Friday, April 23, 2010

Thrifted Needlepoint "Paintings"

I found these a few days ago while thrifting around...

I like that they are made up of a mix of needlepoint stitches. I'm thinking late '70s. I was going to maybe cut them up and make handbags out of them, but then I hung them in my office. They'll stay there...for awhile anyway ;-) 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do You Sew?

I am a very basic sewer. I don't know the rules, have always just done my thing...and I don't go shopping for new things too often, I use what I have, what I find, what I've had for years...this includes bobbins. But, I did go to Joann's fabric a few weeks back to get a wrist magnetic pincushion. I don't like it, I should have returned it by now and haven't...that's not why I'm here, though... When I was at Joann's I was perusing the sewing aisle and looking at all the things I don't have. I picked up some quilting pins, which is the second reason I was there and I checked out other goodies, including bobbins. I have a few metal ones (I've never purchased one) I found some sitting beside plastic ones. Now, since I've never purchased them I had no idea how much they cost. And, because I seem to still live back in the 70's price range for everything...well, I was surprised a bit at the cost of them.

Imagine my thrill when I found these with a small pair of embroidery scissors today at MFLTS (my favorite little thrift store) for 10¢.  10¢!! can you believe it? Although, the scissors went into the metal recycling because they don't cut! LOL

so, have you missed me?? hee hee

time flies when you're dealing with the pains of internet services. As you know, I've switched to the cable company and that has come with it's own little glitches and I've been on the phone with them a number (a large number) of times. I will spare the griping (yes, griping, not gripping) details. I think things are all set now. Fingers crossed. I do have to say that every person I spoke with was kind and helpful. I also realized why the AT&T customer service reps pissed me off so much -- every time you spoke to one of them, they apologized for the inconvenience, the trouble, the bad weather. OK, not really the weather but they spent so much time apologizing and thanking me for my patience each time they put me on hold that the time spent actually addressing my problem was minimal. The Comcast guy did this today and it hit me like a bolt of lightening. Just get to the problem people. I've already spent too much time on the telephone prompts, I just want the problem resolved. So, it seems, it was actually my computer that was having the problem so I had to call Apple. Easy fix.

With everything going on, not being able to stay on-line, etc. I wasn't up to fighting with the internet to try and get a blog post done. I've also not been able to get some things onto etsy and ebay and I've got things to post!!

If you are in the Glastonbury, CT area on Saturday, big tag sale on Pond Circle. Like I said, I have things and most of it is antique and vintage with some regular stuff thrown in, it will be for sale, in person. My garage is happier already but I've got more to go so a second sale will be the following week if my other friend is up for it.

Miniature Schnauzer LUCY and other SPR news...

check this out: 

I forgot and left Lucy's crate open one day while I was gone. She likes to roam around and get things to hoard, or tear apart apparently. This is my 7'x 7' hallway, the door on the left is to my office and on the right is to my bedroom. The orange blanket is usually under the bed where the dogs sleep. She probably wasn't successful in getting it to her crate in the kitchen because it got a little unwieldy. The zebra stripe was a good size dog bed, located in the living room, why she dragged it this way I don't know. Oh, in case you can't tell....she likes to destuff things, she does it to every toy she hoards. Not right away though, it takes a few days. Look, it seems she likes my Stegmans and R.'s socks, too. I laughed when I saw this --the little pip. I couldn't be mad at her.

Well, she's been in my care now for 5 months and small amounts of progress have been made. She lives in her crate still by choice, only to come out and roam a bit when she thinks I'm not around. 
We've been to the ophthalmologist and she is a candidate for cataract surgery. Right now I am prepping her eyes for it by putting drops in 4x a day, both eyes. After surgery, this protocol continues but it could be with up to 4 or 5 meds. Annnnnnnd, how am I going to work? I can't think about it, I get stressed. 

We have some people that have wanted to donate toward her surgery, so far, I'm not sure of the total amount that is but her surgery will cost up to $2500. Typically, it would be at least a thousand dollars more but the vet is donating her surgical time. When she told me that, I cried. I'm so awful at accepting gifts, this just touched me in so many ways. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. ugh.

We, of course, are hoping that when she has sight she will be able to feel more comfortable in starting to be a dog that enjoys life, then we can hopefully find someone(s) that will have a big heart to take them into their home. Keep fingers crossed. 

