Friday, November 16, 2012

New Haircuts

They were fuzz balls, I couldn't take it anymore. Out came the clippers. I love when they have their Schnauzer cuts. They are smooth and silky. Bug looks so tiny in comparison to when it's longer and curly. Hanz will definitely be living by the wood stove for warmth...time for the sweater to come out for him. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Snuggly Pals Roger and Bug

As soon as they awake, they play. I wish I was like that at 5:30 a.m. They fight over toys occasionally, but they play a lot together...and sleep together either here on my lap or on the sofa. So sweet. If I had the room for a third dog...Roger would be a great addition. He's been such a good boy. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Vintage Dishwasher

All mine. Wooooh hoooh.

I was perusing Craigslist the other day, looking for used cabinets to put in the studio. I found an ad for vintage built-ins that a woman was trying to sell. In the add was a picture that had a dishwasher and a stove -- "definitely vintage," I said to myself.

I wrote to her and asked if they were vintage. The stove was a drop-in, which I don't see a lot of for vintage models and the dishwasher was this cutie...

A Kitchen Aid Hobart model KD-12, I was so excited to find this, I was looking for a NEW dishwasher, but per the usual, was procrastinating on choosing one. I'm a HUGE procrastinator, but I have found that many times it has worked to my now. 

She and I emailed back and forth because I needed information if I was going to spend some moola on putting this thing in. She said it worked, and she's been using it for the past 17 years, but has finally decided to do a kitchen remodel and this and the stove were going away. Oh, how I wanted to rescue the stove, too, but I have a vintage 1956 Frigidaire 40" that I love and have no room to store hers.   

Although I found very little information for this model, I did find a couple of YouTube videos and other information on forums. It seems to be a well liked machine. It came in stainless and pink, too. What I read most about was how much people liked KitchenAid Hobart and the gravity drain system that these machines have. What that means? I'm not sure and more research needs to be done so I have the knowledge. 

I do have to say it was a difficult decision for me to make, getting this dishwasher. I'm a huge advocate for protecting the environment as much as you can, recycling, reusing, efficiency, etc. I couldn't find any information on how much water this will use. I did find a timing schedule for the cycles and it seems it will run faster than a new 'efficient' machine, and I'm surprised at how much water a new machine in the $400 range still uses and they run for an hour and fifteen minutes or more. I would have loved to own a Bosch, which meets a lot of efficiency requirements but they are a bit more ching than I have to spend on a dishwasher.

So, I'm calling the plumber and getting this baby hooked up. It's not huge inside, and who knows, I may change my mind about it, um, because that's what I do, but in the meantime, I'll visit with it and enjoy it's vintage pedigree. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why Hello There

It feels good to have my MacBook in running order again. I've been without it's use for almost 3 weeks and I was not only having withdrawal, but was getting a little pissy that the computer repair place wasn't even looking at it.

I dropped it off 3 weeks ago, called 4 days later, was told it would be looked at the next day. I didn't hear anything, so I called again, what was the 10th day after it being dropped off and was told it would be looked at the next day, which was a Friday. I heard nothing back. I went there on Monday and asked for my computer back.

When I originally dropped it and told the guy the problem, he suggested that the hard drive may have lived it's life and was dying, that maybe I was over-writing, therefore making the hard drive work too hard which slowed it down so much. It would cost $45 for him to diagnose the problem and then however much more to fix it.

What do I do in these situations where I need to stamp my feet and bitch and complain? I call Angela. She told me to make an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple store. I had initially considered that but because I didn't want to go to where the Apple store is, and wait, and have a gazillion people around me, I had brought it to the PC/Apple repair shop closer to me because someone had recommended them because he was so happy with what they did for him and how quickly. So, I bit the bullet and made the appointment. I went over there two days later, they plugged into the computer with their 'magic machine,' (I call it that because it's all Greek to me and it performed magic, in my opinion) and  Jason described to me what was probably happening. The 'magic machine' did it's debugging and 7 minutes later I was on my way, MacBook in hand, and here I sit happily typing away instead of wanting to throw the computer across the room. Oh, and it cost me nothing.

Moral of this story? Go to the Genius Bar if you're having a problem with your Apple product, you'll get the service you are looking for, and they really are techno geniuses.

Now I think I'll go get me a Mountain Lion upgrade.

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vintage Thrifting

These prints really drew me in but I did not get them. I have tried to find info. On them but have not had luck. They are signed 'Blatt.'

The pile of Blue Heaven came home with me. Most likely will end up on eBay, but I so like the blue of the plain pieces.

Roger -- The New Boy

Roger came in a few days ago. He was surrendered because he is not very good around toddlers. He is not mean, he just plays a bit rough. His Mom was very upset that she had to release him to us. She got in contact with me a few weeks back and I suggested some training methods and a couple books that I often recommend. She got right on it, determined to make it work. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. 

Roger will need a home where there is a lot of activity and play time. A couple long walks a day will do him well. He has a lot of energy to burn. He is a sweet boy and he and Bug play as soon as they get up in the morning. They've also had a few squabbles but I think they've finally worked out who is the more dominant canine. 

He is a beautiful boy and is very smart. These pictures from my phone don't do him justice.m