Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow and Rest

I shoveled the dogs' path in the backyard. I started the front, cleared the stoop and headed down the walk shoveling as I went. Then it happened. A slight twist the wrong way and I was down almost on my knees, grateful for the shovel as support. Limped my way back into the house. Broken. Now all I can do is what they're doing...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Received This Card Today

The cuteness melts my heart. Look at how good and attentive this little Dachsy was for the picture.

Thanks Kathy, very sweet.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

With Deepest Sympathy...

I feel a great need to put this out into the Universe. I am so saddened by the deaths in the last 6 weeks of people that I've known, and those that I didn't.

I received sad news today of the passing of a very nice woman that I chatted with only twice, but I liked her a lot. She was real. No facade. An engaging woman. The girlfriend of a man I've gotten to know and do work for. They were friends and a couple about 25 years ago, life happened in between and they found each other again, making a new life together. A kind and loving person that worked with Autistic Children. A giver. She leaves behind 2 children.

One of my best friends just lost a friend of many years to cancer, a battle he was fighting for the past couple of years. I've met him a couple times through the automotive place he worked at. I did not know him well, but my friend would tell me nice stories about him. He passed Dec. 18. 

The tragic deaths of those at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. A day we will never forget, Dec. 14.

A woman from Camp that has been battling cancer for a couple years. She was a tall, strong woman, a loud voice and always humorous. R. used to play cards with her and the guys on Thursday evenings at camp. She was a very close friend to two women I've come to adore at camp. She leaves behind a partner of many years. She passed on Dec. 13.

R's Mom's companion of 42 years passed on Dec. 13 at the age of 93. He was a WWII veteran pilot. Owned his own successful company for many years, that is now run by his son, he retired and has lived with Parkinsons for the past several years. Although his body was not cooperating, his mind was still strong and he loved to be on the computer. He leaves behind children and grandchildren. 

The passing of a friend's dad who was 91 that wanted to prove he could live to 100. He was in good health until about a month before his passing on Nov. 3 of this year. He was a devoted and loving father, very passionate about family. He was loud and quirky, an eccentric at best. If he liked one thing, he bought a dozen of the same item. He walked his Corgi daily, of which he had a couple while knowing him over the past 20 years. He left behind a wife of 57 years, 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Rest in peace --Elene, Bruce, the children and staff of SHES, Barb, Tom and Anthony. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

He Came, He Went

Mr. Shadow went home yesterday. It was a quick visit here and now he is off to new adventures. A retired gentleman that has been looking for a Schnauzer and would only stop looking when he found a Schnauzer, drove 4 hours to my house yesterday from upstate New York to pick Shadow up. Shadow will be with him 24/7 like his last dog was for 14 years. He was so thrilled to have a Schnauzer again. They say, once you own a Schnauzer you will always have a Schnauzer if you have a dog. I have found this to be true and Phillip is a devoted Schnauzer lover.

I called one of his references who just happened to be his ex-wife and boy, did she sing his praises. How can you get a better recommendation than that? She told me he carved a head of a Schnauzer from a piece of wood and attached it to the top of his mailbox, that's how much he loved his Toby.

I think Shadow will be very happy and is in good hands. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

May They Find Peace Somewhere

Great sadness has been in the air due to the tragic happenings in Newtown, CT. A bit over an hour from me, so close and so unfathomable. There are no words that can express the sorrow for the pain and suffering that this boy has caused. Prayers and thoughts go out to those who have lost a loved one, and to those that have been unfortunate enough to have been witness to this experience.

I find it disheartening that in order to be the "you heard it hear first!" news station, that to me, if feels like it is being sensationalized and the impatience for actual facts has lead to the stories changing every few hours and I feel bad for those asked "how does losing your _______ make you feel?" type of questions. I've always had a hard time with that. It makes you wanna smack someone up against the side of the head --and it's obviously not the person being interviewed.

I'm not really feeling hostile today, it just sounds like it.

I'm just sayin'

After spending a couple hours at the bookstore this morning I came home to search online for the book that I didn't write down the name of because time was cut short. It's a book by a blogger which makes me even more curious as I like to support crafty bloggers that have published books.

Well, you know what happens when one starts searching...3 hours later you've found a plethora of blogs that you want to follow, but you haven't found the blogger or the book you were looking for.