One thing I did learn is that when a dog has cataracts, it can be painful due to swelling that occurs. So, if you have a dog that has them, mild or severe, get to the eye vet for some medication, because dogs are stoic and you'll never know by them! The other two girls that came in with Lucy have appointments so we can get some meds. I'm so glad we ventured on this route with Lucy, because I've learned something very important. 

Her surgery is May 3.

Other news...Badger was rehomed and is now named Max. He is very loved and getting lots of attention.
He looks like pretty happy to me!!
Coming next week...12 year old Megan, supposedly a very sweet girl who's owner died. She'll be coming here.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The New Guy -- Initially Shy


He didn't come with that name and I wasn't sure it would become his name but when I first met him and then a few days after having him had to be Badger. See, because of his shyness, he practically crawled on his belly to me. His body spread out and he has a dark stripe down his back and had a more furry face at the time, he looked like a Badger, I wasn't the only one that thought so. It took two times for me to call him with that name and he answers to it every time since. Of course, I could probably call him a different name each time and he'd still come to me -- he loves attention. He does still get low to the ground sometimes, but not as much.

I picked him up from the pound on Monday. He had been there a month and a half. He was found along with 2 females, roaming a retirement housing/shopping community. Whomever owned them, had no interest in taking them back. The vet the three had been taken to said they were used for breeding due to how the girl's bellies and teats were, it seemed they had had a number of litters. In case you don't know, some not very professional breeders often just release their bitches and studs to the world outside of the space they are used to. Yup, just let them go to fend for themselves. They don't even have the decency to surrender them to the Humane Society or to a rescue. It's about making money, not caring very much for the animals that help them to make their money. When their jobs are done, they get released.

The females were adopted out but no one wanted him because he is a leg lifter and has not been neutered. He is one of the best dogs....people drive me nuts. Yes, you have to work with a dog that's been abandoned. Yes, males (and many females) mark their territory. Yes, once trained he will not lift his leg in your house. Yes, there are "diapers" called Belly Bands that can be used in the interim. Yes, you can also crate train...that's where the dog is crated for one to two weeks unless he's outside doing his duties. It teaches them that it's outside where all that stuff is supposed to happen, not inside.

nothing like a good butt sniff to keep a boy going...

I was crate training Badger but he's such a good boy that I didn't like keeping him crated all that time. The weather is nicer so he can spend a lot of time outside. When inside, he does get belly-banded.

He is a funny boy,, when training him by praising him for peeing outside, well, he pee'd once, I told him how good he was and gave him a treat. He pee'd (or so it looked like it) again, and the same -- good boy and treat. He found another spot, pretended to pee and then ran to me. Ah, yes, the smartness of dogs. He didn't get a treat the third time. The second time I thought he faked it but gave him the benefit of the doubt, but the third time? Total fake out!!

Remember the lovely family that took Freddy? well, they returned Freddy and he has since been rehomed to a couple that is familiar with his personality type. As hard as the first family wanted to work with him and succeed, Freddy misbehaved and got aggressive toward 2 different visiting children in the home. Ahhhhh, that's not going to work. He had been fine with them at a different meeting, each separately, but he became very possessive of his new family and didn't care for the intruders. No biting occurred, thank goodness, but with the unpredictability...Freddy couldn't stay there. BUT, that same family may be taking Badger home with them in the next couple of days. The Mom was just here and fell in love and I know the 12 year old daughter will just be beside herself when they come back on Sunday to meet him. Badger LOVVVVVVES attention and petting and just stands there quietly with love in his eyes for as long as you want to touch him.

He will be happy in his new home

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Squirrels and Mean Crows

On my way home yesterday from running around to the cable company, grocery shopping, and other errands (with a wicked 'crappy me feeling head cold' that also feels flu like -- all I wanted to do was be horizontal -- but duty calls! LOL) I'm driving home and I see this woman on the side of the road with a box and she's kind of playing with the lid. "uh, oh," I say to myself, "keep going Denise, mind your own business, let her deal with it" "I bet it's kittens, she looks like she's not sure what to do" guessed it....I pulled over. I walk up to her and what she has is a baby squirrel. She said that she saw it in the road as she drove by, almost got home, and had to turn around to try and help it...crows kept pecking at it, a form of torture, I imagine.

