to the flea market and it would be very normal for me to not eat thinking I'd find something along the way and then end up crashing from a sugar low. One of my favorite things to do is get a coffee for the drive to the flea, even after one day of not putting crap into my system, I could immediately feel how my body reacted to the coffee after two sips. Maybe it's the coffee, the sugar or the cream, either way, my body wasn't liking it too much. I continued the day being good with my food choices and am better for it. I've been bright and clear and that is such a good feeling. My stomach is not extending from being bloated, and that's a GREAT feeling.

So I will continue to pay attention and do my best at keeping myself feeling better. I did start an ice coffee today but after 3 sips, I dumped it. It just wasn't feeling good and I actually ended up not having a taste for it.

The point of this story is twofold: to tell you about a delicious cake (but proceed with caution, I'm warning you) but also to put the bug in your ear if you aren't aware already, that if you're feeling sluggish, unfocused, moody....maybe it's what you are eating.

Thrifting Weekend - Look What I Found

We went out looking for serious know, a very small dresser for the bathroom, a light fixture for the bathroom, a lamp for the bedroom....but after thrift stores and the Restore on Saturday, then the flea market on Sunday...well, you know what happened...I didn't find what I was looking for but I found a bunch of other fun stuff....

Love the gazelle, it'a a little creepy in the face in person and the stitching shows where the fur was pieced together on the form which adds to it's cool or eww factor, depending on what you like. I think it's creepy cool. There was quite a bit of dog attraction apparently! I had never seen and 'ode to dog' before I found 'Scott' the Chihuahua, then I went to the flea on Sunday and there was an 'ode to Roger' but it was a Spaniel. Funny how that happens. The Bialetti coffee pot was a good find, I'm always trying a new type of coffee making apparatus and this might just be the keeper. And, of course, found some fabric -- LOVING the yellow and white pillowcase. The Shabby Cottage duo lampshade is awesome, but not my style and the ceiling mount pink glass shade is a beauty, but again, not my color. If it was white I'd be hanging it in my office. The insulin kit will be a nice addition for someone that collects medical stuff. So, most of this will end up on ebay --but lots of fun was had finding it all.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Recent Fabric Thrifting

Because I'm a fabric whoreder, I will try to be more diligent in sharing the sparkly goodness with you...well, that's if you're interested.

This iron is a Black and Decker Classic I picked up in it's box, it was probably used twice...maybe. Since I now have 4 vintage irons, I guess I have a collection? This style is still sold today but my box showed that it was probably from the '80's. They call the '80's vintage now, which I have a hard time with, so I'll call it '80's vintage'...distinguishes it in a whole different category, if you know what I mean.

There are 3 vintage sheets and a pillowcase in this pile -- the vintage sheet collection is getting larger weekly it seems. The yellow/white floral sheet is to become a skirt for one of R's girls. The two floral fabrics are probably from the '90's and the ant fabric is really a duvet cover and is within the past few years I imagine. Wouldn't it be awesome to make a retro style dress out of that fabric? ooh, that reminds me that I have a very cool mini dress, simple go-go style with huge paper clips as the print. I picked it up years ago and I still love it.

In this pile there's a vintage sheet, 3rd from bottom, a heavy weight lime green cotton - upholstery fabric? a cool rusty orange with yellow nubs, another orange with yellow I believe is vintage and a couple vintage floral fabric remnants. On top is a scarf that I'll cut into because I like it's stripey goodness. The fabric under it is a cute novelty print in a Pennsylvania Dutch style. 

Bella The Lab

Last weekend Bella was here again for a few days again. She is generally mopey when her owner leaves her behind, she's not crazy about all the other dogs being around and lets them know it, too. She hid under the dining table for the first couple days but found that she could be really comfy in the man chair....

....otherwise known as 'the chair I said you could be put in the living room because I want to show you how much I care and want you to feel comfortable even though I had to remove my favorite antique barrel chair that was super comfy and fit more with my decorating style but if your back feels better because of it then I'm happy you're happy.' 

Well, to be honest, I'm still not happy about it but R. is more comfortable with his back and that's what truly matters...right???? right?

Hi My Name Is Geri...

...and I like to smell things.

This is one of the first things Geri might tell you if she could speak. Her nose is always going, but not for the typical things one might think. Geri loves to stick her nose right in front of the opening to the wood stove as I start to light a fire. She twists and turns her head trying to get the right angle to get every scent of it. She gets up on tiptoes to smell the natural soap in the bathroom, she smells (and licks) shoe polish when R. does his shoes each night, and she doesn't turn away from nail polish remover but instead inhales and tries to take a lick of the cotton ball. She's a funny girl like that.

Geri is 4 years old and her markings are what is called 'Parti-color.' She has been with me for a couple weeks and I needed to let her transition to see what type of dog she would be. She came from a family with four boys (need I say more?) It was too crazy for her and they ended up putting her on Prozac. After a year or so of that, they decided she wasn't doing a lot better with the high energy chaos and surrendered her. She is off her Prozac and has settled into a routine of a quieter home and is playful with the other dogs. She likes her crate where she feels safe. She loves to eat but the other night I gave her raw beef with green beans and she ate the green beans, literally delicately picked them out of the meat and ate them, and left the meat. It was very funny. She eats the meat other times when it's mixed with her grain free food, but I guess she was feeling a bit vegetarian that night.

She does have a quirkiness about her. She needs some training although she knows how to sit and I've been teaching her to wait for her dinner. Most of the time she does well with that.

I had six dogs in my house for a few days last week and I seriously do not know how people do it on a regular basis. Actually, the last time I had seven it seemed to work easily, but this time around there was a lot of personality clashing so it creates a tense energy and it's hard for them to focus on my commands.

Today begins a little quieter week with 4 dogs (Hanz, Weezie, Bug and Geri) and we're getting 3 new dogs in. Hopefully, our two other foster homes will be able to take one each.