I don't know if others feel this way, and possibly not because there are many followers on these types of blogs...blogs that have pop up advertising. Well, I don't follow, I don't peruse, I cancel if they've been in my reader before the pop-ups started. Totalllllllly fr...g annoying. It's happening more and more. They could have the best content and I won't follow them or look at them ever again.

For those blogs without the pop-ups but still have many ads in the sidebar? Thank you for not giving into the pop-ups. I know it brings in more money, but does it balance out in a negative fashion if readers choose never to read again because of it?

OK, rant is over. I'm going back to look for that damn artist.

Hope your day is happy.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs

I don't know what came over me. I recently made a rule that I would only have one foster dog at a time in my house, R. appreciated that. Fortunately, there haven't been a bunch knocking on my door to come in. It was a close call with 3 that needed some help but they've since found homes with their owner's diligence. But, yesterday I got an email that for some reason, I didn't hesitate, I knew I would take these two in. Not that I want to add to the dynamics here which can get spurts of crazy with Bug and Roger's personalities, but...apparently it's been overall too calm and I need to add some chaos. Merry Christmas to me! R. was a bit surprised when he walked in the door to have 5 dogs clambering around him, he was definitely caught off guard. He shook his head and headed back outside to stack wood. I know he thinks I have a little crazy in me.

These two are sweet cuddle-bugs, happy, easy going dogs. Which means they should be pretty easy to place. People like dogs that are not a lot of work. I'm told the female 'Lucy' is a Schnauzer/Yorkie mix (a Schnorkie? LOL) but having had a Yorkie myself for 14 years, I'd say she's Yorkie with the Salt and Pepper of a Schnauzer, she's a peanut and weighs in at 6.10 lbs. Her brother is a Schnauzer with his beard cut off (it's only hair, it will grow, right?) that is a huge fan of cuddling and running around in the yard. Hopefully everyone will get along just fine. I don't usually have a problem with that. If left alone, they figure out the hierarchy and act accordingly. It took Roger awhile to find where he fit as he wanted to be top dog, and I wasn't sure what direction it was going to go in, but he's been here a couple months and he's realized for sure that Bug is the Queen. He'll test her, but in the end, he knows who rules. It took two seconds for the new kids to know she was Queen, and they're fine with that. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vintage Sheets into Rugs

Last week I sold a set of vintage sheets on ebay to a buyer in California.

Last night she sent me this photo of a rug she made from them...

OK, first off, I have to say -- she obviously is not a procrastinator like myself. I'm amazed that she received the package and whipped up a rug! Just cut the strips and crocheted till she was done. Amazing. I need to go sew something! LOL

She sent me pictures of others she's made. This one out of her daughters sheets and pillowcases.

and this one with her Rat Terrier Ellie -- sweety Ellie...

These are Christmas gifts. How lucky the recipient.

Good job Marilyn and thanks for sharing. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Haircuts

They were fuzz balls, I couldn't take it anymore. Out came the clippers. I love when they have their Schnauzer cuts. They are smooth and silky. Bug looks so tiny in comparison to when it's longer and curly. Hanz will definitely be living by the wood stove for warmth...time for the sweater to come out for him. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Snuggly Pals Roger and Bug

As soon as they awake, they play. I wish I was like that at 5:30 a.m. They fight over toys occasionally, but they play a lot together...and sleep together either here on my lap or on the sofa. So sweet. If I had the room for a third dog...Roger would be a great addition. He's been such a good boy. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Vintage Dishwasher

All mine. Wooooh hoooh.

I was perusing Craigslist the other day, looking for used cabinets to put in the studio. I found an ad for vintage built-ins that a woman was trying to sell. In the add was a picture that had a dishwasher and a stove -- "definitely vintage," I said to myself.

I wrote to her and asked if they were vintage. The stove was a drop-in, which I don't see a lot of for vintage models and the dishwasher was this cutie...

A Kitchen Aid Hobart model KD-12, I was so excited to find this, I was looking for a NEW dishwasher, but per the usual, was procrastinating on choosing one. I'm a HUGE procrastinator, but I have found that many times it has worked to my now. 

She and I emailed back and forth because I needed information if I was going to spend some moola on putting this thing in. She said it worked, and she's been using it for the past 17 years, but has finally decided to do a kitchen remodel and this and the stove were going away. Oh, how I wanted to rescue the stove, too, but I have a vintage 1956 Frigidaire 40" that I love and have no room to store hers.   