His feet were too big for his body and floppy, very frog like, very cute

So, instead of letting her take care of things (she had a look of bewilderment on her face) I told her I would take it to the nearby vet to see if they will take into their care. I knew they wouldn't. I haven't found a vet in a 10 mile radius yet that will. They do direct me to wildlife rehabilitaters. And that is what happened. I called 4 different people, two got back to me. The first one I made arrangements with to bring the little guy to her in the morning since she works 10 minutes from me but lives a half hour away. I thought I'd have to be up feeding him all night because that's the first words out of two people's mouths when I told them I have a baby in my care. Apparently, that is wrong, wrong, wrong. All I had to do was make sure he stayed warm and didn't get a chill. They need a certain formula, I was told, and since I didn't have it, I shouldn't give him anything. A heating pad is great for this if you have one...I don't. But, I have a hot water bottle. It works great, you just have to change the water every few hours. Fortunately for the little guy, my Weezie wakes me up regularly during the night and last night she didn't disappoint...3 times. (when she dies, I will get so much needed sleep)

This morning I found out that you can also use a heat pack. This is what the rehabilitator used for him today, she said they last 12 hours and work great.

I had just gotten a mink hat from a clean out I did and I had told my client that I did the work for that I would send it to the Humane Society because they use furs for rehabilitating animals. She loved the idea. Well, I called her last night and told her it went to a baby squirrel instead.

I'm telling you, that baby was thanking me for that good warm furry stuff that so closely resembles the feel of momma -- instead of some towel that couldn't possibly come close to being mom. He was so cute, burrowing in, getting all snuggly. He was so comfy this morning and not moving, that I had to jostle him a little to make sure he wasn't dying on me. He wasn't, and when I held him he tried to wrestle himself out of my hand and he was screeching for his momma and some food -- or to be saved from this big human creature!

When Hanzie heard all this screeching, he got very excited...Miniature Schnauzers were bred for catching rats, and my Hanzie has a particular drive for screeching things. (when I move my refrigerator for example, it has a weird squeak and he goes balistic trying to get whatever he thinks is under there.) So he was really interested in this little critter making those wonderful noises, he looked at me wide eyed and his jaws quivered with desire, 'animal instinct I need to catch it and kill it' desire. He was focused and jumping on my legs when in the house. But this morning, when Baby started yelling outside, Hanz ran backward, I don't know if he was scared (look at that face!) or going to take a running jump to get it. He probably was waiting for it to hit the ground so he could chase it. I have a lot of squirrels that come to the back yard and climb my fence, and tease Hanz, he falls for it every time.

nothing like a picture to show you how bad your lawn is. LOL

The Saga Continues and Ends

Well, I've not been around much. The saga with AT&T continued, another technician came out Friday, he left, I turned on the computer, 5 minutes later I didn't have internet access again. I called the technician (silly man, I have your number on caller ID) I asked for his boss's name and number. He said, "let me get right back to you." He didn't -- for half an hour. When he did, he asked if I was still home, I said, "yes, but don't bother, I'm switching to the cable company and actually saving myself $27 a month." He reacted like I insulted him. EXCUSE ME??

But, things are never easy around this house. I called the cable company during that half hour wait and ordered me up some voice and internet. Ronnie is taking all my info. and asks for my social security number. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH NO. Well, it seems, I cannot order it over the phone because they need a form of ID due to security purposes, blah, blah, blah. "OK, where do I go to talk to a person in real life and show them my ID so you guys know I am who I am?" Two 20 minutes away, the other 30. YAY for me. Yes, I'm annoyed, which seems to be a regular feeling around here it seems.

Yesterday, I go to the cable company, and wait....and wait....for my number to be called. I get called and I'm chatting with James, "why do you need an ID or SS#" he tells me about security fraud happening more and more, ordering cable for an address that isn't the persons, etc. OK, I'm satisfied. BUT then he tells me that, "No, you don't have to pay $10 to have the modem sent to you, you can pick it up in East Hartford at a temporary storefront." Good. It's closer (and saves me $10 to have it shipped to me.) Much closer. So I ask him, "could I have done there what I am now doing here with you?" "Yes," he says. Apparently Ronnie didn't know about this temporary location because I'm sure he would have told me about it. Arrrggggghhh. Yeah, the place is 5 minutes from me.

On Friday, I will be an official cable customer and from what I understand from people in close vicinity of my house...I will have super fast service and won't find myself disconnected more often than not. And, I'll be saving myself an extra $27 a month! Works for me.