Although I found very little information for this model, I did find a couple of YouTube videos and other information on forums. It seems to be a well liked machine. It came in stainless and pink, too. What I read most about was how much people liked KitchenAid Hobart and the gravity drain system that these machines have. What that means? I'm not sure and more research needs to be done so I have the knowledge. 

I do have to say it was a difficult decision for me to make, getting this dishwasher. I'm a huge advocate for protecting the environment as much as you can, recycling, reusing, efficiency, etc. I couldn't find any information on how much water this will use. I did find a timing schedule for the cycles and it seems it will run faster than a new 'efficient' machine, and I'm surprised at how much water a new machine in the $400 range still uses and they run for an hour and fifteen minutes or more. I would have loved to own a Bosch, which meets a lot of efficiency requirements but they are a bit more ching than I have to spend on a dishwasher.

So, I'm calling the plumber and getting this baby hooked up. It's not huge inside, and who knows, I may change my mind about it, um, because that's what I do, but in the meantime, I'll visit with it and enjoy it's vintage pedigree. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Hello There

It feels good to have my MacBook in running order again. I've been without it's use for almost 3 weeks and I was not only having withdrawal, but was getting a little pissy that the computer repair place wasn't even looking at it.

I dropped it off 3 weeks ago, called 4 days later, was told it would be looked at the next day. I didn't hear anything, so I called again, what was the 10th day after it being dropped off and was told it would be looked at the next day, which was a Friday. I heard nothing back. I went there on Monday and asked for my computer back.

When I originally dropped it and told the guy the problem, he suggested that the hard drive may have lived it's life and was dying, that maybe I was over-writing, therefore making the hard drive work too hard which slowed it down so much. It would cost $45 for him to diagnose the problem and then however much more to fix it.

What do I do in these situations where I need to stamp my feet and bitch and complain? I call Angela. She told me to make an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple store. I had initially considered that but because I didn't want to go to where the Apple store is, and wait, and have a gazillion people around me, I had brought it to the PC/Apple repair shop closer to me because someone had recommended them because he was so happy with what they did for him and how quickly. So, I bit the bullet and made the appointment. I went over there two days later, they plugged into the computer with their 'magic machine,' (I call it that because it's all Greek to me and it performed magic, in my opinion) and  Jason described to me what was probably happening. The 'magic machine' did it's debugging and 7 minutes later I was on my way, MacBook in hand, and here I sit happily typing away instead of wanting to throw the computer across the room. Oh, and it cost me nothing.

Moral of this story? Go to the Genius Bar if you're having a problem with your Apple product, you'll get the service you are looking for, and they really are techno geniuses.

Now I think I'll go get me a Mountain Lion upgrade.

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vintage Thrifting

These prints really drew me in but I did not get them. I have tried to find info. On them but have not had luck. They are signed 'Blatt.'

The pile of Blue Heaven came home with me. Most likely will end up on eBay, but I so like the blue of the plain pieces.

Roger -- The New Boy

Roger came in a few days ago. He was surrendered because he is not very good around toddlers. He is not mean, he just plays a bit rough. His Mom was very upset that she had to release him to us. She got in contact with me a few weeks back and I suggested some training methods and a couple books that I often recommend. She got right on it, determined to make it work. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. 

Roger will need a home where there is a lot of activity and play time. A couple long walks a day will do him well. He has a lot of energy to burn. He is a sweet boy and he and Bug play as soon as they get up in the morning. They've also had a few squabbles but I think they've finally worked out who is the more dominant canine. 

He is a beautiful boy and is very smart. These pictures from my phone don't do him justice.m

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bella Came Back...

...and went away again.

Bella came back to me on Wednesday. The adopter realized the care of her eyes was more than she could handle. On Saturday Angela came down to pick up Bella, to giver here her permanent home.

Bella had initially been with Angela for two weeks and was very comfortable there. Angela dow shte business side of SPR, she is not a foster home, more of a 'holding home' when needed. So, Bella came to me, for me to foster and adopt out. I had her for about 6 weeks. She was an easy foster and the 3x ad ay eye care just became routine. She is a sweet gentle. girl.

On Saturday when Angela and Dave walked into the house, Bella went bonkers!! We thought she'd be nonplussed since it had been that long, but she was ecstatic to see them both. She knew that she was with temporarily it seems because they would be back, wish she had clued us in! LOL. So now she is happily home, immediately fitting back in, knowing the yard was herw again, knowing the humans were heres again and knowing the dogs and cats were OK with her being back.

Angela and Dave are two of the best dog owners one could find. They are very focussed on their responsibility as pet owners, working with the oga and cats, guiding them, training them and loving them. Most of all, they are able to accept their animals as they are without trying to change them, quirks and all. Bella now has a very special place to call home.

Bella came back to me on Wednesday, the adopter realized the care of her eyes was more than she could handle. On Saturday Angela came down to pick up Bella, to give her her permanent home. 

Bella had initially been with Angela for two weeks and was very comfortable there. Angela does the business of the rescue, she is not a foster home, more of a 'holding home' when needed. So, Bella came to me. I had her for about 6 weeks. She was an easy foster and the 3x a day eye care just became routine. She is a sweet gentle girl. 

On Saturday when Angela and Dave walked into the house Bella went bonkers! We thought she'd be nonplussed since it had been that long, but she was ecstatic to see them. She knew that she was with me temporarily it seems, wish she would have clued un in! LOL So now she is happily home, immediately fitting in, knowing the yard was hers again, knowing the humans were hers again and knowing the dogs and cats were OK with her being back. 

Angela and Dave are two of the best dog owners one could find. They are very focussed on their responsibility as pet owners, working with the dogs and cats, guiding them, training them and loving them. Most of all, they are able to accept their animals as they are without trying to change them, quirks and all. Bella now has a very special place to call home.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Lovely Gift

While tag sale-ing I've been keeping an eye out for a food processor for my friend Sue. I scored a find on Saturday, a Cuisinart with all of the attachements. I gave her a call and got the green light to purchase it for her. 

Yesterday I dropped it off at her home while she was at work. She had told me she left something for me she thought I'd enjoy, it was this limited edition Danbury Mint plate, by Christoper Nick. How sweet sweet sweet of her. The Schnauzer resembles my Little Bug in coloring, but most especially in the pose, waiting for the ball to be thrown. Appropriately, it is called, "Play Ball!!"

There was also a card with a Schnauzer drawing on it and a check inside for the cost of the Cuisinart...and another check with a generous donation to my rescue, Schnauzer Paws Rescue. I can't explain how I felt. Touched. That's a good word to use. It was such an unexpected surprise.

Sue has a Mini named Nick. Unfortunately, her female, Zoe, passed away too early in her life, a couple years ago. Nick was peering out the glass door at me when I dropped the machine off, he was acting all Big Man protective of his territory, but I knew if the door was open he'd eat up the love and attention I wanted to bestow upon him. 

Sue and I met about 8 years ago when we both volunteered for the same rescue. Since beginning SPR, Sue is a Schnauzer contact for us, sending people our way and helping us out if we need her. 

Go over to her blog Idyll Haven and say 'hi.' Sue is an avid gardener and I am in awe every time I pull into her driveway. Her passion about plants is obvious and surrounds her home, from shortest to very tall, and is something she talks about regularly on her blog. You'll also see her little guy Nick over there. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bella and Junior Go Home

Yesterday, both Bella and Junior went to their new homes. Bella's new mom saw the sweetness that Bella had to offer and took on the commitment of Bella's lifetime of daily eye care.

She brought her dog Willow with her to meet Bella, pretty girl, Golden Retriever. Willow wasn't much interested in Bella, but she was VERY interested in each and every toy she could find. Willow was very good at obeying her Master's commands, so I saw a bright future for Bella. I do have to admit that Bella seems to be a bit aloof and training her might not come easily but Pamela assured me she will learn.

Junior went home to a family member's house of the original owner. He was missed so much that they took him into their home to live out the rest of his years and he will still be able to hang out with and get love from his mom.

He was a good boy and began showing his silly side the last few days here. He also showed me his BMOC attitude, too, when Bella the Black Lab came in to stay for a week. He let her know who he thought was boss, she showed him how big her teeth were. He got the message -- leave the big black dog alone, well, with an occasional testing now and again.

A Wedding

Last Saturday, one of my closest friends married her man of the past 11 years. She asked me to make a "wedding -- this way" sign for the beginning of the path to the venue. After spilling the primer on my studio floor, I was able to get to work...

Lois is my thrifting co-hort, therapist-over-a-cup-of-coffee friend, we support each other, she's short, I'm tall, she's conservative/preppy, I'm hippy chic, she's a grown-up, I'm a grown child. We can depend on each other when in need (unless it's between the hours of 11pm and 8am then I'm to call someone else,) 'cuz she's zonked and will sleep through a bomb and we have a lot of laughs together.

Sooooo, knowing she has a sense of humor, as I was designing it, I was having fun with the words. She wanted something a little whimsical and said I could put just about anything I wanted on it...."within reason," she said. 

I thought this one was appropriate...

...she didn't agree.

I thought this one was even better, snarky and fun....
she laughed but I guess she wanted this to be a more serious matter -- go figure! 

So this is what she got, and she loved it...

I made it with all previously used materials. The sign is the back of a drawer, the pole is an old wooden broomstick, the paint was left over from various jobs I've done. 

It was a beautiful setting by the river. The 3pm lighting from the clouds starting to cover the sky made for a nice light, the breeze was coming in, the rain held off and the vows were spoken.

Lois preplanned for the possibility of cooler weather. On the back of every other chair was a Pashima shawl for the female guests in case they got cool, and we got to keep them. What a nice touch. 

It was a small gathering of their closest friends and family. I've known Lois for only about 3 years, maybe not even that long, I was honored to be included. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh Fudge!

and I was having such a good day.

I spent the day doing doing doing. Dishes, baked zucchini, laundry, made smoothies, took photos for ebay, started listings on ebay, laundry, had some ice cream, laundry. Feeling good that things were getting done...then decided I should get started on the sign I'm painting for a friend's wedding this coming Saturday. 

Shake Shake Shake -- slip, ugh, oh crap. Just what I wanted to be doing at 9:45pm -- cleaning up paint. Well, no one said a studio floor should stay free of paint drippings, but paint pourings? maybe. Fortunately, I wasn't cranky and could take it in stride. 

23 years of painting and this is the second time it's happened. The first time was about 10 years ago -- a quart of oil based paint -- rusty orange color meets client's driveway. Now THAT was not fun. 

Hope you had a great day!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome to Cutie-Boy Junior

Junior is a 9 1/2 year old that was surrendered due to his owner's terminal illness.

He is getting used to being here and becoming a little attached to me, the sadness from his eyes is starting to leave, but the first couple days you could see how he just did not understand why he was here. He was with his owner all the time. It will take him a little adjusting to become himself again. He is a sweet boy so far and is easy to have here. 

The first night he was here, at around 4am he started to moo-howl. I always find howling humorous whenever I am in earshot, but this sounded so sad. He has since done it during the day and it's just how he howls. It's so funny. I was mimicking him to a friend, with him right there, and he started to sing along with me. So cute. Then, before I knew it, there was a cacophony of singing from all 4 dogs. This also happens when I leave, by the time I get to my car the howling has begun, and I love that I can tell by their voices, which one is doing which pitch. 

Junior is an excellent car rider, and is a good boy going into the vet's office. Yesterday he had some dental work done, the poor thing, he had an incisor removed and two molars. His teeth were worse than nasty, I wasn't surprised that a few were removed. Late yesterday afternoon and into evening, he was a bit groggy still, the anesthesia was still in his body, but today he's got some spring in his step and is getting back to normal. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bella Was Quite Comfy

She was such a good girl at camp. I had to leave her alone in the camper a few times and she just snuggled into my 'new to me' afghan that I picked up at the thrift store.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Hello Bella!

Bella came into our rescue a few weeks ago.

Angela had been hanging onto her until I got back from vacation. She made herself at home here pretty quickly. She and Bug played the second day, running around the yard and having a great time. I haven't seen the same activity since. Bug mostly yells at her, even if she's just standing there. If they do start to play a little and Hanzie tries to get involved there ends up being arguments. Hanzie just doesn't know how to play with two dogs at the same time. Barking ensues, he gets protective of Bug and then I'm breaking them up after they've all sworn at each other a few times. I have to keep telling them that I'm the only one that is allowed bad language.

She is a sweet girl, easy to have here, happy, and independent. When she was at Angela's she took a liking to her husband and would jump up on his lap often and have some cuddle time. She likes to play with her toys and to fetch balls. She's great with kids and cats. What more could you ask for in a dog? 

Bella's story: An ad was placed on Craigslist giving her away free. Whenever people see these ads, they send an alert to us. Angela called the woman that owned Bella and had a few different conversations with her. Bella's tear glands do not function properly, therefore, she makes little if any natural tears, depending on which eye we are talking about. Due to the severe dry eye, she has lost some sight. The owner said that they get all gooped up and although she has medication for her, "what's the sense in applying it if they are goopy all the time anyway?" Apparently this woman was also overwhelmed with many other things in her life and it seemed Bella was the last in line for proper care. She was often kept outside on a lead attached to a tree. Bella likes to walk in circles for comfort and we are thinking it's because she is used to tree circling. 

Angela said that it was like Bella's eyes were glued shut from the secretions. She brought her to the ophthalmologist for the right medications and instructions for application. Within a few days her eyes were clearer and then brighter. She is to revisit the ophthalmologist again in two months. Right now she is on a 3x a day eye medication protocol that we are hoping will go down to 2x a day. They still get a bit goo, mostly in the left eye, but it's so minor in comparison. Bella is not thrilled to have her eyes dabbed at 3 times a day, but it is something that must be done and I've gotten it down to a rhythm with her. 

Angela has been in touch with and having conversations with 3 different foster moms that volunteer for the Blind Dog Alliance. We are hoping they will take her because we feel that she will have a better chance for a quicker adoption because they hit a specific market. When people come to us they are looking for a 'no medical issue' dog. If she is taken by them, it opens up a spot for us to take in an adoptable dog that might otherwise be cast aside. We are the only Miniature Schnauzer rescue in New England and currently have only two foster homes, each having limited space. Barbara, our MA foster mom has Harley in her care and he is diabetic. Normally that is not a big issue, but it's been hard in the rescue community to adopt out healthy dogs with the way the economy has been, adopting a special needs dog is even more difficult. Harley has been with us for quite some time and I imagine will continue to be. 

In the meantime, as we wait to hear if the Blind Dog Alliance has space available, Bella will be here with my crew getting spoiled like the rest of them and experiencing camp this coming weekend. 

Vintage Thrifting

On the way home from work today I stopped by 'My Favorite Little Thrift Store' around the corner from my drop off a bag of I went shopping. The two automatically go hand in hand, I can't help myself.

I own this set of chrome canisters....

but for some reason I am drawn to this set of 4 (the smallest is missing from the picture.)

I've been eyeing it for a couple weeks now. It's butt ugly and cool at the same time. Since my walls are chartreuse, it won't really go, and I don't have enough room on my counter, but that whole 70's thing has my heart. 

ANNNNNDDD it has the salt and pepper to match!

I am drawn to this owl carving it's so cute, but not really my style -- once again -- the 70's.

I did buy this 6 cup Pyrex Flameware anyone?

and I've been keeping an eye out for one of these jars, and this one is BIG. It will be used to store my homemade laundry detergent. 

Then, curbside, I saw a pile of wood and a doll house. I turned the car around, lifted things up and there were two of these Gothic architectural frames. They're awesome -- and a bit heavy. I think they might just be what the living room needed.  The guy at the house where these were saw me and yelled over the fence that they were 150 years old. I should have asked for more history. They definitely did not come from a house in this neighborhood, as they are all '50s Ranches and Capes.

The doll house ended up being more of an architectural mock-up and since there were a couple pieces missing I figured I didn't need to bring it home. I try to remember that I'm getting RID of things. 

I'm hopeless, I swear. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Flea Market Sunday

We were there for 2 minutes. The first table I perused I found this cuff bracelet. $3. Mine. It just so happened to coordinate beautifully with the rings I was wearing (the 2 larger ones are vintage, the other an artist made.)

It was quite appropriate, too, as I was wearing my Wonder Woman t-shirt...too bad there wasn't two

Bam! Pow! Pow! Bam!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thrifting in Nantucket

A simple vintage sweater by Lord & Taylor. Good color, perfect fit, cashmere, excellent condition. Win win win.

Also found, a whale butter dish by Jonathan Adler. I told Chuck he had to buy it. Really. Nantucket. Whales. No brainer. Plus it's cool and I thought Carol, (his Mrs.) would get a kick out of it. We used it at dinner that night.